15 Self-Care Ideas That We Need More Of

Who doesn’t love having your own self-care routine? While self-care comes in so many different forms, I decided to take a step back from writing the same o’l list about having bubble baths and getting facials. I dug deep and thought more about how we can take care of our mental health. Don’t get me wrong, a hot bubble bath with a delicious dry glass of Sauvignon Blanc sounds like the perfect way to treat yourself. There are some mental health self-care ideas that we don’t always talk about, so I thought, why not let’s take care of our minds too! 🙂


We all love our technology these days with our social media and amazing pump up playlists, tracking our steps etc. However, sometimes we should take a step back from everything; phones, music, games, you name it! Be with your thoughts and just think in peace. We are always surrounded with some sort of technology 24/7, so why not just take a simple break from everything and take in the world around you.

Learn That It’s Ok To Not Be Ok

Everyone is slowly starting to talk more about mental health, which is great because it’s hard to understand it all, but we should definitely try to learn more about it and be there for those people who need us. I know some people with anxiety and they have told me that a lot of times people will say stuff like “just be happy” or “Just stop having anxiety”. These types of responses aren’t what these people are looking for when they’re seeking comfort or understanding. People with depression can’t simply be happy, and people with anxiety can’t flip a magical switch and all of a sudden stop being a negative loop with themselves.

Sometimes when someone is going through something they just need someone to listen to without judgement; and a lot of the time people don’t talk about their mental health with their loved ones because they know they are going to get a cookie cutter response; like “just smile.” I don’t fully understand or feel how anxiety works, but I try to understand people who I love dearly. If you are someone who feels anxious or down sometimes, understand that it’s okay to not be okay. No one is truly happy all of the time, and understand that it’s 100% okay to not be okay. This is one of the first steps of dealing with anxiety and similar items, as once you understand that it’s okay to not be okay, you are ready to work on yourself. Once you’ve taken that first step, try talking to someone. I know people who have taken these first two steps and it’s really helped them.

It’s Ok To Have Emotions Or Talk To Someone

This is more directed to men. Men are “supposed” to always be tough, mighty strong, and basically emotionless, but they should be able to have emotions and feelings too! So often men are told to be stoic, and be the tough one, that it creates a callous exterior that is hard to chip away at. Men can’t always be the strong ones, 100% of the time. Society needs to understand that there is something powerful and attractive about a man who can talk about their feelings and emotions openly without feeling judged or ashamed. Holding back how you feel isn’t healthy and we need to stop thinking that men need to always be the strong ones. Sometimes they just need to be needy or cry every once in awhile. Men, it’s ok to have emotions.

Connect With Nature

I don’t know about you, but being outside in dead of winter, or summer makes me feel great. Those of you who know me know that I do indeed hate winter just because I’m always cold, but our winters here in Ontario, Canada are very slushy and it snows one day and rains the other. It really is all over the place, but I do love snowshoeing and having little walks in the snow when it’s not too cold! Connecting with nature really changes our mood and I know there people who need the sun in their life, because I know I do and when it’s out I feel instantly happier.

Have Conversations

You’re probably thinking what do you mean? I talk to people all the time. This is a bit different but can make a change for sure! I swear people use social media for everything these days. Someones birthday what do you do? You write on your friends or family members wall. If this person is close to you, why don’t you pick up the phone instead and call them or text a personal message. It would make their day. Get out of the habit of relying on social media for everything. Sometimes we just need that old school mentality and focus on our close relationships.

I don’t have kids yet, but have been in an environment where parents won’t eat with their kids who are between the ages of 2-5 and they let them watch hours on end of ipad. They both have their own ipads and they are literally zombies to the point they don’t even want to eat themselves. A lot of kids can be awkward because they don’t know how to have proper conversations with adults. Have more family dinners and maybe take tv away from children that young and spend quality time with them, especially when they’re eating.

Stop The Comparisons

We need to start appreciating that our life is different from others. Sometimes we get caught up constantly comparing ourselves to other people. We look at our friends finances and wish we had that life of not being stressed out for cash, or of someone’s work life balance, someone’s body type etc.

Enough is enough! As easy as it is to compare your life to others, start focusing and using all that energy towards you and your own family. You want to be rich? Well guess what? You need to work hard. You want to get fit and lose weight? You need to push yourself in the gym and eat healthier. No one has a “perfect” life and spending your time being jealous isn’t too good for your self-care. A lot of people you may be jealous of, may also be struggling too! No-one’s life is perfect.

