11 Ways To Boost Your Confidence In The Gym

When I first started out, I found gyms very intimidating. Everyone seemed to know what they were doing and they had confidence in all of their movements. When I first started out, I didn’t want to try new things because I wasn’t sure what to do with certain machines. I stuck with a lot of abs and cardio workouts. Not because I wanted to get smaller, but because I also didn’t know any better.

Since I’ve been going to the gym for over 5 years in a row, I can say there is absolutely no reason to be scared or shy when working out. There are so many different types of people at the gym trying to better themselves. They aren’t worried about you, so why care what other people think about you? If people stare, then who cares? People can be looking at you due to how cute you look, the interesting workouts you’re doing so they can try it next time, your adorable gym outfit, or how much you’re lifting. To this day, I’m still getting used to more men looking at me due to lifting more weight than them, or just me being so petite and putting on 2 plates for hip thrusts. I find a lot of gym rats are interested and impressed with what other people lift.

Here are simple tips that make me feel more confident, and ultimately lead to a better workout.

1. Pick A Gym That Fits Your Personal Needs

The most important thing is picking a gym that works best for you. If you’re just wanting to do some strength training and cardio, going to a Crossfit gym may not be the best option. Would having a sauna make it or break it for you? These are some things you need to determine. It’s pretty simple googling and finding out things these days, so just keep in mind what type of gym you’re looking for and what kind of training you want to do.

2. Take A Gym Tour

I love taking a tour of every gym! Travelling for 4 months and seeing all the different types of gyms around the world was very fun and entertaining. Before you sign up or even after you sign up ask a worker to take you on a little tour of the space and equipment. Showing you around will help you on your first day, so you don’t get too lost. 😉

3. Plan It Out!

The last thing you want to do is arrive at the gym without a plan. Writing down a small workout is key to saving time. I love writing my workout plan on my phone, but also have a backup plan if the equipment I want to use is taken and I’m going to have to wait a long time to train. I don’t mind waiting for something, but it also depends how slow the person is taking to finish their sets. Wandering around the gym without a plan can take up a lot of your workout time. As long as you follow your plan, it will make you feel more confident and keep you from getting annoyed. I know if I don’t have a small schedule things can start to annoy me, like how long people are taking etc. The last thing you want to be is annoyed at the gym. To avoid this, go into the gym knowing exactly what you want to do. Map your workout for the day, or even for the week!

4. Ask Someone For Help

There is nothing wrong with asking someone at the desk or a trainer on how to use a machine or whatever question you may have. A lot of people these days use IG or Youtube workouts for their motivation on their next workout. While that’s a great way to find new and fun workouts, a lot of times people in these videos don’t mention the form. Asking someone for help is good way to understand how machines work and, you might just learn a new trick or two. Form is everything, so if something hurts, just stop what you’re doing. Feeling uncomfortable for certain workouts are very normal, but if it hurts in a bad way (not a burning way), ask for help!

5. Check Your Appearance

Dressing for the gym is no different than dressing for everyday life. You want to look awake, feel great, and look the part. Wearing long baggy tank tops isn’t for me. Picking out a outfit is key to looking and feeling confident. I love tight fitted clothing for the gym. It outlines my body shape, which I love. If you have long baggy tank tops, try tying a knot and making it more fitted. Showing off your body shape is a great way to feel ahhamazing! Feeling comfortable and confident in the clothes you’re wearing can go a long way, so go ahead and treat yourself to a new workout outfit!

Not only what you wear can make you feel sexy, but if you’re a person who wants to look a bit more awake put some makeup on. I’m not the type of person who will put makeup on before a workout, but obviously I’ll have some on after work and it does make a difference, depending on your mood. No judgement here, you do you boo! 🙂

6. Self Tanners Are LIFE

Have you ever noticed that when you’re nicely tanned your muscles pop a bit more? Being white and pasty you don’t see a lot of definition (ask my husband, he’s super pasty). This is why at bodybuilding shows everyone has to tan before they get on stage. A spray tan helps them to look even leaner. Not only will your muscles pop more, but you will feel more confident with a beautiful tan. This is one is my favourites and it works very well. Buy yourself some self tanners and in the end you will thank me. Fake Bake is great, but if you want to save money try Jergens. Both do the job! Don’t forget to buy a tanning mitt!

7. Your Playlist Defines How Your Workout Will Be

A 2010 study led by sport psychologist C.I. Karageorghis states that music can improve athletic performance. It can increase work capacity. According to this study, the effects of music lead to “higher-than-expected levels of endurance, power, productivity, or strength.

Having sh*t music will literally drain your workout. Unless you’re that type of person who doesn’t care, then wow, you’re one in a million! Most people that I know and have come across need the right music. When I lift heavy I need intense rap, edm, or certain pop music. Girly pop is also good for booty days. However when I’m squatting 135LB, I do prefer rap or certain rock music to help me focus. No one wants to squat to country…. Finding the right music can really help you push a little harder and bang out more reps! Try it out, if you haven’t already! Find that perfect playlist.

Here are some playlists to check out.

Life-Changing EDM Playlist
Badass Babe Playlist
The Ultimate Throwback Gym Playlist

8. STOP Comparing Yourself To Others

Everyone starts somewhere! You may feel some type of way when you see someone shoulder pressing 60LB, however you NEVER know how long they have been on their fitness journey for. That’s why I will forever preach about strength training, because you really do get stronger!

Focus on yourself, muscle-mind connection, proper form, and going up in weights. They all play a big role in growing at the gym! There is no point in being discouraged with how you look, this is why I absolutely love fitness so much because you’re are able to change your body how YOU want to! No diet pills, no fit teas, just you and your dedication, so work your ass off! Trust me your dedication will show… There are no easy ways to get the results you want. Check out Trash Fitness Products. These products are very misleading and false, so please don’t get hung up on the wrong supplements.

9. STOP Being Scared To LIFT Weights

GIRL, there is nothing sexier than a female who owns the gym and isn’t afraid of weights or just lifting heavy in general. I hear this OFTEN! People are scared to lift weights, but there is NO reason to be scared when there are so many different weights. Starting off with 7.5 LBS isn’t anything to be embarrassed about. Everyone has started somewhere and for the most part everyone has started with small weights!

Being able to lift heavy really makes you feel like badass! Same with hitting a PR (personal record). Hence why you should never give up, because you will be killing the gym! I worked so hard on trying to squat 135 LBS and guess what? I can now squat over my bodyweight! It definitely boosts your confidence!

10. Remember Why You’re There

When you’re at the gym, you need to remember that you’re there for you, not for anyone else. Concentrate on how good it is to be healthy, for your physical and mental well being. Be there to better yourself! You only have one body, so take care of it.

11. Stopping Stepping On The Damn Scale

I will say this and continue to say it, STOP using the scale! A better way to see results is by taking progress pictures! I’m telling you right now, you see a BIG difference with progress pictures instead of stepping on a battery operated thing that isn’t accurate anyways. The number on the scale can change based on so many things like, bathroom experiences, water retention, or you gained some muscle. Check out my article “My Body Transformation” I have provided 7 progress pictures that I’ve taken for myself. You will see how CRUCIAL it is! Or another way is to measure yourself. Around your hips, stomach, arms etc. Don’t’ forget to flex! 😉

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