9 Ways To Execute Self-Care While Travelling

Put yourself at the top of your to-do list every single day and the rest will fall into place.

You’re most likely thinking, “well isn’t travelling a form of self-care?” Well yes, it can be! However, travelling is busy, tiring, and let’s face it, you’re pumped and just want to go,go,go! Self-care sometimes ends up on the back burner because you’re too excited seeing a new place. Sometimes we need to take a step back and focus on ourselves instead of the sights. I’ve come up with some simple things to add into your routine. At times we need to learn to go easy, take care of yourself, and your mind.

1. Relax and do absolutely nothing

Take the day or even a couple hours to unwind and do nothing! If there’s a pool insight, lounge around or in the pool, with a beverage in hand, and jam out to some music or have long chats with your travelling partner. Or be there in silence and read. Whatever it may be, just take the day to chill!
Full day on the go can actually make you grumpy at times, so have a break from the busyness.

2. Put your phone down

Everyone has their phones on them all the time! When travelling we’re constantly uploading stuff to social media to show off where we have been. Maybe take a couple hours or even a day to leave your phone behind. Travel in the moment and take it all in! You can upload stuff to social later. Travel with just your camera instead, that way you can focus on being in the moment, but also capturing memories. Sometimes it can get overwhelming between capturing beautiful photos to uploading on social media with that right quote..

3. Talking to friends and family

As fun as travel can be, sometimes you just miss home and connecting with those you love. Give your friends and family a call or facetime them. It’s always nice to hear what they have to say about your adventure and see what they’re up to. Connecting with loved ones really is one of the best forms of self-care!

4. Sleep it off

Getting in the normal 8-9 hours of sleep is one of the best ways to take care of yourself! Your brain knows when you’re travelling! I used to get up early all the time, it was easy peasy. Sometimes getting up at the crack of dawn for an activity or sometimes just lounging around. It’s very peaceful waking up early before everyone else however, getting some more sleep isn’t that bad either!

5. Zen it out

Ahh, my favorite way of having self-care in my routine! Go to a spa, get a massage, facial, meditate, or whatever makes you feel at peace.

6. Slow it down

Instead of always being rushed to get out the door. Sleep in a bit, start your day off right with a big delicious breakfast, then head out for the day! Why does travelling always need to be crazy busy and at a fast pace? Take it slow! It will definitely balance out those busy days!

7. Unwind at a bar

Going out for a lovely dinner with some great music and drinks is what you sometimes need to just let loose, forget about how busy you are and just take it all in! 🙂

8. Keep your healthy lifestyle in check

A healthy, balanced diet is what’s good for you and your mind! Just because you’re travelling doesn’t mean you should give up your hard work! Go workout, go for a run etc. Don’t forget to eat your fruits, veggies, and drink lots of water! If you want to see how I incorporate my healthy lifestyle on the road, you should read “My Guide To Staying Fit While Travelling” I have lots of tips and tricks for you learn! I have added some of my favorite boozy go-to drinks. You can be healthy, but also live your life, hence my name, “Bubbles and Barbells” 🥂 CHEERS!

9. Indulge a little

Whether you want to have a very nice dinner, or spend the day shopping and checking out the local markets. Treat yo’self girl! You deserve it and it’s taking care of yourself. 😉

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