15 Ways To Create A Healthy Work/Life Balance When Working From Home

I recently moved from Toronto to Sarnia, a smaller city. It’s been great, but with a lot of changes that I’m still getting used to. I no longer work a 9-5 job, I’m a full- time blogger, which is the best thing I could have imagined. Being able to do what you love really makes a difference on your overall health and wellbeing.

There are a lot of people working from home due to COVID, alongside people who are lucky enough to do their job from home already. With life and work being crazy, it can definitely take a toll on you if you aren’t making time for yourself! While working from home is great; we all need to be mindful and give ourselves time to focus on us! 🙂 I’m new to working from home, so it’s been a process of telling myself “ok time to get off the couch and go have a snack.” Time flies when you’re blogging away! I wanted to write a reminder and help you focus on yourself and family while you’re working from the comfort of your own home and how to feel your absolute best!

1. Have A Morning Routine

Having a set morning routine is great and I’ll say much needed! Try not to be those people who wake up, shower, skip breakfast and start working. I do admit, when I wake up I grab my computer and catch up on some blogging for 30 min-1 hour. I enjoy it because it allows me to slowly wake up, and who doesn’t love chilling in bed for a little. Have coffee and breakfast. Never skip those! Food will keep you energized and focused! When you’re hungry, are you ever focused on anything else besides food? Ya, I didn’t think so. So, eat your meals and be satisfied. Shower and put some makeup on if you feel like it. It doesn’t have to be everyday, but once in awhile it’s nice to wear some.

2. Get Out Of Your PJS
3. Be Organized

Writing a list the day before, or the morning of, so you know exactly what you want to accomplish that day is key! I’m not going to lie, I’m still working on this. I always know what I want to work on, then I add like 100 more things that I should get done when in reality they can wait. I’m the type person who likes to get as much done as humanly possible, but trying to do everything all at once makes me feel rushed and a little stressed out. Only have a few things to check off your list and if you finish them ,work on something else, or take pride in the fact that you’re a hard worker and use the rest of the day to tan outside. 😉

4. Change Up Your Scenery

If you have room for an office that’s great, and I think having an actual room that’s yours will help you be more organized and maybe a little bit more focused. I do enjoy having the option of being able to move around our house at times and work in different places. Sometimes new scenery is great! I love working on this big chair in our front room with a huge window that overlooks all my plants, but I also love working on our island, so I can sit in an actual chair and have better posture with my computer. For me, I find that I’m productive wherever I am, as long as I have a quiet environment! Go outside if that works for you, sit under a tree in the shade with your laptop. It’s SO peaceful. We do have 4 bedrooms, so one will definitely become my office!

5. Make Your Own Schedule

I get that some people can’t completely control their schedule for the full day, but it’s something we need to pay more attention to; especially now that everyone is working from home more. My husband has been able to work from home and he deals with a lot of calls, which he needs to attend. Some days are more flexible than others, which gives us a bit of balance. By making your own schedule it allows you to block off some time for lunch, snacks, time to have a break, do some errands, start some chores etc. For the most part my husband knows how his day/week looks like in advance, but it does change from time to time. Knowing his schedule for the most part gives him an opportunity to block off an hour here and there to cook his lunch and do some house stuff. As for myself, I take breaks when I need and try to do it more than I think, because I could sit and type all day…

6. Drink Your Water!

Doing any sort of work from home, you get really focused on your job and end up forgetting to drink our water intake for the day. Drinking water is so very important and we should try to drink lots of it no matter where we are working. I personally feel off when I don’t drink enough water. Ever since I competed in a fitness competition and had to drink 6 litres a day, my body got so used to all the water that now it knows when I don’t drink enough. Make water fun and add some strawberries, cucumbers, limes, or lemon in it! 🙂

7. Never Forget To Eat Your Lunch

Food is just as important as water! Have an actual lunch break if you can get away from your computer or any piece of technology. Focus on your break and actually enjoy it! I find myself taking forever to eat if I’m trying to multitask work and eating. We always talk about how our days are sooo busy, so why not take the opportunity and have a well-deserved break.

8. Plan & Prep Your Meals

Prepping your meals is truly a lifesaver and it will help you focus on what needs to be done instead of preparing and making your meals the day of. I always have my staples handy, like my oats and yogurt prepped. We always have leftovers for lunch, which is also a great way to use up what you have in your fridge. If you want some pointers and great tips check out 10 Tips On How To Successfully Meal Prep. 🙂 I’m telling you, it will change your life.

