22 Fun Healthy Snack Ideas

Everyone struggles at times with not knowing what to eat for snacks, especially when you’re trying to figure out what foods are actually beneficial for your health. I’m all for having an “unhealthy treat” here and there, but I can’t eat junk all the time and neither should you. It’s called a “treat” for a reason! It’s not as enjoyable if you eat unhealthy snacks all the time.

Just a little tip, if you’re a person who enjoys protein bars or any other packaged snack, make sure to check the ingredients and not just the nutritional facts. Sometimes it matters more what’s in the products than what the “calories” are. You always want to eat healthy whole foods!

Whether you’re looking for new fun ideas, something quick on the go, or just wanting to switch up your snacks, here is my list of relevantly healthy snacks for anytime! Healthy snacks don’t have to be boring! Let me show you some fun ideas and of course some of the same old snacks, but hey health is good! 🙂

Not Your Ordinary Protein Shake

Protein shakes are easy to get down, but have you tried my “muscle gainer shakes?” They’re filling and will keep your belly satisfied throughout the day! Don’t get intimidated by the name, it’s called muscle gainer shakes because you add in all the clean ingredients and have it equal up to 1000 calories or a bit less. The whole point of these shakes is to help you put on muscle and overall size, HOWEVER, you DON’T need to add in all the extra amounts, just keep it simple but still filling. Check out my muscle gainer shake recipes and make your own with less amounts if you’re scared of the amount of stuff in them. These ingredients are all clean and it’s packed with protein, carbs and some fats! Your body will love these. It’s not only filling, but it’s fun switching up the different shakes you can make!

Have fun with it. 😉

Marbled Cheddar Cheese Stick With Crackers

One stick of cheese is enough and who doesn’t love cheese… Not all cheese is “bad” and everything comes into moderation! This is great with a small amount of crackers. I enjoy Brenton ones. They go well together and they also go well with some wine. 😉 #balance

Pop Chips

These chips are so good! Very crunchy and the flavours are all delicious. The good thing about these is that they aren’t that bad compared to other chips. Let’s take the BBQ flavoured one for example, 100 calories PER bag, 3.6g fat, 16g carbs, 2g sugar. the ingredients are also clean with everything I can pronounce. First ingredient is potato, as it should be! These make for a great snack with you’re craving a crunch!

Veggies Because Health

Cut up some carrots, cucumbers, and peppers! They make for a great snack with some hummus. You’re probably thinking, well ya, I see this everywhere in my healthy snack searches, but make sure you get your veggie intake in! They can be really good if you just give them a chance! So many different flavours of hummus too!

Fruits (Duh)

No but really, fruits are a great snack and you can make a fruit salad bowl, top them on yogurt, or even add some lime juice on top! I’m obsessed! When we were in Bali every morning the resort gave us a fruit bowl and it came with lime, so I tried it and wow, it’s definitely a life changer! Also, try Papaya! I’m in love with that fruit at the moment! (Thanks Bali!) I’m telling you the lime makes it more refreshing! You can also do apple slices with PB or check out your local supplement store or online and get “Nuts N More”. It’s a spread that tastes delicious and has so many different flavours. Birthday cake, white chocolate hazelnut, cookie dough, pumpkin pie. etc.

Flourless Banana Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies

This recipes has been floating around on the internet and it’s pretty damn good if you like bananas and just a simple recipe for cookies! All this recipe calls for is bananas, oatmeal, chocolate chips and some honey if you need more sweetness. You can add whatever amount you want just make sure you make a cookie consistency with the oats and make it not too watery from the bananas. There are recipes all over the web, so just check baking temperature!

PB+ Honey On Toast

Natural organic crunchy PB is the way to go. Get rid of the fake Kraft stuff. Again, check the ingredients, the Kraft stuff has way more than just peanuts in it! Sugar is included!… The natural one just says peanuts! So clean! Top it with some honey on your favourite bread. YUM! I’m not going to preach about what breads you should eat because again everything comes down to moderation and portion sizes! A slice of yummy bread won’t kill you!


Nuts are great to have, but just be mindful! Just a handful can add up to your fat intake for the day. I love unsalted almonds. Great to add into yogurt, oats, blended in your shakes. etc.

PROYO- Protein Frozen Yogurt

This is my take on frozen yogurt, but with a twist! This is THE perfect snack when you’re craving all the sweets in the world.

