Best Gift Ideas For Fellow Travellers

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Are you looking for that perfect gift for that special traveller in your life? These products are fantastic for all the wanderlusters out there!

Having done a vacation every year, to now experienced travelling full-time, we know what it is to pack lighter and try to keep things in our bag to a minimum.

Anker Power Charger

Every single one of us use our phones, cameras and some other portable gadgets. It sucks running out of battery when you’re trying to get photos. This device charges your gadgets and the neat thing is that it’s very small and easy to store. View on Amazon.

Eye Mask
There’s nothing I hate more than going onto an overnight flight and having them serve dinner at 1am! These eye masks block out all the light! It’s perfect. Also, very comfortable and soft. 🙂  View on Amazon.

Packing Cubes
These are EVERYTHING! The best way to keep your luggage organized. They come in different sizes, from something to store socks and undies to much bigger cubes for pants and sweaters. They weigh almost nothing and can hold a lot of clothing! View on Amazon.

TIP: Make sure you roll your clothing. Saves you a ton of space. Trust me!

Passport Holder
I actually got mine as a gift from my mother-in-law. 🙂 I’m not sure where she got it from, but there are so many different styles. It sure comes in handy though and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. You can also use it to hold credit cards, airline boarding passes, and extra cash, I can also store my phone inside. Keep your passport looking new, so you don’t have any trouble at customs & immigration due to worn-out travel documents! View on Amazon.

Universal Travel Adapter
In order to use your electronics in foreign countries, you’re going to need a great international travel adapter plug for different sockets. Jamie got ours from Winners, but Amazon has a ton! View here.

​LifeStraw Filtered Water Bottle

This is very important and it’s a must have, especially for any international travel. This product will help you from getting sick. It cleans up 99% of waterborne parasites and all the bacteria in the water from all over the country! View on Amazon

​We just got the straw that filters water, it doesn’t come with the bottle. Good to use to drink out of the water if you are in the middle of nowhere. View on Amazon.

Toiletry Bag / Makeup Organizer
These are amazing! I had one, but it was worn out. Such a great way to organize your makeup and hair stuff. So many different shapes and sizes to choose from. View on Amazon.

Travel Journal

​Push Pin World Map

This great gift is a fun memento to bring back all your travel memories and the places that you’ve travelled to.
View on Amazon.

​Tide Travel Sink Packets
These come in handy if you booked a place that doesn’t have laundry and you don’t feel like waiting at a laundry mat all day. Takes up 0 space in your luggage. Great stocking stuffer. View on Amazon.

​Microfibre Travel Sports Towel
No matter what place you stay at, you always have to bring a towel with you when going on an excursion. Instead of packing the clunky hotel towel, use this microfibre travel towel.

It’s good for long multi-day treks or just a day at the beach. Quick dry and odour resistant makes it a plus to have in your baggage. View on Amazon.

Sarong wrap
This comes in handy if you’re travelling to South-East Asia, where you need to cover up to go into the temples. Can also be used for a beach cover-up or a fashionable scarf. 🙂 View on Amazon.

Dry Bag
If you enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, camping or other water-based activities and carry a lot of gadgets around like phones and cameras, then a heavy duty dry bag is incredibly useful for keeping your belongings safe.This dry bag is the perfect gift for travellers who love adventure and the outdoors.View on Amazon.

When on the road, you never know when you will need to open a bottle of wine. Some Airbnb’s don’t come stocked with supplies

Camera Gear
Depending on much you want to spend there are always things to buy that’s related to photography. Memory cards, Gorilla pod, lenses, etc.

Have you ever spent an endless amount of time trying to find your keys or wallet? I know I have, and it was something I didn’t want to deal with while on the road. My boss got us a set of Tiles before we left and it was one of the best travel essentials we’ve ever used. We put one in our passport wallets and the other in our large backpacks. We connected it to the app and we always knew where our valuables were! Say NO to losing stuff from now on 🙂 View on Amazon.

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