10 Reasons Why Weightlifting Is So Beneficial

“I don’t want to look manly.” When I hear this phrase I want to pull my hair out, and I love my hair… I feel like I’ve heard this term more than I can even count.

All these bodybuilders you see, it’s their job or their passion to step on stage and show off their hard work. They created that shape themselves. It’s honestly hard to put on that much muscle. Not to mention you have to eat a certain amount of calories to get that muscular. So by skipping the weight section at the gym or only sticking to cardio, you’re not doing too much to help your body in the long run. Yes, cardio is good for you, but is it really helping you become stronger? Being strong is not only good for when you’re young, it will help you when you get older as well.

I started getting into fitness when I was a teenager. I just stuck with loads of cardio and workout videos at home, (which honestly didn’t do much). I focused on cardio because I thought that was the best way to get into shape. I didn’t know any better. I never had more of a drive than I do now when it comes to the gym and lifting weights. One word to describe how the gym makes me feel is “POWERFUL”. You will understand if you’re a gym rat like myself; and those of you who don’t have that fire burning inside you from lifting weights, you may after this! Weight lifting will change your life! Here are many reasons why you should always add weight lifting into your daily workout routine.

You Will Get Stronger And Feel Like A Powerful Badass

As much as I love going lighter in weights and doing more reps until I’m super fatigued, going heavy and doing bigger compound movements is the key to getting stronger and seeing more progress with your results. Lifting weights is not just for people wanting to “get muscular” This is great for people wanting to burn some fat as well.

Doing things like squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts etc will help you with your strength. The major thing you need to do is add heavier weights each week or whatever feels comfortable. Sticking with the same weight with the same reps is not going to help you… I’m sorry. Maybe you will see a bit of results in the beginning, but your body and muscles will get used to that weight. Write down your lifts on your phone or in a notebook, that way you don’t forget. Try to increase your weight every week, but that doesn’t mean go heavy to the point you’re losing your form. Increase your weights by small increments. You need to feel comfortable, but also challenge yourself.

You Will Feel Empowered (Self -Assured)

This is very similar to description above, however this one is all about your ATTITUDE and your CONFIDENCE. Lifting weights and improving your strength comes with a huge self-esteem boost! Doing something in your life you never thought of doing, it really grows your confidence.

Lifting weights will make you feel like Wonder Women! I promise! I feel like a badass training to be a warrior. There are some days I see myself lifting heavier than some dudes at the gym and wow, I feel AHMAZING! It obviously takes time, so don’t get down on yourself, but if you keep track of your lifts you will get to where you want to be.

You need to have the right mindset and not be a “baby” or you won’t feel this high feeling. When I first started out in the gym I was such a baby! I would complain that “it was too heavy” “the bar would hurt my shoulder” BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Complaining won’t get you anywhere and it won’t make you feel all that great. Now, I’m like “lets go lift this heavy sh*t.” “Put on more weights on”. etc.

Increase Your Heart Health

Ya, not just cardio will help you with your heart health, strength training does that too! Research suggests that weight training is the best exercise for heart health! Strength training has a stronger link to reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases when compared to normal walking and running.

Improves Your Flexibility And Mobility

Usually when you workout you stretch more before and after workout. I’m not always perfect when it comes to stretching, but I’ve noticed my body becoming more flexible because I stretch more! Also, when you do full range of motion exercises, your body is increasing that mobility!

Managing Your Weight

When being involved with strength training you can lose weight easier and also maintain the weight that you want. Obviously the most important thing is nutrition! Lifting weights increases your muscle mass, which helps you burn more calories per day. There was a study and it said that being on a “low” calorie diet with strength training was burning more fat than a “low” calorie diet with just those walking workouts you see on TV. I’m just saying when it says “low” calories that it doesn’t mean you starve yourself or just eat salads. Everyone has their own macros and different numbers in which their body burns fat. “Understanding Macros” might help you if you need to understand that a bit more.

Helps Your Bone Density

Weight training can help with bone loss when you get older. When working out you’re also strengthening your bones, which helps for fractures and helps the body protect against osteoporosis. Strength training will also help with balancing, which would be great for when you get older.

You Sleep So Much Better

I don’t know about you, but when I go ham in the gym, my body is
ex-hau-stedd! Researchers say that it also helps you fall asleep quicker and you have deeper sleeps.

Your Muscles Will Pop

When you’re on the cardio machine, do you look around and admire those people with great physiques? Listen, cardio is great and all, but the key to getting that fit physique or making your muscle pop is by adding in weight lifting! So many of us, especially us females, rely on the cardio machine for the answer to weight loss. Cardio is great to add into your workout routine, but only doing cardio isn’t the right way of trying to reach that goal of yours. The answer isn’t being skinny, it’s about being healthy! 🙂

By lifting heavy and sticking to weight lifting every single gym session you will begin to see your baby muscles pop out!

Improves Your Mood By 100%

When you feel sad, angry, stressed, or moody, I swear the gym takes all of that way and you leave the gym in the best mood ever!

It Forces You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

For most people lifting weights can be a scary thing, let alone lifting more than you weight or just a challenging weight in general. BUT by challenging yourself more and more each week you’re totally getting out of your comfort zone and just crushing the gym! The gym used to be a scary place for me, I didn’t know where to start, what machines did what, and how much I should lift. Being at the gym and wanting to better yourself is the first step to getting out of your comfort zone. Take that first step and you’ll see how addictive that feeling is after you go hard! If you’re finding it hard to have confidence in the gym here are my 11 tips and tricks that will make you feel 100 x times better! (11 Ways To Boost Your Confidence In The Gym)

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