A Rave Fairy’s Guide to your First Musical Festival

Hot sun, greasy delicious food trucks, amazing costumes, friendly people, dancing from dusk until dawn. Experiencing an international rave once in your lifetime is needed! Get loose, forget about all your worries, and meet new people! Any rave is fine, but leaving your city makes it an adventure!

I thought I’d mix some rave travel tips with trying to stay on track with your fitness goals!

I experienced 3 different raves, with different rules for each. EDC Chicago was my first experience, and they had camping, which was amazing! We were able to park our car right beside our tents. It was really helpful and great for using your car plugs to do your hair, use the mirror, or store stuff safely. TomorrowWorld had camping as well, however we weren’t able to park our car close to us. Our car was at least a half hour walk from the camp grounds. And EDC Orlando had no camping, so Jamie and I got a hotel. Every rave is different, which means you will need to pack different things.

If you’re heading to your first music festival then keep reading for lots of tips and tricks to ensure you have an incredible time!

Check Out The Map and Organize an Artist Schedule

Before even leaving for the music festival they would have announced all the artists and time they will be on stage and exactly what stage they will be on. Get familiar with the map, because trust me, the grounds are huge! Plus, add crowds on top of that and you can have a disaster by missing your favorite DJ’s set! At some point you will most likely experience this when you have 2 of your fav djs back to back at different stages, so you will have to choose! Try to figure out who you want to see before you head to the festival. At least have an idea. It does make things a bit easier. If you’re also with a group of people you may have to separate or figure out the plan together.

Have A Meeting Spot If You’re In A Larger Group

With the raves that I’ve experienced we weren’t able to choose where our tent goes, so if you meet people there, or if your friends are there try to always have a plan on where to meet. The grounds are large enough to lose people and if you’re tipsy it can be even harder to find your group. Especially when going to the bathroom. So let that person know where to meet you or where to stand while you do your business.

Portable Chargers Are Life

You end up using your phone a lot due to all the videos and social media stuff, so just make sure your phone is always charged. If you use it for reaching other people at the festival it may be important for you to have a full charge.

Wet Wipes Are A Lifesaver

With my experience, the shower line up no matter what time you went was more than an hour wait, or longer… I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time for that… EDC Chicago I waited to shower and it wasn’t that bad, but TomorrowWorld was insane! Wet wipes work and keep you clean and not stinky!

Ladies Use The Men’s Side Of The Bathroom

I feel like people used to compare female bathrooms to the mens, and Jamie and I used to argue about which bathrooms were messier; BUT….I can finally agree that females are messy and gross AF! Depending how the bathrooms are at the festival, usually porta potties, I recommend going to the men’s side. I say this because I saw blood and tampons all over the porta potties on our side. I went to the men’s side and it was clean! People will usually get messier the later it gets, so just don’t use female side! ON THAT NOTE, BRING YOUR OWN TP just in case! Squatting in the grass is better than being inside those or just incase the bathroom is out, or the tp is wet because it fell on the floor.

Never Leave Important Things In Your Tent

Everyone takes some sort of valuables to a rave, such as camera gear, phones, etc. Just make sure not to leave anything you love in the tent when you’re not around. Hopefully everyone attending the festival is there to enjoy themselves , but you honesty never know. You could buy a lock for your tent, that way people won’t want to cut the tent to get in, but sometimes that makes you stand out with a sign saying “valuable stuff inside!” I would recommend leaving your valuables in the trunk of your car, if you can’t bring them around with you.

Always Bring A Poncho

We got drenched at EDC Chicago and it was cold, so it wasn’t fun being soaked when the weather was shit. These come in handy!

Bring A BackPack Or Fanny Pack 😉

The last thing you want is to fill your pockets with your phone, money, etc. if you even have pockets! You will be jumping and dancing everywhere, so bring a backpack! We had one that we could fill up with water too! You don’t always want to carry your phone on you while you’re jumping and you have a drink in your hand, so having some sort of small bag helps with being comfortable.

Take Multiple Bank Cards

This is always great idea and Jamie and I learned this while we were traveling for 4 months. This is just to protect you and make sure you have access to your money at all times. Being in a different country your bank could freeze your account. Or you could lose it. Anything could happen, so just be prepared!

Buy A Camera And Phone Strap

Most people at festivals end up holding their camera and phones in the air, to record videos and take pictures. However, it someone jumps into you and you drop it.. Lets just say bad news. The strap would definitely come in handy! Keep your stuff safe! People will be jumping around everywhere!

Bring Extra Shoes

This depends on how much you want to pack. When it rains at festivals it gets really muddy, so by bringing an extra pair of shoes can go a long way in that case!

Bring Fun Costumes

Part of why I love raves so much is the atmosphere. The costumes make it complete! Have fun with your outfits for that weekend! Yandy or Pretty Little Thing have some fun costumes that won’t break your bank.

Stay Hydrated

The summer heat, flowing booze and dancing non-stop, dehydration can be a big health risk at music festivals. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. The festivals usually have a water filling station.

Replenish Your Electrolytes.

You should also want to replenish your minerals your body will be losing. If you’re drinking lots of alcohol, it’s best to keep your body hydrated. WATER IS KEY!

Stick With One Beverage

Try as best as you can to stick to the same drink all night. Mixing alcohol can really make you feel like total shit the next day. Keep it simple, If you’re a fitness freak like me, stick to something “healthier” like vodka water, vodka soda. You will be drinking more than normal, so try to keep up with eating healthy foods during the day. Try to have lots of water in between your boozy drinks.

Pack Food

Before you head to the festival grounds make sure you make a trip to Wal-Mart or any store to pick up supplies and food! At EDC Chicago we lived off of PB and jelly sandwiches… I suggest bringing a small grill to make burgers, eggs, bacon, etc. Try to pick up some healthy foods and snacks as well. You’re already drinking a lot, so try to feed your body healthy foods.

Pack SPF

As we know the outfits here are definitely not full- coverage, so don’t forget sunscreen! Make sure to apply often! The sun can be intense on your skin, since the stages are open and have 0 shade.

Take A Break

You don’t need to go ham every single day of every hour. Take a break, bring fold up chairs and relax, chat and have a snack with friends! Make sure to get a good night rest and try to take a nap during the day, especially if you know it will be a late night.

Hotel Workout

If you’re at a festival where there’s no camping and your hotel has a gym or if it doesn’t, at least try to get in a workout either way. It’s not only good for your body, but your mind and soul. You will feel so ready to pump it up later at the festival. After a workout we all feel so good and energized!

Enjoy Every Moment

Yes, you will most likely be eating like garbage and obviously drinking all weekend. Cut yourself some slack, have fun, enjoy every moment. Raves are usually just a weekend, so you can get back to your normal healthy routine next week

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