Enjoy The Long-Haul Flights By Doing This..

Only 15 hours?!! ?! YAY!! Ya I said only… When having the experience of travelling for 4 months straight, you really do appreciate flights that are under 24 hours! Although we have had a couple flights that were 20 hours or longer..

Flying is tiring, it makes you feel blah, dirty, you’re squished, and you get grumpy…. Let’s be honest, if we could teleport, we would! No one loves long flights, but maybe some of these tips will help you through your next one. 😉

The clothing you wear matters

Now that I’m getting older, I already prioritize comfort over fashion. However, this one is important. I couldn’t imagine wearing jeans for 20 hours… especially knowing that the leg room you get is insanely tiny. You want breathable, loose fitting clothing. Add some layers because the flight can get cold! Nothing wrong with using your sweaters for some extra pillows. If you’re someone who wears contacts, I suggest you wear your glasses on the long flight instead. The air can get so dry, that it effects your eyes. Nothing is worse than dry eyes with contacts in them. eek! Laser eye surgery was the best thing I have done for myself, so now I don’t have to worry about this!

Consider putting your carry on above you

I’m not this person. I love having my stuff near me (Big headphones, phone, water, etc.), so I can reach below and grab my bag. I did try this more often and I really love the leg room. Having your carry on bag under the seat can take up A LOT of room; depending what kind of bag you have. Being able to store your stuff in the overhead bin will help out with more space. It’s nice to stretch out your legs under the seat, without your bag blocking the room.

Show up tired… or not?

I think this depends on how long your flight is. Jamie and I left for our first adventure to Thailand and our flight didn’t leave until 1am.
I’d suggest that if you have a late night flight that you nap that day, but rather be tired for a flight that late.
You want to try to stick to your normal sleeping patterns when flying. When we flew to Thailand I slept a bit on the plane (because I didn’t nap before), and when I woke up, we only had about 4 more hours to go, so it wasn’t that bad! If you have a long flight and you board at 7pm, I suggest you try to stay up a bit later, and try to go to sleep in the air.

Also maybe pack something to knock you out. Sometimes it can take awhile for the flight attends to turn off the lights. When we took off to Thailand at 1am, they started serving food that late! Must pack, eye mask, ear plugs, and pills (Gravol or Z-Quil work great)!

Have things to do

Watching a good tv show for a couple hours is fun, but sometimes it ends up getting boring, or maybe the flight tv is broken.. Having stuff on hand can help with you not think about the time. I love just jamming out to music, I can sit there and just daze off, but when I started blogging, I would blog on the flight and write in my notes section on my phone. Word searches and crosswords are fun too! Just try to keep yourself busy if you’re not sleeping.

Indulge a wee bit

Try and make the flight a bit more luxurious.. If they don’t have free booze, order something. Plane food isn’t the best…but try to pack some snacks with you before your flight, or even a small bag of protein powder. Protein shakes sure fill you up!

Have the right products with you

After being on the flight for a long period of time, you feel gross. Make sure to carry some stuff that can help you not feel so blah. I carry, wipes for my face, moisturizer, serum, hand sanitizer, toothbrush/paste, and hand lotion.

Nutrition and hydration

The day of your flight and even the day before, try and eat as best as you can and drink lots of water! Long flights can make your stomach feel bloated, so having the right nutrition before a flight is key.

I try not to eat plane food. The only good food I have had on a flight was with Cathay Pacific… However it’s still not good for you. So, if you get dinner or breakfast on the flight, try to choose the “healthier” stuff on the plate. The eggs and whatnot they serve are just gross and very salty, so I eat the fruit and yogurt. Sometimes not even the yogurt, depending on how much sugar it has. If I know certain foods won’t sit with me, I don’t even bother eating it. Hence why I love packing protein powder with me and snacks that I know won’t make me feel bloated.

Have a whole row to yourself….

YUP, this can happen.

Book your seats online when you check in; if there is a row available and you’re travelling as two people, pick the aisle and the window seat, close to the back of the plane by the bathroom… BAM! It has worked more than 4 times when Jamie and I were travelling. On our way back to Canada from Taiwan, we had the whole row of 4 to ourselves! I got to lay down and it was the best feeling. Sometimes it can be annoying because picking your seats online can cost you money; so it all depends on you and your budget! Sometimes it’s free, so it’s worth checking.

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