We were in Canggu for 2 weeks, I think that was a bit too long, but it should be on your list if you come to Bali; if you love food that is. 

​Canggu is really known for their food and beach bars. We didn’t check out the beach clubs due to being on a budget. I can’t justify paying for a daybed, when I can just spend that money on food!  

​Canggu does have adorable restaurants and cafes. So come here to eat your heart out. 🙂 BUT, that’s all there is to do in Canggu, so make sure you leave the area and adventure out.

Where To Stay?

We stayed at a place called Salin Hostel

​It’s right in the heart of Canggu. Perfect walking distance to everything. Very quiet hostel, no partiers. 

The hostel was around $23CAD/night. It was simple, but very clean. Our host Dany was super friendly! They even had cleaners come in and clean our room every morning! I’ve never experienced that through AirBnb. They have a kitchen and clean filtered water in the dining room area. 

​If you’re in Bali on vacation you can splurge and get a private villa with your own pool! We did keep our costs lower and got something simple. What I’ve seen is you can rent a private villa with a pool for only around $50CAD/night. There is something for everyone. You can go crazy and get a luxurious  place or you can go super cheap.

For bookings, we searched on AirBnb, Homeaway, or Agoda

Where to Eat?

Ok, my favourite subject. Let’s’ talk food!

Canggu is an emerging area that is filled with an amazing array of trendy cafes, bars, and restaurants. It’s a place to go just so you can eat your heart out.🤭
Here is a list of some places we went to, that you should put on your list if you come to Canggu.

Moana’s Fish Eatery

I have always loved Poke bowls, but here it tastes SO much better than back home. The fish is so fresh, they added ginger and pineapple chunks, which was different, but oh so flavourful, and for the sauce they had this soy sauce paste, that I feel had more flavour than just the regular soy sauce. The service was really good. This place can get really busy for dinner, so either make a reservation or have an earlier dinner.


This place was in front of our hostel. We went here for a quick bite to eat for lunch.
We ordered some dumplings and a bao burger to share. The chicken bao was the highlight of that place!

Chicken Bao Burger $3.74CAD (40,000IDR)

Great flavours, chicken was crispy and they filled the bao as much as they could, so you definitely got your money’s worth.


A little on the pricier side, we got some drinks and we tried their burgers. OMG, best spicy Korean chicken burger. Wasn’t spicy, but had the best flavours. It also came with some sort of garlic mayo with fries. Go here for burgers!

LifeCrate Cafe

Cute chic place located on one of the small busy side roads. 
Large space, and the breakfast here is amazing! Huge portions that could easily have been split between two people. The menu is pretty big, they have lots of smoothie bowl options and even protein shakes! Protein shakes from $3.74CAD

The Rollover Omelette 

$5.14CAD (55,000 IDR)

Rise & Shine

Another great breakfast spot not too far from our hostel . They had amazing options. I had a breakfast bowl that literally came with everything in it! Such a healthy breakfast.

Motion Cafe

I had to check out this place. It’s dedicated to all the health and fitness nuts out there.The whole menu looked delicious, but we had to try their protein waffles. I really enjoyed mine, but in the end Jamie and I could have split one waffle. So big and filling! You got to create your own waffle from the options that were there. Mine was, whey protein, coconut yogurt for the base, and strawberry/blueberry toppings. They sold protein shakes there and “OH EM GEE”, they were so delicious. They also had meal plan options for those wanting to stick to a diet, but it was costly. 

1 Waffle

$7.95CAD (85,000 IDR)


A Warung is just a small family owned restaurant. Where the locals usually eat. Warung’s can also be very cheap. You can get stuff for as little as  $2CADThey have places where it’s a buffet style, people say it’s good food, but my stomach is already so sensitive, I didn’t want to put myself in that situation where I’m eating food that’s just been sitting there for who knows how long. 


It’s a fancier warung and a bit more money, but this place was the best place we went for dinner! Great place for a date night. I tried the Ayam Bakar Sambal Jahe on their menu. I would recommend this dish to everyone. It’s grilled chicken marinated in coriander, glazed by ginger chilli sauce. It came with rice and small veggies. It wasn’t spicy, but had a great spice and flavour to the whole dish. The chicken was juicy, but had a nice crunch to it, it also had some burnt pieces, which in my opinion, was so good.


This is a place we went to multiple times a week/day. Very cheap, delicious, and they had big portions. The Nasi Gorang is amazing. (fried rice or noodles, your choice of meat, I had chicken and veg) I also get their chicken salad which is around $3.75CAD. The menu also offers some great cold/hot teas and smoothies. The cold green tea was refreshing.​​


This place is great for their bowls, their prices, the views, and it’s not crowded. It’s upstairs and you can either sit inside, or on the patio part. Two second walk to the beach. They have the normal smoothie bowls, but also big overnight oat bowls, that they add some yummy toppings to, such as coconut shavings, dark chocolate pieces, and lots of fruit. So filling, but really delicious. They have Ithaka in Ubud as well.

My favourite Oatmeal Bowl!

Where To Workout?

Eating all the delicious food you need to have a place to burn some of those calories off. We found a place called Victory Fitness, which was about a ten minute drive from us.They had decent stuff, but some stuff was old and rusty, but you can’t complain when the drop-in session was about $2CAD!  They sold water and made protein shakes. 

Day Trips

Since Canggu is mainly popular for the food and beach bars, we decided to take some days to get out and explore. 

​We went to a waterfall called Nung-Nung, it was about 1 hour and 20 min scooter ride. 

We went early morning, so it was pretty empty. It got busier when we left, so I highly recommend going in the morning. There is an entry fee, I believe it was around $4CAD/PPIt was a magical place, so definitely add it to your list.

We also drove about 1 hour and 15 mins to Uluwatu to check out the temple there. We walked around a bit, saw some monkeys, and kept a healthy distance from them!

We found a hidden gem called“Karang Boma Cliff.”  Put that into Google maps and it takes you there, it’s pretty close to the temple, but LESS crowded. You pay a couple cents to drive on the road, since it’s private property. We were the only ones there!

We ended up only seeing 2 other couples within an hour and half of us being there. Pretty spectacular view. You’re surrounded by the cliff, overlooking the beautiful blue water, that’s just crashing into the rocks beneath you.

We checked out the Tanah Lot temple, which was about a 20 minute scooter ride from our place. We felt like it was a scam, the temple is on top of a small cliff and the tide was low, so we were walking around it and noticed it was blocked off. A gentleman told us to come and said we can go up, he blessed us with holy water, and asked us for a donation. We were able to go up about 6 flights of stairs and that was it. Couldn’t go past the gate. I wouldn’t recommend checking it out, if you do maybe go around sunset. They have a ton of sunset bars up to overlooking the temple. 

 Don’t forget to just drive around Canggu and find places to stop and take photos. We found a beautiful rice field completely by accident. We woke up early one morning and went to a field we scouted earlier that week. There was no one there, it’s someone’s property, but we paid the guy a couple of cents to use it. He didn’t ask, but we just thought since we were in his field!

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