25 Things Only Fitness Guru’s Will Understand

Hey guys! Welcome to another blog post! I wanted to do something different, fun and spontaneous this time that relates to our daily lives; which is dedicated to fitness! Duh! Some may relate to you and some may not, but read to find out just how alike we are. 😉

Peeing Like You’re Pregnant

I haven’t experienced pregnancy yet, but everyone mentions how they pee a lot when they are pregnant. The same goes when you’re trying to get a decent amount of water in for the day and you feel like you’re literally on the toilet 24/7. Anyone else have a small bladder? Because going on road trips is pretty stressful for me because I get thirty but I literally have to be careful with how much water I’m consuming, bathrooms are not everywhere on the road! lol

Dare You To Open Up That Shaker Cup…

Smelly shaker cups are the WORST!! Can anyone else agree? Nothing is worse than finding a shaker cup you had protein in and realizing it’s been sitting there for a couple of days. I literally have to plug my nose. Protein does not smell nice after awhile… Always, always, always make sure to bring it to the sink when you’re done using it.

We Take Our Treats Very Seriously

OMG, little do people know that us fitness peeps take our treats and “off plan” meals very seriously. I’m talking about us researching the foods and snacks we want weeks in advance. We look at restaurants menus and talk about it non-stop until that day comes (hallelujah!)

I’m saying this because I always hear comments towards myself with non-understanding relatives or random people that think they know us but they don’t. I hear comments like “of course you wouldn’t eat this” “right, I forgot you don’t eat this kind of stuff.” The list goes on and on. People say these things when they offer me junk food and I polity decline the offer. Then they come back to me with a smart a$$ comment. As if I don’t treat myself HA!

For us fitness people we do have good self-control when it comes to treats! We love to have the perfect treat and know it has to be the best out of the best. It needs to be 100% worth it.

98% Of Laundry Is Dedicated To Gym Wear

Our closets are packed with gym wear and our laundry basket is too! When it’s time to do our weekend laundry I noticed how most of it is gym wear from myself and Jamie. Most of the time when you’re looking for that one top or pant, it’s most liking already in the laundry basket! It piles up quickly.

Taking Off That Sweaty Outfit

Guys gym wear is so loose and it looks really easy take off. However, this is very different and much more difficult when it comes to our gym wear. Taking off a sweaty sports bra or heck, even a fitted sweater is the most challenging thing I have to go through on a daily basis. Moving my head and arms all weirdly trying to take something off must be such a funny thing to watch if someone caught me in the moment of that struggle.

Bun Life… (Dry Shampoo Anyone?)

When we (I) go to the gym 4-5 times a week I don’t have time to wash my hair every single time, so I spend most of my daily life with my hair in a bun. It looks cute and no one can see the thick messy lion hair that way, so it’s a win-win! Plus, you’re not supposed to wash your hair too often from every hair dresser I’ve talked to.

Re-Thinking Your Workout Based on Your Armpits

Anyone else forget to shave and you end up lifting your arms for shoulder press or something and notice some unwanted hair… Ya… now it’s time to be stealthy and maybe make a few changes in that workout routine. Or at least making sure no one is that close to you during an exercise.

IG Making Us Act A Fool (Up In Here, Up In Here) <-DMX Reference

The best thing about following people on Instagram that motivate you is saving their workout for your next gym session. While most of them work out great, some workouts have just gone terribly wrong and make me look like a complete weirdo. Anyone else experience this? Some workouts are so different and you just cannot get that proper form down because it’s so awkward and hard to tell from your little phone screen.

Hitting That PR & Feeling Unstoppable

Going up in weight and performing the exercise with the right form is the best feeling in the world. We all deserve to be happy and making progress is such a huge success, no matter the weight. I’ve always been petite and weighing 118-120lb, when I squatted 135lb I was so proud of myself. Squatting and having weight on your shoulders/upper back is not easy! I have some men always starring at what I’m lifting while they lift less than me. Feeling strong is an amazing feeling! #alwaysbeproud

The Fear Of Falling On The Stair Master

I love doing my cardio on the stair master, but I have a little voice in the back of my heading reminding me to look down most of the workout to make sure I’m making it on each step I take! I do HIIT cardio on that, so being focused is so important. No one wants to fall off the stair master and end up a gym fail meme!

Hoping On The Cardio Machine Right Next To You

Nothing bothers me more than having the whole row of stair masters free but someone decides to hop on one right next to me. They are all free, so why go right beside me!?!!?!? HUH!? Why do people do this!?! I’m heavily breathing, sweating and trying to focus on my cardio, now I have to focus on my workout and make sure I’m not a sweaty pig right next to you. Slowing down my breathing so I don’t seem like I’m dying. #thanksforbeingana$$hole

Trying To Find That Perfect “Pump” Song For Your Set

How many times have you pressed skip hoping the next song will be fire? Finding the right song for the right workout is how you get through the pain of the exercise. As much as I love my girly songs, when I hear a good old school rap song or some banger EDM it makes me want to lift that sh*t even harder. Something inside just lights me up and makes me hulk.

