12 Healthy Alternatives To Boozy Drinks

Everyone wants to be able to enjoy themselves with a delicious drink in their hand. As much as some of us love our cocktails and other fun drinks; they can be loaded with calories and sugar. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather eat my calories and sugar than drink it. Since moving into my new house I’ve been enjoying more boozy beverages than normal. I think it’s because we finally got out of Toronto and we actually have a big backyard to enjoy each others company without the craziness of the big city. Just because I’ve been drinking a bit more doesn’t mean I’m letting loose and overindulging in everything we have. I do try to make healthier options because balance means a lot to me and I’m making drinks that I actually enjoy, so it doesn’t’ feel like it’s “missing” something.

When picking out your drinks, it’s best to find something that doesn’t have a ton of ingredients. This list has no more than 5 ingredients per drink and let me tell you; they’re all freakin’ delicious.

Here is a list of some of my favourite go-to beverages that are an eye opener, because most of the stuff we order at the bar may contain the ‘easier” way of making cocktails, which is adding juice instead of the real fruit, and tons of sugar…

These are the drinks that I made with my own portion of ingredients. You can either follow them or change things up. Add more or less of something.

So wait to pour your next drink and read these amazing drink recipes that also contain macros as well. (rough estimate).


Blue Raspberry Fizz

The branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are sold in supplement stores and have so many delicious flavours to choose from. We mix this powder with water and sip on it during our workout. They help with muscle recovery, soreness, and help with energizing your muscles. I sometimes just drink it during the day to change up the flavour of my water.

With all the different types of flavours out there it’s so easy to make a drink that you enjoy. Some flavours you can get are fruit punch, green apple, pink lemonade, mojito, pineapple and more! Every supplement company has multiple flavours to choose from.

What I like to do is mix plain water with bcaa’s, gin or vodka together and blend it with ice for a slushy drink. You could also mix the bcaa with soda water and just stir it together if you’re a person who loves the fizz.


BCAA Blue raspberry – 1 Scoop
Gin or Vodka – 1oz
Water -1 cup


1. Mix one scoop or your preferred BCAA with 1 cup of water
2. Add one ounce of vodka or gin to mixture
3. Shake vigorously to mix ingredients
4. Pour in a glass filled to the brim with ice
5.Top with plain soda water for fizz


Calories – 73
Carbs – 0g
Fats – 0g
Sugar – 0g

Vodka Soda

The great thing about soda water is that is has 0 everything! It’s just carbonated water. So instead of using tonic water because that has calories and can add up quickly; use just plain or flavoured soda instead. Perrier or Presidents Choice is great. Add your own flavours with the soda water and top it with some lime juice. It’s refreshing and tastes delicious. So simple!


Vodka – 1oz
Flavoured Soda Water – 1 cup
Lime juice – to preference
Lime wedge for garnish


1. Fill glass with ice
2. Add 1oz of vodka
3. Fill remainder of glass with soda water
4. Finish with a squeeze of fresh lime juice


Calories – 64
Carbs – 16g
Fats – 0g
Sugar – 0g

Rose Gin and Lemonade

Dry gin infused with rose hips, rose petals, then lightly sweetened. If that doesn’t sound good to you then you should try it so I can prove you wrong. Dillon’s Rose Gin is delicious to add to your go-to drinks. The flavour is sweet but not that over the top sweetness that you get with some drinks at the bar.

I used store-bought lemonade since I only had one glass. Of course the sugar will add up, so I do recommend making your own lemonade with less sugar!


Dillon’s Rose Gin – 1oz
Lemonade – 1/2 cup
Lemon flavoured soda water – 1 can
Lemon peel


1. Fill glass of choice with ice
2. Add 1oz of Rose Gin
3. Add lemonade
4. Fill remainder of glass with lemon flavoured soda water
5. Garnish with lemon peel


Calories – 140
Carbs – 14g
Fats – 0g
Sugar – 14g

Scotch On The Rocks

Whiskey is definitely an acquired taste, and something my husband has grown to love. The great thing about whiskey is that there are so many various types from around the world, that have so many different flavour profiles. Another great thing about whiskey is that it’s meant to be sipped, not chugged, so it is a drink that you nurse throughout the evening, compared to other drinks that you tend to have rather quickly.


1. Whiskey of choice – 1oz
2. Ice


1. Add ice to glass
2. Add whiskey of choice


Calories – 69
Carbs – 0g
Fats – 0g
Sugar – 0g

Tequila Paloma

This one is my all time favourite! If you love your margarita’s or tequila in general then this one is for you. This drink is naturally flavoured with hand squeezed grape fruit juice instead of store bought juice and it has a “pop’ of a flavour from the soda water. It’s lightly sweetened but also has a salted rim, which makes it tastes like a grapefruit margarita. This drink will have you wanting more… Believe me.


1. Tequila – 1oz
2. Juice from fresh grapefruit – 2oz
3. Fresh lime juice – 1 tbsp
4. Soda water – 2oz
5. Pink Himalayan salt
6. Splenda – 1/2 packet

Please do not use store bought grapefruit juice. Use the real thing! Store bought juice has a TON of added sugar in it, without any of the health benefits from the actual fruit.

