15 Tips To Losing Weight Without Giving Up Your Favourite Foods

Crème brûlée, donuts, Ben & Jerrys, juicy burgers with crunchy sweet potato fries with a chipotle mayo on the side… These are all my favourite treat meals that I have a couple times a year and you can too!!

I wanted to get into depth with being able to still lose weight while eating foods you enjoy. People always lean towards dieting and cutting out their favourite foods, which in my opinion is very unhealthy because #1 when you restrict yourself or someone tells you that you can’t have something; you want it even more and you sure think about it 1000 times more! Am I right? #2 It will lead to you binge eating those favourite snacks in the end and you will be right back to where you started. When you create a healthy balanced lifestyle there’s no need to worry about binge eating because you are able to balance out the things you enjoy with your nutritional goals, so you feel satisfied for the next month or so.

I 100% believe that you need to throw dieting out the widow and learn to create a happy lifestyle that suits your goals. People balance out their bodies when they see an RMT, so let me show you how to balance out your life by living it to the fullest without giving up the foods you love!

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You Have To Practice What You Preach

If you’re all for having a balanced lifestyle and telling people all about it but then later on feel guilty about having a small bowl of ice cream you’re doing it wrong. You really need to accept that you’re human just like everyone else and that you deserve to enjoy life and that includes having some foods that you love.

You really need to focus, learn, and understand that life is more than just about dieting and being restricted from bread. I eat bread every day for breakfast with avocado on top and my hard work at the gym is still showing. Balance, balance, balance! I can’t say it enough!

Make Delicious Meals

Chicken tikka masala, slow cooker shredded salsa chicken with a bed of coconut rice, and homemade tuna poke bowls. These are some of the tastiest dishes on the planet that you can easily make at home! Learning to cook with bland foods like chicken can be tough at first but you just need to play around and have fun in the kitchen. Spices and herbs go a long way!

Knowing how to properly flavour your food will make your meals fun and interesting and it will keep you from being bored and wanting to order in all the time. When you make great foods you feel amazing, satisfied, and proud because the dish is so flavourful and inexpensive. Healthy food is far from pricy unless you shop at Whole Foods religiously or want to order pre made meals to your door.

Consider Meal Prepping

Sundays should be meal prepping for everyone! We know a busy week is ahead of us, so why sit on the couch for the rest of the evening when you can prep some weekly lunches for work and be organized? Meal prepping is a lifesaver and you should try it. Here are some of my tip to help you succeed. 10 Tips On How To Successfully Meal Prep.

Whether you work from home or not, you should still prep some of your lunches and snacks, that way you can quickly grab a container of overnight oats and enjoy it while you’re on a client call. I hear so often that “work was so busy, I didn’t even get to eat.” But maybe you would be able to eat if you had meals ready instead of needing to leave the office to grab your Starbucks snack.

Pay Attention To Portion Sizes

Even if it’s healthy like nuts, avocado, or olive oil; you can still end up going overboard and double your fat intake for the day. Always pay attention to how much you’re eating, or the use of something in a dish. Instead of dumping olive oil in a pan to make eggs, use the spray! You just need to be more aware of what you’re doing and consuming.

Keep At Least 5-6 Healthy Snacks Stocked

My healthy snacks are always stocked! My staples consist of oatmeal, plain greek yogurt, fruit, veggies, rice cakes, natural peanut butter and honey. I always give myself more options than I need, that way I can switch things up constantly and never get bored.

Always Keep Your Belly Satisfied

You never want to be that hangry person who will eat anything and everything in sight. That’s the last thing we need when it comes to making some healthier changes in our life. You’re most likely to give into junk food when you’re hungry! I try to eat every 1.5 – 2 hours. I don’t track my meals by having breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner. I just eat and count them as meal #1 meal #2 etc.

Alway make sure you’re eating more than just a plain a$$ salad for lunch! This will not satisfy you! I repeat this is not going to keep you full! I honestly hate seeing those people who just eat salads with 0 protein on it. How can you even get full from just water? At least add some nuts on top with a chicken breast or steak. The last thing you want is to be like “I ate a salad, therefore I’m healthy, so now for a snack I will have a 4 cookies!”…

When I stuff my face with good foods like bbq chicken breast, sweet potato and some veg at times I do get overfull but I never feel like sh*t. My belly and mind are happy and that’s what matters.

Learn The Balancing Act & Enjoy Yourself

If you’re eating clean throughout the week and a girlfriend calls you up and says “hey let’s go out for dinner and some drinks.” You go and enjoy yourself! The thing I love about having a balanced lifestyle is that NOTHING is perfect, which means I can plan out my weekly dinners and my workout schedule ,but If I get invited to something I’m not going to say no because “I can’t eat that.” You’re not a bodybuilder so loosen up a bit.

