11 Supplement Store Snacks You Need To Try

I take my food and snack shopping very seriously… I love checking out new grocery stores and making my way to a supplement shop just to get some treats!

Find your local GNC, Popeyes, or Spartan and go check it out. These shops aren’t just for gym supplements. They have so many great things to choose from for your late night treats. Don’t get it twisted, just because it’s from a supplement store doesn’t mean it’s 100 % clean. Treats are “treats” for a reason. Have it once in awhile!

I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to tell you guys about some amazing snacks, spreads, and spices that you need to try! They will have you going back for more and more.

If you’re looking for some homemade protein snack ideas for your next grocery haul check out Fun Healthy Snack Ideas! 🙂

Smart Sweets

These gummies taste like any other gummies you would buy if you’re craving candy. However, these are a better option and its guilt free. Just 90 calories for the full bag and only 3 grams of sugar. NO, it does not in the slightest taste like sh*t. I know how some people can get when a version of something is “healthier.” These are my fav go-to snack and great for a pre-post workout nom.

Lenny & Larry Cookies

If you have read my post ” How Much Sugar Are You Actually Consuming?” post you would have seen that I weighed out the sugar in this cookie. These cookies are my favourite, especially the lemon poppy seed flavour. However, it’s great to have once in awhile, not as an every day snack. Amazing pre or post workout snack before hitting a hard leg day! Some of the flavours are Snickerdoodle, Peanut Butter, Birthday Cake, Oatmeal Raisin, and more.

Oh My Spice

I’ve only tried the Snickerdoodle flavour and that was all I had to try to get me hooked. All My Spice has a variety flavours to choose from. From Zesty Ranch, Lemon Pepper Dill, to sweets like Apple Pie. Ingredients are clean and it’s delicious! Not all supplement stores have these, but it’s worth a look!

You might be missing out on some of the best treats you could taste. Supplement stores sell way more than just protein powder. Here are 11 high protein snacks you need to try!
Flavor God

This is another brand of great clean and delicious spices. Jamie and I ordered the whole set a couple years back. We did enjoy every single one, however we noticed it’s better to cook chicken normally and add spices when it’s basically complete. The spices would burn if you cook your chicken on the stovetop. Baking it is fine to add right away. So many flavours to choose from ,which will make your ground beef or any meat or veggies taste fantastic! They also have sweet flavours as well. Great for oatmeal, yogurt etc. Usually for the most part supplement stores will only carry a few spices, so if you want the set you can order it on their website!

Nuts N More

If you haven’t tried any spreads from Nuts N More you’re missing out BIG time! These protein spreads are AHH-MAZING! This makes it a great snack for a slice of toast, in your oats, or even a dip for your apple slices or any other fruits! They have some flavours like Birthday Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Toffee Crunch, Chocolate Maple Pretzel and more. Sounds good right?!

Grenade Protein Bar

These are probably a hit or miss for some. Jamie enjoys these bars, but me not so much. They have the “taffy” texture I don’t like for protein bars. 20g of protein with only 2g of sugar. Not so bad though!

Daryl’s Protein Granola Bar

These are my absolute favourite protein bars! Perfect texture, tastes delicious, and has 28g of protein with 12g of sugar. Honey is the first ingredient so that explains the sugar content.

Walden Farms Sugar-Free Syrup

Walden Farms has stuff from pasta sauces to salad dressings. I wasn’t a fan of those. However they do have really good pancake syrup that’s sugar free. I do enjoy this over the normal “Maple syrup” because you still get the flavour, but it’s not as sweet.

Icon Meals Popcorn

Protein popcorn… Need I say more? Yes, I will say more because you need to hear some of the flavours! 😉 Banana Split, Blueberry Cheesecake, Cinnabun Krunch, Cotton Candy, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Mint Chocolate and MORE! I’ve tried a couple and they were glorious! It does have a decent amount of sugar in them so please be mindful! Still worth the try!

P28 Products

P28 products gets sold at supplement stores and you need to try some of their items! They have amazing protein bread, bagels and wraps! I’ve only tried the bread and it was SO good! Decent amount of protein in it too and the bread had a slight sweet taste to it. They also have high protein spreads and protein pancake mix that are also amazing.


Mac N Cheese makes me feel blah after eating it. However eating a better protein version of this I don’t feel that feeling. It honesty tastes the same, but better in my opinion!

I’d love to hear your go-to supplement stores snacks! 🙂

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