12 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

From Halloween, Christmas parties, seeing family and friends often, and New Years; there are lot of fun festivities to look forward to in the beginning of winter. After all the fun stuff is gone from Jan until March everything just seems blah. It’s freezing, you are over scraping your icy car, showering seems like a chore because it’s cold getting out and not to mention that it gets pitch dark at 4:30 PM! With covid in the mix it doesn’t help at all.

While it’s easy being down and grumpy about life we need to turn that negativity around and make the best out of the life we have. I’m literally ALWAYS cold, so I know how difficult it can be to get out and do something that will benefit you. Here are 10 ways to beat the winter blues without giving up on your goals or losing sight of your focus.

Stay Active!

If you don’t stay active you will feel like a total slob! The extra junk food you consume in the winter plus not moving your body will eventually get to you and your mood. Find ways to stay active, whether that’s bundling up and going for a walk, going to the gym, playing indoor sports at a rec centre etc. Staying active will keep you focused on your fitness goals and make you an overall happier human.

Make Sure To Get Out Doors

The last thing you usually want is to get outside. You look out the window and it seems cold, windy, and you just don’t want to leave your big comfy couch. But, I promise you getting outside even just for 20 minutes works wonders. Especially taking advantage of the sunny day! Jamie and I love our night walks, it’s a great way to end the day, walk off dinner and let your body digest and just talk about life and goals. Now with all the beautiful Christmas lights it really does make it more enjoyable. Bundling up sometimes isn’t a bad thing, it makes it more cozy that way. 🙂

Find A Workout Partner

Finding a workout partner to hold you accountable is great! It hasn’t happened in awhile, but there are times when I don’t feel like going to the gym but Jamie pumps me up and says we’re going. I can’t say no to that, I would feel totally guilty if he went to the gym without me and I just sat on my butt. Having someone that can motivate you really does help out.

Change Things Up

Sometimes to beat the winter blues you need to change things up. This could be your workout routine, workout space, playlist, clothes etc. While you can’t change the grey, dark, and cold weather, you can change things up differently to help lift up your spirits. I know change can be scary and some of us don’t like it, but I’m telling you change is the way of life and it will motivate you more than ever.

Facebook Groups

If you haven’t already noticed, FB has a ton of groups that you’re able to join. This is the perfect opportunity to meet other people around you or even around the world that are into the same lifestyle and have similar fitness goals as you. There are so many women’s fitness groups on Facebook, which is amazing! You get to post progress pictures, talk about goals, interact and just help motivate each other.

Supplements Can Do The Trick

While you don’t need supplements in order to see your hard work they sure can make you happy! I mean who doesn’t love buying and trying new things? The supplement shelf is endless, so why don’t you try to find something that you love by trying some new products. I love trying different pre workouts and protein powders. Trying new pre workouts are fun! There are so many different types to try and each product makes you feel different during your workout.

Add Intensity Into Your Workouts (Switch Things Up)

Having a boring workout can be the reason you can’t shake off those winter blues and a reason why you lack that motivation. You hate going, and being at the gym because you feel like you’re always doing the same workouts and you’re just tried of it. This means it’s really time to step up your workout game!

I’m switching up my exercises all the time, yes there are some exercises I love and will do them more, but I always make one leg day different then the next. I usually train legs 2-3 times a week and I make sure to hit different parts of my glutes and make those 2-3 workouts for that week different.

Adding intensity into your workout routine will help you concentrate more on the workout than that “bored” feeling. Add some fun training techniques like drop sets, negatives, and forced reps to get those muscles on fire and more importantly you will end up falling in love with it!

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Prep Your Meals

Prepping your meals is the #1 key to staying on track with your food intake and most importantly it will save you from falling off the good nutrition wagon. When you don’t prep your meals and snacks ahead of time, it will 100% cause you to eat unhealthy and just grab whatever is in sight (unless you have good self control.)

Prep your meals and some snacks that way it’s an easy grab and eat! 🙂 Need some help learning to prep, check out this post! 10 Tips On How To Successfully Meal Prep

Find Motivation To Fire You Up

I don’t know about you, but finding that right Youtube video from your favourite fitness gruru will instantly boost your motivation to hit the gym! I follow an IFBB pro bikini competitor on IG and Youtube and the amount of motivation I get from watching her stuff is crazy! I get that itch to head back into the gym.

Finding that right person to look up to is key! So many of us look up to the wrong people, like celebrities. You watch their life and what they have but what is that actually doing to yours? Nothing. Literally zero. Unfollow who you need to and only follow people who make you feel great about yourself and motivate you to the fullest. I follow 0 celebrities because they add no value to my life, I enjoy following real people who work hard for what they want. That is motivating!

Set Goals

Setting a goal is the key to working hard everyday and chasing your dreams. Setting goals makes you work harder, gives you that motivation to keep going, and to stay on track. When Jamie and I knew we wanted to quit our jobs to travel we wanted to leave with a certain amount of money in our bank account, so we literally worked our asses off, went to the gym and that was that. Every.single.day! We had 0 date nights and only ordered in cheap food like pizza every once in awhile. We saved like crazy and ended up leaving with the number we wanted!

Setting goals really does change your motivation for the better! 🙂

Spice Things Up In The Kitchen

It’s cold and you’re bored, so this is the perfect opportunity to try some fun and new things in the kitchen! Whether that’s baking or cooking! Jamie and I just recently made homemade bagels! It turned out great and it was so simple! It’s a fun way to spend a couple hours and spend more time together with your loved ones.

Try making a new soup dish or a healthy new meal! Food is the way to everyones heart, so beat the blues with some food you just can’t say no to! #balanceiskey

Set A Routine

Everyone has a routine and for a lot of people it kills them inside to break that routine. So beat the blues by having a day-to-day routine you enjoy! Find something that works for you and keep at it. We all know it gets dark in the winter at 4:30 pm, so instead of coming up with excuses like “it’s too dark to do that” just know that it’s still early and you still have so much time in your day. Go to the gym and get sweaty after work, go find a new workout class that will kick your butt, grab a late night coffee with a friend. Just try to stick to something that you enjoy and look forward to every evening.

Having a routine will keep you away from being bored, unhappy, and negative! You will be too busy to focus on the winter blues.

I know for myself winter can be pretty rough at times, but I always try to remember it’s just another season and it won’t last forever. (it seems like forever though.) Keep your head up and enjoy winter goodies with coffee by the fireplace. Just remember to stay active and busy so you don’t focus on the bad side effects of winter. People will complain it’s too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, so just keep at it with your goals and make sure you find a routine you enjoy!

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