How To Grow Your Glutes

“Booty, booty, booty rockin’ everywhere”

“Cause my body’s too bootylicious for ya babe”

“Bubble butt, bubble, bubble, bubble butt
Turn around, stick it out”

LET’S BE REAL! Everyone wants a nice booty! You can try to do hours on end of cardio until you’re blue in the face, but you won’t build a great booty unless you DO some weight training! YES! That’s the honest truth… You need to stop wishing for a better butt and get off your a$$ and work at achieving that goal of yours. People are also constantly doing those 30 day squat challenges or just doing a full workout with only bands….. I’m here to show you the REAL way of growing that booty with some of my tips and tricks, along with the best workouts for that bubble butt look!

Time Under Tension Is Key

It’s just like training any other muscle group. To get the best growth for your glutes you need to really challenge them with heavy weights and lots of time under tension. No matter what exercises you’re doing, it’s VERY important to keep constant tension on the muscle and make sure you hold the contraction at the peak of that movement.

Take your time with every single exercise! Being rushed with your workouts means you’re not focused enough, which means your form will turn to shit and overall there isn’t that muscle-mind connection. Use weights that are challenging and squeeze your butt throughout the entire movement.

On my high volume weeks I go lighter in weights to the point I’m able to squat low and hold it for 2-3 seconds.

Double Up Your Leg Days – YAS!

I train legs/glutes between 2-3 times a week! Legs are a big muscle group and training them only once a week isn’t enough. You don’t want to over-train them though, so try to stick with 3 times max per week. Breaking down your leg days are important! Make sure you train, glutes, hammies, and quads. By incorporating all of them, you will see better results. You don’t just want to train glutes every time, everything is connected and will help you with your overall goals!

Warming Up Is Crucial

I totally get it, warming up can suck and it takes up more of your time at the gym. However, take 5-10 mins to warm up the body and get it ready for some heavy lifts! You can’t just jump right into it… You will end up hurting yourself, you won’t feel the right body parts working, or, by not warming up you won’t be able to lift as heavy as you could.

I love using the hyperextension machine to warm up! When doing this to warm up, I suggest you turn your feet about 45 degrees on the platform. Changing your foot position lifts the hips up into external rotation. This will keep the tension on the glutes. You also want to deliberately round your upper back. Normally you don’t want to ever round your back, but in this case it’s fine and it won’t hurt you. Doing this will target your glutes. I do this for about 15 reps and 3-4 sets, depending how I’m feeling.

I also bring my bands and do some side to side lunges, squats and fire hydrants to help me warm up my glutes.

When you spend time warming up any body part it will help you focus on the right muscle-mind connection. When you move through the motion, concentrate on making your booty doing all the work! Don’t forget to squeeze them at the top!

Wide Stance

Your exercises like deadlifts, squats, leg press etc, can really be more successful by doing them with a wider stance. Narrow stance for the most part targets the quads. Having a wider stance will help you target your booty, and it does allow for you to move your hips back more, which activates your posterior chain. (glutes, adductores, hammies, lower back). Make sure you set up your foot positions before you start your exercise. Just be aware and keep your feet outside of your hips!

Choose Your Weight Wisely

Did you know there are two major keys to seeing progress with your workouts? First off you need to go heavy so you’re able to build strength and muscle with less reps. Secondly there’s volume training, where you go a bit lighter and keep pushing out those reps. Higher reps are killer.They are both very good for you! I do a heavy week and a high volume week to switch up my training and also work out my muscles differently.

With any exercise you perform you want to make sure you aren’t going too heavy to the point you’re losing your form, which can cause you to not workout the right muscle. Always challenge yourself and it’s a good idea to write down your lifts! That way you can keep track and it will help you to eventually to heavier!

Bands Do Help

Doing only banded work outs isn’t my thing, as I enjoy incorporating a little bit of everything into my routine. Especially if I want to grow my glutes, doing heavy compound movements is key. Adding in bands to your works outs is a great way to target the booty if you have trouble feeling it in your glutes, and it overall makes the exercises a bit harder. Even adding bands to your lighter booty days is going to kill you. Side fire hydrants, smith machine hip thrusts, kick backs on the floor etc. Doing high reps with exercises like those, is amazing for booty growth.

Push Your Feet Through The Floor

You’re probably thinking what? I’ve heard a bodybuilder I love say this, and I must say by doing this it will burn your glutes! If you’re doing exercises like hip thrusts, stiff leg deadlifts etc you must push through the floor with your feet like you’re trying to break the ground. Doing this will put endless amount of pressure on your glutes and it will fire them up. To try it out for the first time try doing hip thrusts on the floor and when you drive your hips up to the top of the movement, you really want to press through your heels like you’re trying to break the ground apart. Just on the movement going up. You will instantly feel a difference! You can do this with your feet flat on the ground or just on your heels. Make sure you don’t put weight on just your heals when you are doing standing exercises, like stiff legs; you don’t want to fall over. As for stiff legs, just make your sure your feet are nice and tightly glued to the floor.

