Coconut Fudge Cupcake Recipe

We are all human and sometimes we just want to whip up something quick and easy and enjoy what we made. Whether you have a sweet tooth at home or you’re hosting a little party, finding that fine balance is key, and at times we don’t always want to make things from scratch.

I’m obsessed with casein protein powder. It’s a slow digesting protein that tastes amazing and you know what’s more amazing about it? It literally turns into mousse when you mix it with “milk products.” The chocolate flavour tastes delicious and the amazing thing about it is that it doesn’t even taste like a healthy protein powder.

Instead of just doing a simple mousse recipe I wanted to show you how you can take a simple box cake recipe and transform it into a healthier version for those times you want less mess and effort.


Follow the instructions on the package, however I took out the 1/2 cup of oil (yikes, that’s a lot) and added 1/4 cup yogurt instead.

  • Devils food cake mix
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/4 Cup plain greek yogurt
  • 1 Cup water
Icing Ingredients:

Mix them together in a bowl and put it in the fridge to cool. FYI! You will need more protein powder for all of the cupcakes. This is what I made and the icing was enough for 2-3 cupcakes.

  • 1 scoop chocolate casein protein powder
  • 45 grams coconut milk
  • Shredded coconut for the top
  1. Take out a bowl and a stirring spoon
  2. Follow most of the instructions on the back of the box.
  3. Remove the 1/2 cup of oil from the recipe and add 1/4 cup of plain greek yogurt instead.
  4. Bake at 350 for 12-14 mins (double check on the box for the right baking time as the timing is never 100% accurate).
  5. Make the icing by combining casein protein with your choice of milk.
  6. Put the icing on-top of the cupcakes once cooled and add some shredded coconut or your choice of topping!
  7. Put away for later or enjoy a bite!

The nice thing about this protein powder is literally everything! But seriously, it stays great in the fridge once you topped the cupcakes. It firms up quite nicely and is the best macro friendly icing for any treat you can think of!


I wanted to show you how you just saved yourself some calories and fat. This macro information is if you made it step-by-step from the back of the package without swapping out the yogurt and without the added protein icing.

(Roughly per one cupcake if you make 12)

133 (dry mix)+ 17.8(egg) + 80 (veg oil) = 231 calories
Protein – 3.25g
Fat – 11.75g (fat is all from oil)
Carbs – 29.25g

Macros (Cake Mix – Healthy version)

(Roughly per one cupcake if you make 12) Macros with the icing.

133 (dry mix)+ 17.8(egg) + 33 (1/4 greek yogurt) = 183.8 calories

Protein – 15.75 g
Fat – 3.4 g
Carbs -31 g

There you have it! A simple and easy way of adding some balance into your life. As much as I love making treats from scratch, this is a great alternative for those days you want less work. They still tastes delicious and I can’t tell you enough how amazing casein protein powder is.

With the casein protein you can also add it into your oats with any type of milk (milk products only, otherwise it doesn’t get thick). Or make it on it’s own and that mousse texture will surely satisfy any sweet tooth you have.

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