We can still reach our goals while going out for dinner. We can either plan it so our dinner date is our treat meal, or we can be mindful and order something much cleaner. I treat myself to ordering in or going out once a week and that works for me. I do however workout hard 4-5 times a week and eat clean for breakfast, lunches and dinners. So when I get an opportunity to go “off plan” for one night, I’m going to take advantage of that.

Don’t Focus On Having Abs

When people want to lose weight a lot of them focus on wanting abs. They workout abs every day, they do endless amount of cardio, they eat way less than they should. etc. Let me just tell you that there’s nothing special about having abs. Unless you’re genetically blessed, abs are hard to maintain and not fun at all. You also won’t get abs by doing ab workouts. It’s great to strengthen your core, but simply doing those workouts won’t get them to appear. Abs are made in the kitchen.

Focus on your weight loss journey instead of abs. Take it one step at a time and see where you end up. There’s nothing wrong with setting those body focused goals but it’s better to be realistic and to enjoy more food. 😉

Don’t Blame It On Your Period Or Pregnancy

I hear this one often. “Well I”m on my period, I’m craving this” or, “my baby wants McDonalds”…
Period cravings are real but not every day. I haven’t been pregnant so I’m not sure how the cravings are, HOWEVER the baby doesn’t need McDonalds 3 times a week. Treat your off meal plans as a treat, and stop with the excuses to eat more junk. If you go overboard due to your period or pregnancy it will take longer for the results you want.

Try to stick with your treat meals once a week, not 7 days a week. This is the perfect opportunity to practice more self-control! 🙂 If you’re craving some snacks here are some healthier options you can try! 22 Fun Healthy Snack Ideas and 11 Supplement Store Snacks You Need To Try.

Treat Yourself The Smart Way

Yes, go and enjoy ice cream or whatever treat you want once a week. While you’re able to choose what you want for your meal you should still choose your portion sizes wisely. Meaning if you want to go to Dairy Queen and get a blizzard, get a snack size instead of a small, medium or large! Bigger is not always better! A snack size is what Jamie and I have been doing and it’s still plenty of ice cream! And it’s still filling!

Figure Out Healthier Ways To Deal With Stress

When it comes to stress we all have different ways of coping. Some of us eat more, eat less, some people don’t change their eating habits when stressed. With wanting to lose weight you need to try and cope with your stress in a healthier way. Sometimes it takes time and that’s ok, just try and continue to work at it often. Going into therapy might be a good option too, or more walks, the gym etc!

Drink Your Water

Ahh, water! Drinking water is so very important and beneficial. While it helps with flushing out bacteria it also helps keep you more full after your meals and helps with good digestion. A lot of us are dehydrated and we don’t even know it! Your body will hold onto water hence why you feel bloated at times because of the extra water weight. Try and drink enough water so that your pee is clear all day. 🙂

Track Your Food

Tracking your food is one of the biggest lifesavers out there when it comes to overall health and fitness. It’s very hard to lose weight when your body may only need a certain amount of calories or macros but you’re eating double that. By tracking your food intake you will have rough idea of how much protein, carbs, and fats you’re eating on the daily.

When you know your macro intake, and want a treat, one of my tricks is to plug in the the treat I want into MyFItness pal first thing in the morning. This way you know you’re having a little late night snack but you’re working around your macros for the rest of the day, instead of putting in the frozen yogurt at the end of the day, which might cause you to be over your macro intake.

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Different Training Techniques

So often I see personal trainers training someone who wanted to make a lifestyle change, but the whole hour they’re laying on the mats doing bicycles, planks etc. I’m not a trainer, but I do know that people need to incorporate strength training too if they want to see more results. Do cardio and strength training and I promise you will see the results you want if you continue to work hard. Keep weight training fun and switch things up. Read Level Up Your Workouts to get some fun but challenging ideas to add to your training regime. 🙂

There’s No One Size Fits All

Understand that you will might not be a size 0 and you know what? That’s great! We have all different body types and our bodies react to workouts and clean foods differently too! Know that your weight loss journey is YOUR journey and you’re going to kill it and make changes for you! It’s not about fitting into a x small, or a large. It’s about being a healthy inside and out!

15 Ways To Love Yourself Even More

Keep pushing and moving forward! You will get there and you will be so proud of yourself. Never give up! Remember that every day you will face new challenges and how you deal with them is how you will continue to grow. Throw perfect out the window because it doesn’t exist. You will be under your macros one day and over the next, then on point for most days but life happens! We have dinner dates with friends and family and that’s how we’re supposed to enjoy life! As long as your try your best your life will become more balanced.

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