  1. Add lime to glass of choice and salt rim
  2. Fill glass with ice – set aside for later use
  3. Cut grapefruit in half, and juice, ensuring to use a colander to catch any seeds or excess pulp
  4. Add juice, tequila, and Splenda to glass and stir until dissolved
  5. Fill remainder of glass with soda water
  6. Garnish with slice of grapefruit

Calories – 107
Carbs – 12g
Fats – 0g
Sugar – 8g

Frozen Strawberry Daquiri (frozen strawberry, gin, water)

If you love your fruity boozy drinks then this one is for you. I’m not a huge fruity drink lover, but this recipe is great and not to mention so simple to make!

  1. Frozen strawberries – 1 cup
  2. Gin – 1oz
  3. Water – 1 cup (or until you get the perfect slushy consistency)
  1. Add frozen strawberries, gin and water to blender
  2. Blend until smooth (add more water if needed to get the slushy consistency)
  3. Pour and enjoy!

Calories – 90
Carbs – 12g
Fats – 0g
Sugar – 5g


Having a drink that involves a herb like mint is so refreshing! I fell in love with mojito’s when Jamie and I were in Koh Lanta, Thailand at a beautiful sunset bar. These were addictive and we had more than 1 each! The calories and sugar can really add up quickly, so by making them yourself you can control the sweetness and make it with less sugar, because you never know exactly how much is added when you’re out and about.

These make the perfect drink for at home. Whether you just want one glass or you’re throwing a summer party, your guests will love these and appreciate that you’re making something fun and spontaneous.


1. 10 fresh mint leaves
2. 1/2 lime – cut into 4 wedges
3. Honey 1-tsp
4. White Rum 1oz
5. Soda Water


1. Place 10 mint leaves in glass with 1 wedge of lime
2. Muddle mint and lime to release their natural oils and juice
3. Microwave 1 tsp of honey so it’s really runny then add to mixture
4. Add remaining lime and muddle
5. Fill glass with ice
6. Add 1oz of rum
7. Top with soda water
8. Mix and serve


Calories – 109
Carbs – 13
Fats – 0g
Sugar – 6g

White Wine spritzer

If you’re trying to be really healthy or just had enough of drinking, but still want that wine flavour then this is for you. Add a splash of wine with some plain soda water and bam you have your own sparkling wine. 🙂

Sometimes at our family get togethers the drinks don’t necessarily stop… So if you need a break with less alcohol this is perfect for that! Hangovers suck, so this is basically a win, win situation.


1. White wine of choice – 3oz
2. Plain soda water – 2oz


1. Pour 3oz of white wine into glass
2. Top with soda water


Calories – 60
Carbs – 0
Fats – 0g
Sugar – 0g

Light Beer

Who doesn’t love a nice cold beer on a hot summer day, but hates how it makes your waistline look after a pint or two? The challenge with beer is because it’s so cold, we tend to drink it really fast, which means we are quick to grab another pint without even realizing it; unintentionally adding more calories to our waistlines. The solution to this is light beer! Put down the beers that you know are bad for you and start embracing drinks that you can enjoy without worrying about it being detrimental to your fitness goals.

My go to beer when I want one is Sleeman Clear 2.0. Each tallboy is only 110 calories with 3 carbs, so I can indulge without feeling bloated and overfull.


Ahh, champagne! My favourite. I used to love my sweet drinks but now I’m a huge dry drink lover. I do treat myself with more expensive bubbly just because it’s a great treat, but sparkling wine works too. 🙂

Macros (per 6 oz glass):

Calories – 124
Carbs – 3.8
Fats – 0g
Sugar – 2g

French 75

This classic french cocktail is a great way to change up your prosecco, if you want to take your bubbly to the next level. By adding lemon juice and gin to your drink, you get a completely different flavour profile which is truly divine.


1. Bubbly – 2oz
2. Gin – 1oz
3. Freshly squeezed lemon juice – 1oz
4. Sugar – I didn’t add any, but if you need to sweeten it up, then add at your discretion


1. Combine Gin and lemon juice in a shaker and shake vigorously to mix ingredients
2. Strain mixture into a champagne flute
3. Top with bubbly
4. Add lemon slice for garnish


Calories – 90
Carbs – 2g
Fats – 0g
Sugar – 0g


Ah, margaritas, my all time favourite drink for the summer. There is something about lying down outside, soaking in the sun, and sipping on something tart and salty with an amazing lime flavour. Be warned! At the bars, these drinks are jam packed with sugar, so we made our own without any added sweetener, and honestly we didn’t even notice it was missing.


1. Tequila – 1oz
2. Orange Liquer – 1oz
3.Freshly Squeeze Lime Juice – 2oz
4. Ice
5. Pink Himalayan Salt


1. Fill blender with lots of ice
2. Add 1oz of Tequila, 1 oz of orange liquor, and 2 oz of lime juice
3. Blend until slushy
4. Rim glass with salt
5. Pour mixture into glass and enjoy


Calories – 160
Carbs – 7g
Fats – 0g
Sugar – 7g

Don’t think that living a life focused on fitness means that you have to say no to all of the deliciousness that this world has to offer. By making smart choices, and removing a few things here and there, you can still enjoy a drink every once in a while without it destroying your fitness goals!


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