How To Overcome A Fitness Rut

You’re killing the gym, your nutrition is on track and you’re seeing progress; but yet, you feel bored once you step into the gym and feel like you’re constantly doing the same routine. Hitting a plateau is normal and it happens with everything in life. The gym, your eating habits, work, weekly routines, you name it! It may seem like it’s the perfect time to give up, but in a matter of fact it’s the total opposite. It’s the perfect opportunity to change things up and grind harder than ever before!

Have you ever heard of FITT? It stand for frequency, intensity, time and type! When you change some of these up, you will have a completely different workout.


Maybe you’re only going to the gym twice a week, so this is the perfect opportunity to add more sweat sessions to your routine! If you’re in a rut because you feel like you’re doing the same stuff and not seeing changes, you may need to add more workout days to your weekly sessions.


This one is my favourite and I have so much fun with it. This one is a total motivation booster. Time to switch up your intensity by changing anything you want. From foot positions, hand grips, your stance, tempo, more reps, sets, workout until failure, etc. If you’re doing squats, go lighter and go down slow and controlled, and maybe do a pulse at the bottom of the movement. Change up your hand grips with lat pull downs, there are also so many variations of an exercise which makes it fun, challenging, and it’s shocking your body by doing something different. Your body can get used to the same workouts with the same reps, sets and positions, so switch it up!

If you need some motivation or ideas check out my fun training techniques in this article here. “Level Up Your Workouts’.


This could be how long you’re at the gym for or your “rest time” in between sets. Make things more intense by timing your rest periods for only 1 min 30 seconds. This is great for any workout but I especially love this for back, legs and shoulders. If you’re doing hip thrusts don’t take a long break, we want that blood flow to keep on going and you want to sweat as much as you can because let’s face it; after a good sweaty workout session we feel so much better.

If you’re a person who takes an hour and half at the gym, try and make it a bit shorter so you can have more free time afterwards. It’s always about changing things up and making it interesting, fun and intense for you! This is a great opportunity to lay off your phone unless you’re timing your rest. Your time at the gym can take much longer if you’re that person who lives on their phone while working out…


Change up your normal treadmill for a stairmaster session. Change up the intensity by only doing 20 mins instead of 45. Try HIIT on the stairmaster. Believe you me; you won’t be looking at the time doing this, hence why I love it so much because the time flies when you do HIIT!

Try something out of your comfort zone just to do something different and who knows you might end up loving it!

These are all great things to keep in mind when you’re trying to make things fun and exciting. Here are some other ways to make things new and fun again! Let’s get out of this rut, shall we?

1. Have A Workout Partner

Whether you love drop in classes, outdoor sports, or strength training; having a partner can sometimes be a lot of fun and most of all it they can give you an extra boost of motivation.

As much as I love my own workouts, it’s great having Jamie workout with me because he’s my spotter and motivator. When I’m squatting over my bodyweight he’s there behind me helping me if I need it, or if I’m going heavy on lat pull downs he’s there giving me some assistance. Sometimes the help is literally him just putting his fingers on the bar for my last few reps, but it sure does help.

Having a workout partner can really make you get more gains because you’re usually lifting heavier knowing someone can help you if you need it.

2. Have A Bad Ass Playlist

Having the right music can really make or break your workout session. You need powerful, uplifting, bad ass type of music. I would suggest some good EDM, good gangster rap music, or even bad ass females playlist.

Having the right type of music can really help you bang out a few more reps! Here are some playlists you should try out. Badass Babe Playlist, Life-Changing EDM Playlist, and The Ultimate Throwback Gym Playlist.

Go smash your workouts babes!

white headphones
3. Make Sure You’re Resting Enough

When you’re in that resting state, it’s when your body grows, builds and repairs. So if you’re working out everyday and you’re sore, tired, and just going because it’s how you think you will make changes, you’re hurting yourself and your progress even more.

Learn to rest between 2-3 times a week (depending how intense you’re training). Figure out your rest days for the week on that Sunday before so you can make plans and just know when you’re resting. I love knowing when I’m having a rest day because at times I do look forward to it due to how hard I workout. Then when I’m back at it I’m fully recovered and my motivation is through the roof!