Love/Hate Relationship With Spotify

While they songs are endless it’s hard to find a good playlist where you end up loving the whole thing. I love edm but finding the right edm playlist is challenging and pretty annoying at times. I know you can save songs and make your own playlist, which I do, sometimes I just want to explore more, but you find yourself skipping songs aimlessly.

Recording Fail / Finding That Right Lighting

So many of us record our workouts on Youtube, little snippets for IG, or like myself, filming snippets of workouts for my blog. Nothing is more annoying than forgetting to press record or filming a whole workout, only to see how crap the lighting is in the gym. Our gym is great, but the lighting is hot trash. While I still love putting my workouts out there because people just want to see the workouts and don’t care too much on the quality, I still get frustrated that the lighting can’t just be consistent.

Going To Bed Like You Were An 80 Year Old

When you workout extremely hard, work hard at your job and get errands and stuff done for your family at the end of the day you’re exhausted. Bed is #1 in your eyes and that’s totally fine! Rest is important to your body and it’s how you grow and repair your muscles.

Squat Proof Test

Nothing is as exciting as some new gym attire. Am I right? Or am I right? 😉 When buying leggings for us females, I feel like it’s mandatory for us to do the squat proof test before we can even buy them. Or we have separate leggings for our leg days.

Trying To Take A Selfie Without People Starring At You

You don’t want to always seem full of yourself so trying to take that “perfect IG worthy” shot can take a couple tries because we have to make sure we don’t have a full house of people starring at us while we do it.

The Never-Ending Cleaning Of Dishes

From a backpack filled with containers every single day or when you work from home and the dishes just keep on stacking up like a stack of pancakes, except it’s not delicious and enjoyable. Jamie and I both work from home and I feel like I’m constantly turning the dishwasher on or I’m hand washing. It just never ends…

The Fear Of Hitting The Bottom Of A Supplement Container

One of the worst feelings out there is knowing your low on your protein powder or any supplement. Hitting that rock bottom hurts, oh it hurts so bad! BUT, this is why you order or go pick up stuff before you even feel that hurt. Always be prepared and stock up!

The Struggle Of Buying Clothes

OMG, I found the cutest pair of jeans! I tried them on and they wouldn’t even go up my butt! #firstworldproblems Who has been in this situation? Most likely everyone!

Most bodybuilders have their bulking and cutting clothes. Our bodies change drastically when we’re trying to gain muscle and when we want to cut down a bit.

I asked people on my IG what they’re looking for when it comes to their gym clothes because I’m launching my own gym wear in 2021!! EEK! Most women had mentioned that their bigger chest doesn’t fit great in a bra, crop top etc. It’s my goal to try and make people happy when it comes to my clothing, but you can never make everyone happy. When it comes to certain sizing , whether that’s your hips, boobs, butt etc there will never be that “perfect size.”

I’ve learned this lesson many times. I’m a weird size. Most problems I have is one size fits my butt nicely but the waist is too big, or it’s tight around my butt but it fits perfect around my waist. Same goes with certain sports bras and crop tops. I have a wide back so finding something that is perfect for my chest, back and that fits nicely around my stomach and waist can be a challenge. We just have to understand that it’s a common struggle and that if we like the top, pants etc we just need to take that extra step and go get it hemmed.

I used to be really skinny and everything fit just great and now that I workout 5-6 times a week and love lifting weights, I’m curvy, have a bigger butt, small waist, and wider back. It sucks in the moment but take in the beauty that you worked so hard for.

The Mark Of Hard Work (Calluses)

Do you know the sign when you’re putting in that hard work? When you start to see calluses on your hands!! Us fitness guru’s love seeing our little marks of that grind we put in!

Veins Popping

AYYEE!! Nothing excites us more than seeing some veins starting to pop! It’s a sign of hard work pumping through our veins. That pump is everything.

We Love Fitness Related Gifts

Ok, not the cheesy kind like a simple water bottle or a towel. We love when we get supplements, gift cards to our favourite active wear store, shoes or even grocery gift cards! We just love it all and appreciate everything, because fitness related things can be expensive and this all helps us out. 🙂

Do It For The Protein

Do it for the protein? Ya, this might just be me but I honestly hate chicken breasts and guess what? I still eat it! Why? Because the protein intake is just toooo good. To make it better I do enjoy shredded crockpot chicken, but it’s still not my favourite protein. Anyone else eat something they just hate? haha!

The Never Ending Fitness Chats

Fitness is a huge part of my life and it is the same for my friends. So whenever Jamie and I get together with our friends we end up chatting a lot about fitness. Funny things, things that bother us at the gym, our workouts, nutrition etc.

I love gym conversations because it gets me motivated, pumped and it’s fun talking about our struggles and hearing other peoples thoughts on certain things, and how they train.

I hope you enjoyed this read. I had a blast of putting this post together. 🙂

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