7 Ways To Stay Healthy At The Office

Most people are surrounded by junk food, alcoholic beverages, client lunches and dinners on a regular basis at their jobs; especially people who work in offices. Who knew being at work could make you gain weight. This is why we all need to take a second to figure out a plan to be a little bit more mindful of what we are putting into our bodies.

I totally get it, sometimes it’s hard to say no. I used to be a medical receptionist and we would have patients and medical reps bring in goodies ALL the time! When you’re sitting all day long you get more cravings and it’s easier to say yes to the snacks. It’s like when your at home and being lazy for the day so you lounge around in bed; in joggers and a long shirt, I feel like you crave everything in sight!

My husband works in the advertising world and they have beer carts and other boozy drinks every Friday at 4pm, client lunches, and every Wednesday they would cater in bagels, croissants, and muffins for breakfast, or when they worked through their lunch hour the work would pay for lunch, which was whatever you wanted. This is all crazy right? I mean it sounds amazing in the beginning, but all of this stuff will lead to not having a healthy lifestyle.

Maybe you workout and live this lifestyle with your current job and you’re wondering why aren’t you seeing changes. This all could be why! I’m going to show you how you can make small changes to still enjoy what your work has to offer, but still be mindful and caring to your health.

1. Move Your Body

When having an office job your body gets stuck in all these weird positions, which might be why your RMT says your tight! Most workplaces are chill and a lot of people step out for a smoke, so use your small breaks to step out for a bit here and there. I used to get cheques and I would step out and walk to the bank or I would walk to the market to grab some stuff for dinner. If you’re around an area that has small shops and you already need to do errands after work, instead see what you can grab by walking around for 15-20 mins or so.

If you don’t have a ton of stuff around you, walk around the office or just step outside for some fresh air. A lot of people think standing desk are the answer; HOWEVER, just because you’re standing doesn’t mean it’s better. Be mindful of slouching and bad posture!

2. Meal Prep

This one comes up often in my blog posts because it’s so true. If you don’t meal prep; what exactly are you eating throughout your day? Packing your meals allows you to stay full during the day; which will help you from eating all the goodies around the office. Have you looked over my protein shake recipes? Make sure you get around to it because it will keep you satisfied for more than a couple hours! They are packed with protein, carbs and some fats.

Allow yourself to get up half hour earlier to prep some meals for your day, or do it the day before. It’s really worth it. When someone at work asks you to go for lunch you can say you brought your lunch. You can still go and socialize, but by bringing your own food you will reach your health goals much quicker (and save some cash!)

3. Learn To Say No

Friends or family members hand you a treat to try and you take it when you don’t really want it, but you eat or drink it anyway because you don’t want to offend them. This can happen at work too! You will always have the food and drink pushers, but learning to say no will be the best thing you can teach yourself.

For some reason when people are drinking and they see that you aren’t they seem to ask why and give you a weird look, especially in the advertising world… Life shouldn’t revolve around drinking, so don’t take it personally. Some people prioritize things way differently and that’s ok. Focus on you and your own goals. Do you, girl!

4. Practice Self-Control

Unlike saying no, if you really do want to drink or have some snacks that are around the office consider strengthening your willpower! There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a drink at work with some co-workers, or even going out for lunch, but in order to reach your fitness goals you need to be mindful of how much you’re eating and drinking that’s not that good for you. Instead of having 3 glasses of wine, maybe enjoy one, same goes with food that’s at the office; instead of having a handful of gummy worms every single day learn to enjoy it as a treat once a week.

I’ve worked hard on my willpower and a box of cookies or donuts could be in front of me and I won’t even touch it. For me, I can’t have junk food all the time, or I’ll get sick of it. Enjoying it to the fullest is what I enjoy, it’s more of a treat than an every day routine.

If you do need a little boost to work on your self-control, read “WillPower 101”. It’s such a big accomplishment by having your willpower down. Never say never, you can do anything you put your mind to! I hear a lot of females say stuff like this “all I do is eat junk during COVID-19″, ” OH, I can’t lose weight”, “I can’t stop eating”. With the words you speak and think, it’s obviously going to affect you in the long run. We need to learn to be more POSITIVE with our words and how we speak to ourselves, start by thinking and knowing that you CAN have the willpower your body deserves, you just need to work on it and that’s ok, but by plugging in words like that won’t motivate you at all. Need more motivation? Please read “How To Keep Yourself Motivated”.

5. Learn To Make Healthier Choices

By making some changes you’ll be able to enjoy yourself; but also keep your goals in place. When there is booze at work or at an event; learning to swap out beer for something healthier like vodka soda is the way to go! You won’t feel left out and you won’t be hurting your goals.

As for food, if you know you’re getting dinner with a client don’t snack on all the appetizers before hand. Keep your “treat meal” for dinner. Munching on appetizers really adds up quickly! Try to keep your dinner simple and there is nothing wrong with making some changes to your meal, never feel awkward telling your waiter or waitress what nutritional needs you have. Something to keep in mind, ask for salad dressing on the side, get things grilled instead of fried, or ask for something off menu like a simple chicken breast, sweet potatoes and veggies. These days a lot of people tend to go for a salads because they think it’s really healthy, however these 7 toppings could be harming your results! Check out “Items That Can Destroy Your “Healthy Salads” to see what I mean.

6. Think About Your Bank Account Too

When having access to Starbucks downstairs it’s easy to go there everyday for a coffee and breakfast sandwich. Not only does it add up unwanted calories, but it’s also hurting your bank account. When Jamie and I were saving to travel we stopped buying stuff like coffee. It’s always the small things that add up quickly! This is why meal prepping is crucial!

7. Don’t Let The Weekend Become Your Weak End

People have this mindset stuck in their heads that just because it’s Friday they need to drink and eat all the crap food, especially at an agency office. I hear my husbands stories all the time about people letting loose every single Friday. People will be “healthy” Monday-Thursday, but once Friday rolls around they throw out all their hard work. What you do on the weekend counts! So if you’re not seeing results, this may be why. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself once a week. I state having a treat meal once a week in order to have some balance in your life. It’s called a treat meal, not a treat weekend or a treat day. Enjoy yourself, but don’t go overboard.