11 Simple Ways To Up Your Protein Intake & Not Go Over Your Calories

Do you track your macros and at times go through days where your calories are basically met, but you’re not even close to hitting your protein goal for the day? Getting enough protein in can be challenging even for fitness rats like myself. If you know the tricks it will be much easier, so stop stressing and follow some of these simple tips!

I believe that people should be eating more than 1200 calories. People may think certain meats are “unhealthy” but it’s really not. Good calories are healthy for you, so learn to love them and not freak out over it.

Here are some snacks you add into your weekly routine. 22 Fun Healthy Snack Ideas

Have At Least 1-2 Scoops Of Protein Per Day

Now, I do love getting my protein from actual foods, but having a protein shake after a workout is key. That’s your first protein scoop for the day, and now have a meal with some added protein for a delicious taste but also a meal that now will have extra protein. If you don’t feel like a huge meal, add in a scoop of protein into your bowl of oats and yogurt. This works great too! I really enjoy my casein chocolate protein with oats. It’s literally a chocolate mousse dessert and tastes heavenly.

Egg Whites, Egg Whites, Egg Whites!

YES! Jamie and I live on egg whites. We eat whole eggs too. One whole cup of egg whites has 28 grams of protein with 0 fat, 0 carb and only 120 calories! I have eggs basically every single morning. I used to do one whole cup of egg whites with one egg, but now I do half a cup of egg whites with one egg. Egg whites are plain hence why I love adding my coconut oil in with them while I cook them.

Egg whites also are great when you add them into your protein shakes. You can’t taste a thing, especially if you blend a bunch of fruit and other flavour so it’s not so boring. The protein adds up quick! All you need for a good protein shake base is 1 cup of egg whites, half a cup of 2% milk, and one scoop of protein powder and you’re already at 56 grams of protein!! Woo! With only 312 calories, 8 carb and 5 fat. Of course it’s great to add fruit and such.

Add Protein To Your Salad

I’ve talked about salads in other posts and I do highly believe that plain a$$ salads are NOT the key to having the results you want, whether that’s losing weight or gaining muscle. Protein is the main building blocks in every goal we have; so if you’re a plain salad eater start by adding protein on top to make it more enjoyable but also more filling.

Chicken and steak go very well! If you add chicken and depending on how large the chicken is you can have 34 grams of protein with only 160 calories, 0 fat and 1 fat for just 4 ounces of meat!

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Learn To Love Chicken

I’ll admit it, I’m not a huge chicken lover. I’ve had my fair share of eating chicken nonstop when I was on prep and in life, because I wanted to eat lean meat that had high protein, and well ladies and gents chicken is where it’s at.

One 4 ounce chicken breast has 34 grams of protein with 160 calories, 0 carb and 1 fat. It honestly can’t get better than that. This is when you need to play around with dishes, spices, and herbs to make chicken not so boring and bland. I do enjoy my shredded salsa chicken, any Indian flavour chicken and BBQ chicken.

Here are other ways to add some flavour into your life. ” Ways To Stop Eating Bland Food

Plain Greek Yogurt Is Your Life-Saver

Don’t let the “plain” part scare you because you can still flavour it to your liking. Just one serving of the PC plain greek yogurt has 18 grams of protein with 100 calories, 6 carbs and 0 fat! It’s so high in protein and it’s why I will always have it as a staple in my household. Flavour it with some honey, stevia etc. If you like some other flavoured yogurt I suggest you mix a bit with the plain yogurt so you can still get some of the flavour but less calories and sugar! Flavoured yogurts are super packed with sugar so try to go for the plain stuff.

sliced red strawberry fruit
P28 Breads & Wraps

They don’t sell P28 brands in our grocery store but I’ve seen them at local supplement stores and you can also order them online. P28 is an amazing company that took my favourite thing (carbs) and made it with extra protein and good ingredients. The bread is delicious with a chewy texture and alongside a bit of a sweetness. I’m telling you it’s literal crack! Just one slice of bread has 14 grams of protein with 130 calories, 12 carb and 3 fat.

I haven’t tried the wraps but one wrap has 28 grams of protein with 260 calories, 27 carb and 7 fat.

Red Meats Are The Way To Go

Red meats will always be my go-to! With the juiciness, how tender they can be and all the flavours, red meat is always delicious and never boring. They can sometimes be packed with more fats and calories, but common its called life! We need food to live and I’m not saying they’re bad! You just need to make better choices with red meats so that you get less fat. Two things to keep in mind; extra lean ground beef is what you should be buying and go for steaks with less fat like flank steak.

Per 100 grams of extra lean ground beef you have 21 grams of protein with 180 calories, 0 carbs, and 10 fat.

Per 100 grams of flank steak you have 21 grams of protein with 159 calories, 0 carb and 7 fat.

bbq beef chopping board close up
Cottage Cheese Is Worth It

Finding ways to flavour cottage cheese will make it worth your while! Just by adding fruit, honey, stevia you’ll notice it makes a huge difference. You can even add it to your blended protein shake and it will just taste like yogurt. But when you have other stuff blended in with it, it will be hard to taste the cottage cheese and that texture will be gone! Per one cup you have 32 grams of protein with 200 calories, 14 carbs and 3 grams of fat.

Lean Fish

Salmon and white fish great to add to your dinner menus. Tilapia is delicious and low in calories. You can easily flavour it in a curry sauce for an extra “pop” of flavour. 4 ounces of tilapia has 20 grams of protein with 100 calories, 0 carbs and 2 fat.

I love my salmon! It tastes so fresh and it’s never fishy tasting. It can easily be flavoured with some lemon zest and lemon on top or a yogurt dill sauce. 4 ounces of salmon has 21 grams of protein with 100 calories, 2 carbs and 1 fat.

Turkey Deli Meat

The pre-packaged deli meats gross me out at times, so I do love going to the deli counter and asking them to cut and package my deli meat fresh. Sliced turkey can be added in your sandwich, breakfast wraps, in your eggs etc. Per 4 ounces you have 20 grams of protein with 120 calories, 6 grams of carbs and 1 fat.


We as humans need to always make sure we’re getting enough vegetables in our diets. They help with so many things in our bodies. Edamame is a fun snack and veg side to any dinner. It’s easy to munch on them without getting bored. They’re pretty tasty for a vegetable. Edamame has 16 grams of protein per one cup with 200 calories, 18 carb and 6 fat.

This post was fun to write, it really shows that you can pack on more protein without going crazy over your macros (if you track). We need protein in our diets and here are great examples on how to add them into your daily routine very easily.

If there are other foods that you like to eat to get more protein in your diet, I’d love to hear!

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