All you need is plain Greek yogurt, protein powder, and whatever toppings you like! First mix however much of yogurt into a container or bowl, add in some protein powder of your choice, I don’t add in a whole scoop, I just like a subtle flavour. Mix it good! It will get a bit thicker due to the protein powder, but that’s ok. Put it into the freezer for about an hour. Once you take it out it has the consistency of frozen yogurt! Last but not least you top it with yummy stuff like PB, fruit, frozen blueberries, maybe smash up some cereal for a nice crunch! BAM, there ya go, a lovely night snack. 🙂

Cottage Cheese

I’ll be honest, cottage cheese isn’t my thing. I can’t eat it on it’s own. Cottage cheese has a ton of protein in it! I sometimes mix it with yogurt and fruit. I also blend it into my shakes for extra protein. I did make this one recipe that was really good and it tasted like a cream cheese dessert! Blend cottage cheese on its own and put it in the freezer until it gets thicker, once you take it out top it with some yummy things and there you go; you have a cheesecake snack!

Smart Sweets

These are AMAZING and guess what? It’s sweetened with stevia and there is only 3 grams of sugar for the whole package! It’s a great snack to have and it tastes exactly like the candy you would normally eat. They have normal gummy bears, sour gummy bears, sweet fish, and peach rings!


Simple, but easy snack to enjoy and get down! Plain greek yogurt is my go to! Always check nutritional facts and ingredients! Some are loaded with sugar! Top it with fruit, honey, stevia, healthier granola, protein powder,etc. There are lots of options to keep you satisfied!


I will forever preach about how oatmeal is so good for you, cheap to buy, verstille, and delicious! Oatmeal is not only good for a breakfast, but it makes for a great snack! Check out some recipes for an idea! (5 Overnight Oat Recipes).

Dark Chocolate

Yum! What’s not to love? It’s rich, very satisfying, easy to grab and go, and it’s chocolate! Dark chocolate isn’t all that bad for you! 70% or higher is even better, it contains antioxidants, fibre, potassium, calcium and more!

Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seeds are filling and it’s a fun snack to add into your oats, protein shakes, and even make your own pudding! I love adding some coconut milk and chia seeds and let it sit overnight. It gets thick and the seeds turn into a jelly like texture. Top it with some fruit like mango and you have a coconut mango pudding! YUM!

Avocado Toast

I’ve been loving avocado lately! Like obsessed! No wonder restaurants have it everywhere, because it’s freakkin delicious! Add some lime juice, salt and pepper and wow it’s a whole new world!

Daryl’s Granola Protein Bar

This is one of my favourite go-to protein bars! It’s nutritional facts are great and it tastes amazing! With most protein bars you have that taffy texture, which I HATE, but with this bar it’s more of an oat bar. They do sell the regular ones as well, so just make sure it says granola on it! Here are the nutritional facts for the chocolate PB one. 1 bar is 277 calories, 9g fat, 29g carbs, 9g sugar, and 19g of protein! All the ingredients are clean!

Beef Jerky

Jamie really likes beef jerky and I can see why. One serving size is only 80 calories with 11 grams of protein, 6g carb, and one 1g of fat! The ingredients are super clean and it’s a great protein packed snack to munch on while you’re on the go!

Rice Cakes

Rice cakes look very boring however if you top a plain one with PB and a small amount of jam, it’s a great snack. It also tastes great with coffee!


These are delicious and again the nutritional facts are pretty damn good. They have different flavours and it’s a great grab and go snack if you’re on a road trip!

BCAA Popsicle

BCAA’s is a powder you mix with water and drink it during your workout to help reduce fatigue and muscle recovery. Every brand has so many different flavours to choose from. Find a good tray, mix it normally and freeze it! Makes it a great summer treat without all the unwanted sugar.

Crispy Minis Rice Chips

I’ve been loving chips lately can’t you tell… 😉 These are also a great alternative to the regular chips. The ingredient list is small and it’s stuff you can actually read and the macros are hella good!

As you can see with my list, there are a ton of options to choose from and you can even use your imagination to create something healthy on your own or just play around more with cleaner food options. There is ALWAYS a way to make things taste better.

Food should be enjoyable to eat and being healthy should also be important to you. Swapping things for better options is great; there are a tons of stuff to keep you and your belly satisfied!

On the other hand, we should be eating everything in moderation. Don’t stress about food or feel guilty about eating something unhealthy. I do love my treats! Enjoy life, but find balance in it! Having balance will help you have a better relationship with food and overall happiness!

What snacks do you enjoy? 🙂