20 Ways To Reduce Belly Fat

Everyone’s bodies are completely different and I admire people who put in the hard work and want to keep themselves healthy and live longer! It’s not about fitting into xs jeans, a certain number on the scale or even to be so shredded your abs are popping. It’s about being healthy and doing the best you can do to live a healthier life.

Public Health of Canada has reported that in 2017, 64% of Canadians over the age of 18 are overweight or obese, and about 30% of children aged 5-17 are overweight or obese.

Extra belly fat can be harmful, can cause disease, diabetes and other serious health issues. Here are some ways you can pack on some of the harmful fat without you even knowing. These unhealthy habits will soon become imprinted in your brain and it will be harder to change your lifestyle. Learn to understand these and make a turnaround for the best life for you!

Fruit Juice Smoothies Is One Of Your Main Staples

If you haven’t read my 21 Smart Food Swaps you will see that I swapped out bottled fruit smoothies for my own. If you don’t pay attention to the ingredients and nutritional facts you’re missing out on a lot of hidden gems that will shock you.

Bottled smoothies like the brand name “Naked” can have 40 grams of carbs and 34 grams of sugar AND literally 0 FIBRE! If you drink these trying to be healthy you’re doing it all wrong. Doesn’t that sound very odd that a smoothie that has greens in it has 0 fibre! You’re not getting your fibre and you’re drinking a ton of sugar this is doing more harm than good. A lot of sugar can cause inflammation, which can contribute to belly fat.

Make your own smoothies!! You can control the sugar and calorie intake and actually put your own veggies into them and know you’re at least getting some fibre.

You’re Addicted To Snacking

I love my snacks and treat meal days, but again I don’t have certain things every day. It’s called a treat for a reason. Some people treat their bodies horribly and will feed it trash. I wish in high school they taught everyone to cook, budget and teach the importance of health and wellness.

If you’re not a mindful snacker you will put on some extra body fat and also harm your mental health and overall health in general. Here are some of my favourite go-to healthy snacks. 22 Fun Healthy Snack Ideas. If you think those veggie chips are healthy then you really need to make some changes…

Your Workouts Are Not Consistent

Diet and exercise are the most important factors when it comes to losing weight. No diet pill or waist trainer will help you keep the weight off. Consistency is key; with everything. You want to move up in your career you will have to be consistent with your work, you want to buy an expensive gift, you will have to be consistent with saving and if you want to lose weight and just keep off the extra pounds you need to be consistent with eating clean and working out.

There are so many ways to make working out fun. Change up your workout split, your hand, feet positions, how you train etc. Here are some fun training techniques you should try! Level Up Your Workouts

You Give In To Pregnancy/Period Cravings

How many times have you said or heard “well my baby is craving Mc Donalds” “I’m on my period; It’s ok”. While it’s ok to give in every once in awhile because we’re all humans and we want to enjoy a thing we call life. Doing it every single day for as long as your period lasts can really overdue it.

Working on your self control is a great way to reach your goals. Also learn how to make your own healthy snacks, that way it cuts your sweet tooth for the unhealthy ones.

22 Fun Healthy Snack Ideas
11 Supplement Store Snacks You Need To Try

Meal Prepping Doesn’t Exist To You

One of the major keys to set yourself up for success is meal prepping! You may think you don’t have time for this, but in reality you do. Pick a day, every Sunday is great, and just prep some healthy foods that way you can just grab, go and eat during the week. Prep your lunches and snacks that way if you get called into a client call you will have a meal ready for you instead of not being able to leave the office for your daily fast food runs.

If you really want to learn how to properly meal prep read 10 Tips On How To Successfully Meal Prep for the best results!

Fried Food Is Your Go-To

You love your fast food chains, fried chips and frying everything at home for that great crunch. While I love sometimes frying my own food it’s a once a month kinda thing If I really want to do that. Fried foods are the worst because it’s cooked with the worst type of fats, (trans fat) which triggers extra weight gain around your stomach and waistline.

