10 Ways To Stay Motivated When Your Partner Isn’t

Everyone is so different. We have couples who are best friends and have similar goals and interests and then we have couples who are the complete opposite and still love each other to the fullest! Although it’s more than ok to have a partner that doesn’t always like the same stuff as us, it can be difficult to stay on track and motivated when your partner has zero interest in working out and staying healthy.

Here are some tips and tricks to get yourself to stay on track and motivated without feeling guilty and sluggish because you’re doing this all on your own.

Talk To Your Partner

If you’re dating someone, let them know early on about your fitness goals and dreams. Let them know what lifestyle you live. If they don’t support you right off the bat then “BYE Felicia!” If you’re married and you decided you want to make some lifestyle changes out of nowhere, let you partner know. Talk about your goals and plans. Help them understand why you want to do this. Maybe they will join the journey or maybe not. Either way do this because you want to do this for you! Maybe talk about getting healthier groceries, less junk in the house, or if he or she buys junk ask to hid it. Out of sight out of mind! When I was prepping for my bikini competition, I told Jamie to eat this delicious P28 protein bread in the kitchen so I couldn’t see or smell it haha! Who cares if you’re weird and crazy in the beginning, this will all lead to a much better healthier relationship with food, which will allow you to work on your willpower.

Stay Active With Friends

I feel like fitness and staying healthy is more popular these days, which is amazing! Get support from your friends. Have a girls day where you go to the gym and go out for a healthy post-workout lunch. Lean on each for advice, questions and ideas! Having a friend that’s really into fitness with you is the best thing! You both want to eat healthy and you’re always looking for new and fun ways to cook clean foods with some low calorie/sugary drinks, because you have to live life.

Female Fitness Facebook Groups

These days you have so many different kinds of Facebook groups out there. I’ve noticed there are a lot of fitness ones where it’s just females supporting females. This is great! You can post progress pictures, ask for help and advice, and just chat! There are so many people in these groups around the world. You guys can hold each other accountable and lift each other up when you need it. These groups are fun and maybe you will meet someone new close by in the area! This is a great opportunity to learn and grow with more like-minded women!

Do Outdoor Activities Together

Maybe you love weightlifting and your partner loves outdoor sports. Try and meet in the middle and switch things up. Go for bike rides, play tennis, go for jogs together. You don’t always have to go to the gym to be active. There are plenty of ways to have date nights that still involve being together and active at the same time.

Take Over The Kitchen

Try to cook foods that are healthy but also fun! Healthy foods don’t have to be boring, you just have to learn your way around the kitchen and how to use spices and herbs to make that plain chicken pop with flavour. Take over that kitchen and make a balanced meal where your partner will enjoy it just as much as you. So it’s a win win! A healthy meal, which you both enjoy.

Do Things For Yourself

Yes we can be best friends with our partner, however it doesn’t mean we need to do everything together. We all have different goals in life and very different daily routines. Learn to have your own routine when it comes to getting fit and healthy. I actually love doing my own workouts at my own pace. Understand that no one will get fit for you, you have it build up that motivation on your own and do it because you want it! Keep chasing those goals girl!

Don’t Pressure Them

The last thing you want is to be that annoying girlfriend or wife and keep pressuring them into going to the gym. Do you for you because you want to change yourself!

Work On Your Self-Control

You can’t always be crazy and tell your partner not to bring home junk food or have him eat that stuff away from you. It’s time you build up that self control! Jamie eats yummy treats in front of me sometimes and I don’t budge on eating it myself. I know my goals and I stick to it. I do enjoy planning out my treat meals and even snacks, that way I can get excited about it ahead of time. You can’t alway give in because then it’s not a treat anymore and for me it gets boring. Strengthening your willpower is one of the best things you can do!

Read 21 Smart Food Swaps to see what unhealthy things you’re consuming on the daily that you could swap out for something very similar but much cleaner! 🙂

Plan Out Your Week

Plan out your weekly meals, including a date night which involves some delicious donuts or gelato and even plan out your weekly workouts! Being organized helps you stay on track better, which will get you more results! When you get into the habit of planning your workouts for the week, you never want to break them; so it allows you to know when you have a rest day so you can plan a fun activity with your loved one.

Planning out your weekly meals saves you money, time and keeps you from snacking on things you don’t need. Want to learn some tips and tricks with meal prepping? Read 10 Tips On How To Successfully Meal Prep so you can always have an effective week. You can plan some balanced healthy meals with your partner and incorporate them when you guys want a treat meal together; whether that’s going out or ordering in!

Food talk is always fun! hehe! 🙂

It’s Ok To Have Different Interests

You chose your partner for a reason so don’t get down on yourself or them, if they don’t want to be as active as you. If he or she doesn’t want you to workout and better yourself then that’s a problem, but if they simply don’t want to go with you that’s fine! It’s your own personal journey so learn to love it!

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