Nutrition Is Everything! Eat For Your Goals

Just like any other goal you have with health and fitness, nutrition will ALWAYS be at the top of that list.

Anyone who can say that leg days are easy, (HA) must not be working out hard enough. Leg days are always brutal. Lifting heavy compound movements will literally take all of your energy out of you, hence why I don’t plan too much stuff on leg day because I’m usually dead afterwards. In that case, having the proper nutrition is very important because it’s fuel for your body! Also having the right nutrition for after your workout is important, it helps to repair and grow those muscles you just killed! Have a look at my Pre-Post Workout Nutrition Guide to help you understand a bit more when it comes to pre-post workout nutrition.

The meals you eat around your workouts should be customized to your own nutrition routine. Building that rounder and fuller butt means you should be eating a decent amount. You can’t be afraid to eat calories! So please don’t drop your calories very low! Your muscles and body need energy to grow. If you’re eating in a caloric deficit, it’s really important that you have enough protein to build and maintain your muscle mass. Try to have least 20-30 grams of protein per meal!

Don’t forget to have “treat meals’! Your body gets used to eating clean, and when you go off plan it can sometimes make you leaner… DON’T take that the WRONG WAY, but treat meals are good to have once a week, NO it won’t make you “lose weight”, but by indulging in one off plan meal, it shocks your body, jump starts your metabolism, and regulates your hormones.

Variety Is Key

While squats and deadlifts are great and all, your body is VERY intelligent and will learn and and adjust to all of your exercises you’re doing on the regular. Especially if you’re not switching your weights!!

Changing up your exercises like the grips, stance, and techniques is all VERY important in the booty building business! You must shock the muscles! You need to feel fatigued. If the workout is getting easier, SWITCH. IT. UP. Just switch it up in general. It also helps you feel more motivated and it’s fun changing things around! People change up their hair colour often, so please do the same with your workouts.

Here are some of my favourite exercises:

  • Curtsy lunges with an EZ curl bar, dumbbells, or on the smith machine. Try each variation to switch things up.

  • Hip Thrusts
    I have noticed a huge difference in my glutes from doing these with the squat bar. Laying down and doing bridges is a good burnout, but the range of motion is much better when you’re doing it on the bench with a decent amount of weight. I also LOVE doing hip thrusts on the smith machine on my high rep days. I use my bands as well and since our smith machine doesn’t go completely down to the ground it’s nice to have that extra tension on the glutes the whole time.

  • Walking lunges
    Try using the EZ bar as it helps you focus more on the muscle-mind connection. I feel like when you’re holding dumbbells, sometimes the weight can start hurting your hands, so instead of focusing on the hands burning, have the bar on your back and do walking lunges like that. Find a weight that you can comfortably push up and put on your back.

  • Sumo squats on the smith machine
    Going wider and focusing on the tension in the glutes will burn by the end of this workout. Try not standing up completely, the key is to keep the tension in the glutes at the top as well.

  • Cable glute kickbacks or if your gym has a kickback machine this works too! Again, it’s all about rotating and switching things up. I love the standing kickback machine we have at our gym. I load it with about 135 LB using my band, let me tell ya, it burns! For my last set I drop set it and it’s honestly the best burning feeling ever.

  • Stiff leg deadlifts (A new way)
    We know how to perform still legs using a full range of motion. Now, instead of going completely straight up to the top of the movement, try this. Bend at the hips normally as you go down, but when you come up, start rounding your back like a reverse hyperextension; this is ok to do! Now, stop when the weight comes a little past your knees. Make sure your back is still rounded and that you’re squeezing your glutes. Try it and see how those glutes feel. My legs literally start to buckle during my reps.
  • Glute bridge on the laying leg press machine
    If your gym has a laying down leg press machine I suggest trying it for this hip thrust variation. Don’t go crazy heavy. This exercise is great for a burnout. Plant your feet high on the platform, and press up like you normally do. As you begin to get the top of the lift, raise your glutes off the pad and squeeze them (like when you do a hip thrust). When you come back down, slowly lower your glutes so they are back on the machine.

If you want to learn more about different training techniques read “Level Up Your Workouts”.There are a lot of amazing training techniques out there that really help you grow! Also, read 13 Ways To Make Your Workouts At Home More Effective if you’re stuck at home and want to get a workout in. There are some great tips to make your at home workouts killer!

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