9. Keep Your Body Satisfied

It’s easy fro some people to either not eat, or maybe over eat, especially when working from home. Working you’re working from home, you get really caught up with trying to finish certain things for the day, so you either A) have a poor diet and have a few handful of nuts and don’t eat until dinner, or B) you maybe overeat because work is slow and you’re bored. Try to work just as hard at feeding your body great foods and create a food schedule so you’re never skipping out on the nutrients you need to kick butt each day. It’s not always about having that mindset of only eating at “breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner”, but more so about meal 1, meal 2 etc , and eating healthy when your body is hungry. If you take the chance to listen to your body, you will become more in tuned with it! You can eat more than 3 meals a day without “gaining fat”.

10. Always Have Healthy Munchies On Hand

Jamie and I never have junk food in the house unless we decide to literally go out and grab something small for that evening. So when I’m craving a snack I have plenty of healthy options around. We try to not have junk food in the house alongside healthy food, because let’s be real, if you have the option, you’re most likely going to pick the crappy snack. Only having clean snacks in the house will really set you up for success and you’ll end up learning how to get creative with what you have, which will lead you to loving these clean treats! If you need some snack ideas here are some delicious go-to’s of mine! 22 Fun Healthy Snack Ideas. OR some guilt-free store protein treats! 11 Supplement Store Snacks You Need To Try.

11. Don’t Be A Slob

Working from home can easily turn your house upside down. You’re constantly eating, which causes more dirty dishes etc. Try to clean up as you go that way when you’re done your long day at work, you can chill and have a glass of some delicious wine, instead of cleaning up your mess.

12. Workout and Move!

Since COVID, I’ve adapted to a very great workout routine at home. I usually workout late in the morning. I’ll have some music going; while sipping on some pre-workout with my creatine and just give myself some time to pump myself up. I workout in my sunroom, which is great because it’s hot and the big glass door acts like the perfect mirror.

I actually love working out from home now because I can work out whenever I want! I have time to get myself into the game and that’s focus on me! Try to workout and get your body moving. I also go for a jog on the trail that’s behind our house, which is amazing. Running outside is more fun than cardio indoors. Your body will thank you for moving. We can sit around a lot, in these weird positions, which isn’t good for us. Work on your fitness goals and get it! You can still get fit and in amazing shape with home workouts, just always make sure it’s still challenging! If I’m using a lighter band for lateral raises, I make sure to plug away with more reps. 15-20 per set! I also superset a lot of things together which burns my muscles! Read some of my training techniques to find more amazing, fun, but challenging ways to workout. (Level Up Your Workouts).

13. Spend Time Stretching

You know working from home can make you stiff! You sit in all these weird positions that aren’t the best and your body gets used to that. Whether stretching is after your workout or not you should still stretch and do some mobility work on your rest days. If you haven’t bought a lacrosse ball you’re missing out. Using that ball allows you to get in deep when your muscles are sore. Neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs, glutes, you name it! It’s relieves a lot of tightness and works wonders.

14. Get Outside

Make sure to go outside in the nice weather everyday! Get some vitamin D and fresh air. It really does take all the stress away. Going for walks, taking the kids to a park, sitting in the backyard with a beverage and just hanging out with family. No matter what the reason is, make sure to get outside and enjoy the sunshine; we all know winter will be here before we know it.

15. Clock Out & Get A Good Night’s Rest

Sometimes you just need to tell it how it is and hope that your coworkers will understand when it comes time for you to disconnect from work. When I was living in Toronto, I knew people who would be really high up in their careers, but would also be on calls until midnight or 1 AM. I’m sorry, but my health, sleep, and overall life is very important. If you want work/life balance you need to get that out there and let people know I’m done at 5 or whatever time YOU decide to be done. Especially if you have a family, take time to spend it with your loved ones! Clocking out is so important. You see people all the time that say that they’re done work at 5, but yet still emails into the wee hours of the night. Make clocking out a priority!

Get a good night’s rest with enough hours to feel awake and energized to kick a$$ all over again! 🙂

Having a work/life balance may seem impossible to some with busy careers. Just make sure to try and find that balance. Some people work, work, work and work and sometimes it costs them their life. Our health is important too! Without our health, it would be hard to have the energy and necessities to work at all! Don’t feel guilty when being sick, actually take that time to rest! Sometimes when you don’t rest that’s how you get sick. I used to never want to take rest days off the gym and there were times when I got sick because I just kept pushing my body when it was drained. Keep on grinding with your job and focus on getting to where you want with your career, but also learn to practice these things in your day to day routine and you will feel less stressed, more focused and overall healthy!

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