Focus on your goals and maybe you will start accomplishing more in life! 🙂

Be Kind

Sometimes I miss how easy it was to make friends when you were in JK or SK. We as people need to start being more kind and less snobby to people. Coming from a small town and moving to the big city of Toronto you noticed a HUGE difference with the kinds of people. For what I experienced, Torontonians only shovel in the winter to the exact yard line, people look down when they walk by you, sometimes they don’t even say hi back when you acknowledge them first and so forth. I shouldn’t have to compare the people from small town to a big city, but the difference is insane. People from small towns help each other out as a community, they always say phrases like “good morning” “hello” “Have a good evening” that literally make your day. With moving to Sarnia Ontario, my husband went out and bought a BBQ and a random guy helped Jamie with putting the BBQ on his truck and dropped it off at our house, since it wouldn’t fit in our car. He noticed him struggling and instead of “videotaping” him and posting a funny caption on IG, he put that effort out there to be kind and very generous. While going for a walk the other day a random girl who was on a phone call, paused to say hi to Jamie and I as we walked by! It’s such a change, but in a great way.

I’m not saying every city slicker is “rude” or has bad behaviour, but it’s time to be a little bit more gentle when it comes to strangers. A simple good morning makes my day, so I could only imagine how a retired couple would feel. Help others, say a few words passing them by, smile if you’re jogging and have headphones on. There are a ton of ways to be kind and make someone’s day!

Don’t drown Your Sorrows

We are only human, we’re allowed to make mistakes, however some people rely on the wrong things. When people are sad, angry or stressed some take it out by either drinking more booze, eating more, eating less, smoking more etc. I know we all deal with our own struggles, but seek help if you think you need it. There’s nothing wrong with therapy and talking to someone who doesn’t know you, but it’s in a judge-free zone. Try different things to keep your mind busy so you stay away from the negative things that can affect your body in the future. Try working out, punch a bag, go for coffee with friends, meditate, try yoga. There are so many ways to deal with our emotions in the right and healthy way.

Have A Cry

Sometimes you just need to let out a cry; whether it’s sad, happy or even a frustrated one! It’s ok to let out your emotions. I don’t know about you, but sometimes after a cry I feel so much better and relieved.

Work On Chasing Your Goals

I honestly don’t know how people survive after work with doing absolutely nothing, besides having a few drinks and watching some television. Find something to work on and chase your dreams and goals! Setting goals is a great way to check things off your list, but also accomplish things that might be important to you that you have been putting on the back burner. It doesn’t always have to be fitness related either! BUT, setting PR’s (personal records) is such a fun way of training when you’re at the gym… Just saying. 😉

Write More

I totally understand that journaling is not for everyone. I started, but I felt like I was writing the same stuff every single day, because nothing really changes that much. There’s nothing wrong with writing down your thoughts, affirmations, quotes to keep you pumped or even blogging. Etc. Blogging for me is very therapeutic and it’s a way to write down what I’ve gone through and learned throughout my travels and fitness journey.

Say Bye To Toxic People

This can be friends or even family members… Just because you’re “family” doesn’t mean they’re good to have in your life. Toxic people can be found everywhere. They are negative and will never have a good impact on your life. The greatest thing can happen to you, but yet they still make it negative and will never be happy for you. You can’t handle those people constantly tearing you down. So you know what you say to those people? “Bye see you never” 🙂

Take A Damn Nap

Naps are overrated? I think NOT! We work our a$$es off, so sometimes we just need to take a half hour to 1 hour nap and enjoy some peace, quiet and the rest we deserve! Minus those naps where you nap too hard and wake up thinking it’s like 3 am haha, but it’s only 8ish! Anyone else experience that?

Try Something New

We get into that habit of doing the same old stuff every single day, which is every week, which is forever and ever. Get my drift? Maybe you’re a person who loves a routine, which I love having, hence why I wanted to come back from my 4 months abroad. We need to let loose sometimes and break that habit that happens every single day. Enjoy life, try something new and go out for once. I’m not a person who has FOMO, but once in awhile we need to say “yes” and just go out and do something different! It could relate to a night out, or just a new hobby! The world is in your hands!

Stretching and Mobility

This one gets left on the furthest back burner on your stove! Whether you workout hardcore or not, stretching and working on mobility is very important to your body and afterwards you will feel like you just came out from a great physio session. Use a lacrosse ball and get in deep in your muscle tissues. Roll out your glutes, hamstrings, quads, shoulder, back. Trust me, it doesn’t always feel good in the moment, but it will help you so when you’re in pain it’s a better way instead of waiting week to see your RMT!

I really hope that you felt that some of these tips were helpful. We often think about taking care of our body, but neglect our mind. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, as there’s only one of you on this planet!

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