Try to bake more things, that way you still get that crunch with less fat! I love frying my corn tortillas for tacos, however just putting them on a pan with no oil still gets them crunchy. There are ways of using the oven to get things to taste the way you want it.

You Don’t Eat Enough Veggies

Veggies actually fill you up too! So make sure you add the to your plate so you have more variety to fill you up. There are so many ways to cook them and make them taste so good! I love sautéing green beans, onions, mushrooms, spinach broccoli etc. Add some spices and bam you have some delicious veggies that go well with every dish. Even roasted veggies are delicious. Fibre is key to good digestion, so eat them!!

You Eat Your Emotions

Everyone handles stress in a different way. When I’m stressed out I tend to get more headaches and neck pain, but I don’t often change my eating habits. Eating your feelings can be very dangerous, as it can create an endless negative cycle with yourself. Instead of going for ice cream when you’re sad, try to do something to get out of that negative headspace, go for a walk and enjoy nature, or do something that takes your mind off of it. Also never be afraid to talk to someone if you feel you need to.

You Rely On Soda Instead Of Water

Sugary sodas will definitely not keep the weight away. Sugar is the main culprit in everything these days, but if you can avoid certain things you will be on the right road for huge changes in your body. One soda can equal up to more than 7 teaspoons of sugar. If you need help understanding the amount of sugar in things even like your “sports drinks” you should take a look at my post How Much Sugar Are You Actually Consuming?

If you love the bubbles that come with pop, try flavoured soda water. Everything is 0 on the nutritional facts and it’s a way better substitute than pop.

You Eat While Watching TV Or On Social Media

We have all done this and still do it on the daily. Distracted eating can be very harmful. While for me, when I watch and eat I usually take longer to finish my meal, for some it may cause them to eat quicker and consume a lot more food than they need. When you’re eating in front of a TV instead of eating at the table you’re not as mindful when you’re full so you continue to eat because our screens can be really distracting.

Sometimes I do enjoy watching a movie with our pizza we just ordered. It’s a Friday or weekend thing and it reminds me of back in the day when you would rent a movie and have dinner or munchies. But I also enjoy my company and sitting at the table and talking about life. Always be mindful of how much you’re consuming when in front of the screen.

“No” Isn’t A Thing For You

If you’re a people pleaser with food you may want to work on your self control. When you visit someone and they offer you coffee and some baked goods sometimes you just need to say no thanks and just stick with the coffee. If someone likes to push food on you and say “try this” “you have to” “Ooh common, it’s one snack” you need to fight the power and say no. These people don’t understand your goals and will most likely say a snobby comment but who cares! When you’re focused on your goal there shouldn’t be anyone standing in the middle of it.

I would get comments like “oh do you even eat” “she doesn’t eat snacks” “of course you don’t want any.” Little do these people know that I LOVE my treats and I’m a huge foodie, but for me I don’t give in to every baked good out there. I know it has to be the best dessert ever and for the most part it has to involve me going out to get it like delicious gourmet donuts etc. Toronto has so many amazing places to go, so going out for some treats was made into a little date night. 🙂 Although some friends and family of mine are really good bakers, I do enjoy the treats the make at times, or sometimes take it home to save it for when I really want it. It’s hard to enjoy a treat when I’m still full from dinner. You don’t need to indulge every single time. Saying no is completely fine and you shouldn’t have to feel bad.

You Let The Weight Gain Take Control Of Your Emotions

You have a day where you indulge a little and the next day you’re feeling down. The next day is the most important day. Why? Because it’s a day to start fresh and back to your normal grind. The last thing you want to to do is lay around all day. Indulging a little more than your typical routine is completely normal. Are there days my husband and I go to Bulk Barn and grab some chocolate and candy? YES! Of course, but it’s a once in a blue moon thing and the next day I clean up my eating and it’s back to the hustle and usually a gym session.

