Best Apps For Any Type Of Travel

I remember the only way of getting information, or even chatting with friends online was me walking to the library to login onto the computer that you had to pay for or with a library card. Now, we literally have everything at our fingertips! 

​There is one thing we all have in common: the smartphone.

I will be listing some apps we have used and some apps I wish we used. I won’t be listing apps like IG or Facebook, since those are common sense. 😉

Google Maps

Google Maps is probably one of our most frequently used apps on the road. Heck, we even used it back home. It doesn’t just help give you the route to your destination, but it can save your location. Example, being in SEA, there are scooters EVERYWHERE, to the point they all look the same, so when going to a touristy spot and parking our scooter, it got difficult at times. We figured a way to save our location (coordinates) that way we could find our scooter after we had left it for hours.

Camper Mate

​This app is for New Zealand and Australia only. It’s how we found all of our campsites in NZ. This is a lifesaver. You can find campsites that are suitable for your needs. Paid, free, or some had deals going on. It had pictures of the campsites, information such as the amenities, location and even reviews. They supplied contact information and the address, so it took you right to Google Maps. You can download this on wifi, so you have everything you need when you’re not connected.

Google Translate

​On more than one occasion this app has saved our lives when we just couldn’t communicate with someone who didn’t speak English. This app is just amazing, we had full out conversations with our cab driver and our host. It’s honestly so helpful. 

I would recommend downloading your needed language while on Wifi or before your trip so that you still have access to the software during your trip regardless of whether or not your phone is connected. You can also hold your phone up to words that are non-English and it should be able to read it and translate it for you, it’s not 100%, but it works!

Priority Pass

​If you’re a Priority Pass member, then this app will be your best friend. The Priority Pass app easily helps you find airport lounges all over the world that will accept the Priority Pass card. I really love that it features a specific list of amenities offered in each lounge, so you can compare them before you go to one. Each lounge description also features detailed instructions of how to get to each one as they can sometimes be hidden amongst the airport chaos. Highly recommend getting this pass if you travel often!


3 apps for transportation that we’ve used. Unfortunately Uber isn’t yet available in every single destination around the world.They didn’t have it in SEA, which is when the Grab app comes in handy. Go-Jek is motorbike taxi that works in Indonesia. Perfect if you want to save money and just ride at the back of someone’s bike. They even supply helmets, so don’t you worry!


This app reminds me of BBM (BlackBerry Messenger). I downloaded this awhile back, but ended up deleting it, but since travelling it really comes in handy! Literally EVERYONE and their mom uses this app. Restaurants have Whatsapp, so you can just text them and ask if there’re open, our tour guides, Airbnb hosts used this, massage parlours, and EVEN doctors and hospitals use this app. We have spoken to doctors and have made appointments using this.


This is a good app for myself, travelling full-time can be challenging with all the different time zones. This app allows you enter 5 different locations, so you can see the times all around the world! Came in handy when I first start travelling, since it was a way for me to figure out my birth control times. Also, just a nice way to see the time back home, so I can contact family and friends.


These are the basics if you don’t have a computer near you, and need to book flights, hotels, or rental cars. Skyscanner and Hotwire are the apps/websites we used the most. They have amazing cheap deals where we find our flights. You can also check out Momondo, and Kiwi.

 Read carefully, as cheap flights can also mean a big price in baggage fees! **

Currency Converter

This app allows you to change your currency based on your destination. Very helpful if you’re not familiar with different currencies. There are multiple apps for this one, it doesn’t matter which one you choose.


Hotel Tonight is a great app if you’re in a pinch and need to book something asap, it’s basically for those last minute Larry’s. 😉

Home Away is another option if you cant’t find what you’re looking for on Airbnb.

Couch surfing is great if you want to save some $$ . People opening their homes to other like-minded travellers, it’s just a way for them to meet other people. Sometimes you even get a private room with a bathroom!

Everyone knows about Airbnb! It’s nice to have more than one option to book accommodations. We usually have more than one tab open, so we can compare prices and extra stuff we want.

City Mapper

CityMapper helps travellers find the speediest route to their destination, providing the fastest routes and step-by-step instructions on where to find the nearest bus and train stations. It also has real-time routing, which means you’ll get updates every minute. 

All Trails

​If you’re looking to get outdoors, this app will provide you with an array of the top trails for hiking, biking and running.

Gas Buddy

​GasBuddy tracks down where you’ll find the cheapest gas prices, allowing you to filter by price, location, brand and amenities at each location. 

Flush Toilet Finder

​Trying to locate a public restroom can be tricky, especially in a new destination. That’s where Flush Toilet Finder comes in, providing you with the nearest toilets by your location. You can use the search without being connected to wifi.


Another good app for the road, Waze gives you community-based data on traffic jams and information so that you can find points of interest. We use this app back home, very helpful!

Eat With

​This app I wish we were able to use. It sounds so interesting. The app lets you make reservations for culinary events around the world, hosted by locals. The experiences vary, but often involve dinners, tasting menus, market tours, and wine tastings, among other things. Great way to meet new people. Have dinner at a local’s house with some other travellers. Sounds like a perfect way to end the evening.

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