11 Things To Look For In A Personal Trainer

Have you ever had a personal trainer? Have you thought about having one? Whether you’re trying to lose weight or find a trainer to help you prep for your first bikini competition there are SO many things to keep in mind when trying to find that right person. You can’t just pick one and that’s that. You really need to know the person a bit so you get to know their type of lifestyle, see their client’s progress and see them training people. I’ve heard It’s “easy” to become a personal trainer, there are weekend courses and then boom you’re a personal trainer. Some people may just want the job to be around a more lively environment, but that doesn’t mean they love fitness or take it seriously.

I was lucky and found my coach from Jamie (my husband), he worked with her at Lululemon years ago. I reached out and I ended up meeting her and had a whole conversation of why I wanted to do a show and what she could do for me. She brought me around the gym they trained at and took my body fat and measurements right away, so she could tell me what our plan would be. She competed in a body building competition before and she also did some powerlifting. Her husband is an IFBB pro and they both are very motivating. They both went to school for personal training and nutrition. They were truly the best trainers I have ever experienced!

Here is a list of things to look for when you’re trying to find a trainer that suits your needs. You are paying them a ton of money, so they better be amazing and know what they’re actually doing.

Practice What They Preach

When finding a trainer you want to know that they are 100% into the same lifestyle as they preach. I’ve seen so many trainers smoking a cigarette outside of the gym, or a trainer that has poor nutrition and you can tell doesn’t workout. It’s like this, you wouldn’t get a tattoo from a person who can’t draw, so why put your hard earned money towards someone who isn’t really into training for the right reasons.

You need to find the right person who lives a healthy lifestyle. It’s not motivating to your health and body goals when you see your own trainer doing unhealthy habits.

Say No To Cookie Cutter Workouts

It’s hard not to watch other people in the gym when you’re on the treadmill. I see so many trainers doing the same exact workouts for different clients. Like why? Everyone’s body types are all so different and we all have different fitness goals. And not to mention I would observe these trainers going through the same programs with the same clients week after week. Your body likes change.

My trainer had me do different workouts each session. You need to switch things up so your body can change. Your body will very quickly get used to the weight and workout if you train the same each time, which will slow down your progress.

Skip The Machines, Use The Free Weights

You want to make sure your trainer is involving free weights into your workout. While machines have a purpose and can be beneficial, there’s nothing better than free weights! So many females are scared of them, but sometimes you just need to women up and understand that weights will help you lose fat and help you become toned, defined and stronger! It will not make you manly or bulky!!

There’s nothing sexier than being strong! Don’t be a weak a$$! Lift those weights and watch your body change for the better.

No Chatty Cathy’s

My coach would start a conversation on my rest but then tell me time is up before we could even finish our chat. You want a trainer like that. You are paying them and they aren’t cheap, so don’t waste your time by keeping both of you chatting the entire hour. There’s nothing wrong with small talk but you’re there to workout and better yourself, so remember that.

They Push You

“One more!! keeping going!! You got this!! Don’t stop, don’t stop! Push through these last reps!” These are motivating words that you’ll need when you’re working out as hard as you can. These words help you keep going and make those last reps count. They are literally everything. When finding a trainer you need them to push you. That’s what they should be there for. My coach yelled at me all the time and it helped me so much. You think you can’t do anymore reps, you’re tired and want to stop, but when you hear those words it will make you keep going.

Form, Form, Form!

You don’t want a trainer who is just going to show you the motion of a workout. You need to understand the proper form and as a personal trainer they SHOULD get form down with every client. The last thing you want to do is get hurt and not see progress because you’re doing an exercise wrong. Form is everything and is key to getting results. If you’re not working out the right muscle correctly than you’re wasting your money. If you don’t feel a work out in the right muscle or it hurts in a bad way you should tell them asap. My trainer was so anal about form, it was rough in the beginning with trying an exercise over and over agin until I got it right, but it was how my body changed.

Phone Usage Is Unmotivating

I get having their phone out once in awhile, but when you see a trainer on their phone basically the whole training session it’s very un-motivating. You want to feel as if your trainer is present with you and helping you get those last reps down.

Force You To Sweat

I’m sorry but if your trainer is just making you doing “bicycles” “planks” etc on the ground you need to find someone new. Your trainer should be making you sweat! I’m not a sweaty person, like at all, but when I’m pushing myself through hard workouts I do sweat through my shirt. Your trainer should be giving you challenging workouts and not just stuff on the ground. You should be hitting the weights, squatting, doing deadlifts. Adding in supersets which is doing two workouts back to back then resting. There are so many fun and challenging training techniques. Your trainer should make working out fun and challenging for you not just blah boring exercises.

If You’re Just Training Abs, You Better Run Away!

Having a strong core is needed during any workout session! Your core helps you stay stable throughout each exercise. However, If your trainer is just making you do planks, crunches, bicycles, and other ab exercises on the floor you should really evaluate your goals with your trainer. A lot of people have that mindset of “abs will gives you abs” and they do a ton of ab exercise and they wonder why they aren’t losing weight.

Abs are 100% made in the kitchen and going to the gym or having a personal trainer that’s only going to give you that “ab”workout program isn’t helping your fitness goals, at all.

I never train abs, if you have a good diet your stomach will become flatter! You want a trainer that’s going to do heavy compound movements with you (deadlifts, squats, hip thrusts) and other fun exercises that will get your heart rate up, and make it burn with fun training techniques to kill your muscles! If you want to see other challenging but fun ways to train check out my post Level Up Your Workouts.

They Keep You Accountable

A really good personal trainer will act like your gym buddy! If you need to cancel a session they will make sure you can get in asap with them. On days where you aren’t training with them they will do small check-in’s to see how you’re doing, how your lifts are going etc.

Teaching You About Food & Tracking

I highly recommend finding a personal trainer that also has experience with nutrition programs. This is important because you will get more bang for your buck and you will make huge changes this way. If you don’t know the importance of tracking your food intake and counting calories you will soon learn that this is the way of seeing significant changes in your body and overall health.

You know when a person trains people and gives out nutrition programs that they are very knowledgeable and it’s a key component to a successful training regime.

Everyone wants a personal trainer for help, accountability, extra knowledge etc. They aren’t cheap, so make sure you know what you want. They should be weighing you, taking progress pictures and measuring your body fat every once in awhile. This is your body so make sure you get the best trainer possible! 🙂 I hope these tips help you find the best trainer possible for your goals.