Feeling down on yourself will make it worse and you will be stuck in a rut and that’s the last thing we need. The day after is great to put those treats to work and have a killer workout! Don’t let your emotions take control. Take control of your mind, self discipline and daily life! You got this, babe.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Do you have days where you feel bloated and you don’t know why? Ya, this might because you’re body is holding onto water because you’re not drinking enough. It needs some water to hold onto if you’re not giving it what it needs. Water retention is a real thing, so start drinking enough water! You always want your pee to be clear all day.

You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

Trying to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night is important to maintain a good healthy lifestyle. When you lack sleep, your energy is low which can cause you make poor decisions the next day. Low energy means another excuse to not head to the gym.

You Skip Meals

If you’re trying to skip meals on purpose thinking it’s a great way to lose weight or you’re too busy at the office; depriving yourself isn’t the way to go. Your body needs food, and when you deprive yourself it can cause you to overeat when you do eat your meal.

You Don’t Get Up From Your Desk

Whether you work from home or at an office we tend to get a little bit too comfortable when it comes to getting up and going for a walk, stretching, and making our way to the kitchen to grab our food we prepped. We can get sucked into our work and forget to take care of ourselves and eat when we should. Skipping meals is a no no, but so is sitting at your desk all day in all these weird positions your body will hate you for. So just get up and walk around, go outside, get some fresh air do some errands if you can that’s walking distance.

Here’s a great post you will enjoy and it will come in handy for you. 15 Ways To Create A Healthy Work/Life Balance When Working From Home

You Like Your Booze A Little Too Much

Everything is great to have in moderation including booze. I absoulty love my dry white and red wines, champagne and other drinks, however I don’t drink every single day. High alcohol intake may lead to inflammation, liver disease and other health factors.

Studies have shown that alcohol suppresses fat burning and the extra calories from the alcohol can be stored as fat, hence the term we hear often “beer belly”. Moderation will always be the key to any results you may want, so take this into consideration and try and drink more water!

Quickly Making A Lifestyle Change & Going Vegan /Keto/ Low Protein

Ok, first off let me just state I DO LOVE VEGAN and VEGETARIAN food. I actually decided to have a vegetarian dish at my own wedding when there were meat options. I don’t care what you eat just don’t preach about it because we are all different and live very differently. I’ve seen people make a drastic change in their lifestyle and went vegan and they got really puffy and gained weight.

This lifestyle is just like any other where you need to be CAUTIOUS with what and how you eat. If you eat a handful of nuts a couple times a day well then your fat intake is going to skyrocket. It’s just like incorrectly doing a Keto diet, you can’t just eat bacon and think that’s ok. I 100% believe that everyone needs to get their estimated protein intake in and how they do that is up to them, but being mindful is key because those “fake” burgers you eat can have a ton of processed crap in there.

I feel like when people think vegan they think healthy plant based lifestyle, but there are still unhealthy foods everywhere in our daily life that we need to pay more attention to. High protein diets keep us full and satisfied longer!

Gut Health

There are a ton of bacteria that live in your gut. Some of these bacteria benefit health and others can cause problems. Gut health is important to maintain a good healthy immune system. There have been studies that having an unhealthy gut can cause weight gain. Some ways to take care of your gut health is to have a healthy diet, eat more fibre, probiotic foods etc.

You Follow A Strict Diet

When you restrict yourself from the foods you enjoy we can go a little overboard when we decide to have it again. I think diets are a waste of time, just because why sell yourself short and only make a goal for a month, two months etc. If you want to cut off some weight you need to make an overall healthy lifestyle change. I think these changes are better because you learn how to portion food, learn what real serving sizes are, self control, having a better relationship with food and not restricting yourself from anything because “moderation” is the word you need to understand.

I hope these all helped you. Fitness, nutrition and living healthy shouldn’t be this complicated thing. When you make it complicated, you won’t have any motivation to stick with it. Living healthy isn’t a diet it should be something you work on every day to be the best you can be!

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