4. Slow Down On The Cardio Machines

Cardio can negativity affect your life. People counting their steps and always making sure they do endless amounts of cardio can end up doing a bit too much and harming their health and mental wellbeing. People can get overly obsessed and in the end it’s not fun, it’s just a “chore” that needs to get done.

Cardio is great for you and your health and I do recommend keeping up with it whether that’s on the machines, outdoor activities or any type of sport. You don’t always need to be inside on the treadmill. Just keep moving and keep things fun!

Here are some things you may be doing wrong when it comes to the cardio machines at the gym.10 Sinful Cardio Mistakes.

5. Get Yourself Some Sexy Gym Wear

Having the right gym clothes really makes you want to go to the gym more often. I mean… who doesn’t love gym wear?! So buy that new pair of high waisted leggings, cute crop top that shows off your gains well! It truly makes a huge difference.

6. Listen To A Podcast

Music, quotes, affirmations and podcasts can really make a huge change in your mood. There are so many options with podcasts out there. Find one that interests you, so you can listen to it while going for a walk. You can learn a lot from them and understand the fitness world better.

7. Join A Fitness Community

Whether it’s a facebook group of like-minded individuals that keep each other motivated with progress pictures and tips, to a running group, boxing group, etc. There are ways to keep that motivation up when you’re surrounded by like-minded people! You feed off each others energy and motivation, which is an amazing feeling. As much as I love working out an in empty gym; it’s also great to have enough people in there so you can feed off that energy and kick butt harder.

8. Look At Your Progress Pictures

What’s better than literally seeing your hard work you put in every day!? Nothing, because you rock and you deserve to stare at yourself once in awhile because YOU changed your body on YOUR OWN! You should be proud. Progress pictures are the key to seeing results. It’s a HUGE game changer for myself. Screw the scale, literally start taking pictures every month and start comparing them. You will notice huge changes from losing weight, gaining muscle, posture etc. It’s honestly a great feeling seeing that hard work pay off. 🙂

9. Give Your Body Some TLC

When you’re working out hard you sometimes forget about taking care of your body. You feel sore, have low energy and feel overworked. This is a perfect time to use your rest days as TLC days. Book a rough massage and get fixed, go see a chiropractor or get some physio done. Your body needs it whether you can feel it or not.

You can also give yourself some lovin’ by using the foam roller or lacrosse ball on yourself and get all those tight spots out of your muscles!

10. Change Up Your Routine

Get out of your comfort zone and try new exercises. Your body will soon adapt to the same exercises, reps, sets, weight. Change things up! Maybe instead of always starting your workout with a compound movement, try something that you don’t normally do. Start off smaller and warm up more before getting into those big lifts. Maybe you will notice it warms your muscles up more and you are able to lift heavier.

Not only can you change that up but you can also change up your workout split! So instead of the usual “back and bi’s, chest and tri’s” etc. Try a push and pull day. It’s great because it allows you to work the same muscle group a couple times a week instead of just once.

Example: Push day would consist of: shoulders, chest and tri’s (legs if you wanted but I like training legs on it’s own)

Pull day- Back, bi’s and some legs if you wanted to do deadlifts since it does work your back.

My routine looks like this:

1. Push day
2. leg day
3. pull day
4. Rest
5. push day
6. leg day
7. Rest

Do you see how you would be working some of the same muscle groups more than once? It’s a great way to see more changes and you can rotate your first workout of the week, so you can switch up what you start with. 🙂 I’ve noticed huge changes in my body from doing this. I also add in a 3rd leg day sometimes and swap out different muscles groups, so it allows me to focus on what I want to work on more and grow.

You could ALSO add a heavy week and light week and just rotate like that. One week just focus on heavy sets and try to do 5-8 reps max. This whole goal is to slowly build up your strength. On the lighter week you want to do higher rep range from 12-20. You want to fatigue your muscles and focus hard on that muscle mind connection. This builds up your muscles because you’re tiring them out as much as you can.

See! There are plenty of ways to have fun at the gym while still making changes. I don’t think anyone would enjoy going if they were only going to “lose weight” or “because they think they need to.” People workout in order to achieve their goals of course, but they learn to have fun with it. Switching everything up is the key! People tend to get bored of their hair colour and end up changing it up, and it’s the same way here, but you will end up with more gains because your body and muscle love it when you change it up and doing different things!

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