100% Clean Homemade Mass Gainer Shakes

The main way to grow, get big, and get strong is by eating enough macros throughout the day. (Protein, carbs and fats). I don’t recommended meal replacements, however, I do LOVE and preach about my homemade mass gainer shakes that are 100% clean and natural! Ok, maybe not 100% clean depending what I sometimes add into them! 😉

If you’re a person who doesn’t need help gaining weight, you can just have these as a snack during the day and adjust the ingredients as you’d like. These are delicious and filling, which will keep your body satisfied throughout the day! This also makes a great pre-post workout! Eating before and after you workout is very important to your body and your goals! If you need any help with what to eat before or after your workout read “Everything You Need To Know About Pre-Post Workout Nutrition.”

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What Is A Mass Gainer Shake?

A mass gainer is a type of protein powder that you can buy at a supplement store. They provide protein, carbohydrates and fats with the goal of helping to add muscle mass. It’s a high-calorie protein powder directed at increasing your daily calorie intake to help you with weight gain…

You can buy this “muscle mass protein powder.” BUT why spend money on more protein powder when you can make the best shakes yourself? These shakes are perfect for bulking and it is NOT a meal replacement. Bulking and having to eat a ton of calories is not easy, hence why you add these babies into your daily meal plan and you will be banging out your calorie intake for the day!

Are These Worth Drinking?

UHH YA! For a person like me, where it’s HARD to gain weight, these are perfect! I found these helped me through my bulk and I noticed a huge change in my body. The fun thing about these shakes is being able to make it however you want it to! I find protein powders can get boring after awhile because it’s the same flavour every day, but with these, you have the ability to switch up the flavours whenever you want. ALSO, these shakes can add up to an extra 600- 1000 calories, or whatever macro number you want, since you’re making them.

First things first, What’s a macronutrient? Macros are broken down into three categories of nutrients that you eat, they provide you with most of your energy. These “macros” are your protein, carbs, and fats. So when you’re tracking and counting your macros, you’re counting the grams of proteins, carbs or fat that you’re eating. I have a whole article on “Understanding Macros”. Read it and get familiar with it, if you aren’t already!

TAKE NOTE: These macro numbers fluctuate as well with some of the ingredients, it might not be that” healthy.” Keep in mind that these “unhealthier” ingredients I don’t recommend you consume every day. I just switch things up. This is not an excuse to eat whatever you want. This is good for people like me where it’s hard for them to put on weight.

What To Put Into Your Shakes?

These shakes are so versatile that it’s very fun to make. You can add anything you want based on your macro goals. Obviously you want to keep it clean as possible. So here are some products you can add into your shakes.

Your shakes will be based on your goals, so some of the things that I will mention here, are only for those intense bodybuilders who love those extra dirty calories. Try to keep your shakes clean, but a little chocolate syrup never hurt anybody! 😉

You will need a base, which can consist of:

– Whole milk
– Water (the more calories the better, so I don’t recommend water).
– Almond milk
– Orange juice
– Cream
– Frozen Yogurt
– Left over drip coffee
– Egg whites
-Chocolate milk

Ingredients to make it flavourful:

– Frozen fruit
– Natural Peanut butter
– Cocoa powder
– Scoop of protein powder
– Oats (these are high in carb and calories, which is what you want).
– Almond butter
– Avocado
– Fresh fruit
– Cottage cheese
– Yogurt
– Chia seeds
– Nuts
– Chocolate syrup
– Honey

For the directions for these, it’s pretty straight forward, just put the liquid first. If you’re blender isn’t that good, maybe start by blending up the oats on it’s own just so it’s not chunky.

These macros will be all over the place. Take note that you can change it up and make it based on your own goals. You can also add ice cubes, but I’m pretty simple, I just don’t add them.

FYI- If you make these large shakes, I suggest you just drink it out the blender, as it’s too much to put into a cup. Unless you want to take a pretty photo! 🙂 These shakes are sometimes bigger than my protein shaker cup.

Peanut Butter Maple Shake

– 2 cups 2% milk
– 1 scoop Canadian maple protein powder
– 25g natural PB
– 80g quick oats
– Banana (calories will be all different based on the size).

Calories: 883
Protein: 99g
Carbs: 101g
Fat: 33g

Chocolate Banana Shake

– 1 Cup 2% milk
– 1 Cup egg whites
– 1 scoop protein powder (chocolate or vanilla)
– 50g Oats
– 80g Banana
– 2 TBSP Chocolate syrup

Calories: 711
Protein: 71g
Carbs: 85g
Fat: 11g

Blueberry Cheesecake

– 1 Cup 2% milk
– 1 Cup egg whites
– 100g Wild frozen blueberries
– 120g 2% Cottage cheese
– 1 scoop Protein powder (vanilla)
– 75g Oats


Calories: 815
Protein: 88g
Carbs: 83g
Fat: 15

Banana Peanut Butter

– 1 1/2 Cup milk
– 1 Scoop protein powder (chocolate or vanilla)
– 30g Crunchy PB
– 50g Banana
– 50g Oats


Calories: 723
Protein: 54
Carbs: 69
Fat: 27

Blueberry Avocado

– 1 Cup milk
– 1 Cup egg whites
– 80g Avocado
– 1.5 scoops of protein powder (vanilla or choc).
– 100g Frozen blueberries
– 50g Oats


Calories: 809
Protein: 83g
Carbs: 68g
Fat: 24g

Peanut Butter Cookies And Cream

– 2 Cups 2% milk
– 1 scoop protein. Chips Ahoy flavour from the GHOST Lifestyle. Link is the U.S site, but If you’re Canadian this company finally released products here in Canada. GNC stores have them and maybe some Popeyes stores.
– 160g Plain greek yogurt
– 60g Oats
– 30g natural PB

Calories: 911
Protein: 77g
Carbs: 82g
Fat: 31g

Here are a few more recipes that have lower macros just in case you wanted to slowly work your way into all these calories. 😉 hehe! The fun part about making these shakes is that if you’re person who tracks their food, you know exactly what macro numbers you’re aiming to hit by the end of the day, so with being able to make your own shakes, you can plug these ingredients in “My Fitness Pal” and work your way around your macro goal!

Mixed Berry Shake

– 1 1/2 Cup 2% milk
– 40g Oats
– 80g Frozen blueberries
– 50g Banana
– 1 Scoop protein powder (whatever flavour)

Calories: 552
Protein: 45g
Carbs: 67g
Fat: 13g

Banana Coconut

– 1 Cup 2% milk
– 1 scoop protein powder (any of your choice)
– 1/2 Cup egg whites
– 20g Oats
– 60g Banana
– 3 TBSP Unsweetened shredded coconut

Calories: 546
Protein: 52g
Carbs: 43g
Fat: 19g

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