Pronounced ‘hway’. History is simply everywhere you look in Hue from tombs to the tallest pagoda in Vietnam. Hue is one city that is worth adding to your Vietnam itinerary, history buff or not because it’s definitely a Vietnam must see! 

​From Hoi An it was about a 3 hour bus ride to Hue. YAY, to easy travel days! We honestly didn’t do much, due to it raining the whole time we were here.

Where to Stay?

We stayed in a super residential area, which was perfect! It was really quiet, and the place was great! Huge bathroom, 3 beds in one room, with a kitchen that had some materials to cook with. It also came with a fridge and microwave! Found this place on Airbnb. We paid $14.57CAD/night. Our host Ryan was very friendly and spoke English very well!

What to Do?

The Abandoned Waterpark
This was the main reason we wanted to come to Hue, this place is so different, and creepy, which I love!

​It’s located just 8km south of the ancient city of Hue, the Ho Thuy Tien waterpark was built by the Hue Tourism Company in 2004 for a total cost of 70 billion dong ($30m). The majority of the park was incomplete, resulting in a lot of people not going, so they shut down. Leaving it like this for the past 15 years! (what the internet says).​ You can still enter the park, you just have to pay for parking, and give the guard some $$.

The Abandoned Waterpark pops up on Google Maps, so that was very helpful and easy to find. Just be careful, there is a lot of glass inside the building! But definitely check this place out.

That was all that we did, the weather was horrible, but here are some other things you can check out!

Hai Van Pass
The Hai Van Pass is a route along Vietnam’s coastline that winds up and over a mountain. It’s one of the best things to do in Hue and it’s incredibly popular because of its incredible views of the coast.

Thien Mu Pagoda
It stands 7 stories tall along the Perfume River on Ha Khe Hill and is one of the best things to see in Hue. It is the tallest religious building in Vietnam and is considered the unofficial symbol of Hue. The temple was established in 1601 but the pagoda wasn’t built until 1844.

Tombs of the Emperors
In total there are 7 tombs scattered around Hue’s countryside. The tombs were designed and built during each Emperor’s lifetime and there are monuments for 9 of the 13 ruling Emperor’s of the time. The most popular tombs to visit are Minh Mang, Tu Duc and Khai Dinh.

Perfume River
The Perfume River runs through the middle of Hue and can be a relaxing break from city life. Boat tours are available if you want to check out other parts of Hue, or just simply take a walk by the water.

​​And of course,  just keep on eating your way through Vietnam!! 

We did come across a new dessert, or just a middle of the day snack. It’s called black sticky rice pudding with yogurt.(Sua Chua Nep Cam). IT’S SO FREAKKKINNN’ GOOD! If you love mango sticky rice, this is another one to add to your list to try. The tartness of the yogurt combined with the light sweetness and richness of the soft-chewy black sticky rice can cool you down quickly on hot summer days. It is easy, delicious and pretty healthy.

It was so good, we ordered 3 servings of them! hehe. Not sure why they add ice cubes on top, maybe to just keep it cool once it’s out of the fridge.

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