I’m Launching A Gym Wear Line!

AHH, If you haven’t seen on my social media you wouldn’t know the secret, but I guess you do now based on the title of this post! YES, I’m launching a GYM WEAR LINE!! I’m not just printing my logo on simple t-shirts; I’m building the clothes from the ground up and working with a great manufacturer. EEEK!! I wanted to write this blog as a motivational post for you and for myself on those days when we all need a little boost.

A little backstory about how this all came to fruition. My whole life I went from job to job hoping that this one would be the one that I loved and that I would be able to move up and have that bond with the people I worked with. Most of my jobs weren’t motivating because I knew I couldn’t move up as a receptionist. I wanted something more to life, so my husband and I took off to travel for 4 months and during that time abroad I learned how to write and I wrote some really good and informative blog posts. I wrote about our travel destinations and added fitness into it because it was still a huge part of our life while travelling.

When we got home from our 4 amazing months abroad I moved over our travel blog into a whole new platform and started “Bubbles & Barbells.” Being abroad taught me how to have that balance in life. You can still get fit while travelling; it all comes down to dedication and finding that right balance that works for you. I started full-time blogging and started making some cash from my website. It felt amazing and it was another little goal checked off my list. From there I had this amazing but crazy idea about how one day it would be so wonderful to launch my own gym wear! With all the google searches and chats with other clothing line businesses we found a place that did just what we wanted and we began reaching out to them to turn this dream into a reality!

It’s been a whole process but here I am now waiting for my first samples to arrive with the goal of launching my pieces in May 2021. Here are some questions you guys had and I wanted to answer them for you and put them into a blog post!

Why did I decide to start a clothing line?

My jobs were never fulfilling and I knew I wanted to do more with my life! I want to go to bed and lay my head on my pillow at night and just know that I did this all on my own, with Jamie’s help of course;) #backEndCodingpro I always wanted to do something career wise that was fulfilling and something I actually loved! A lot of people just settle for a job because it pays the bills, but I needed something more! Dreading going into work is the worst! I knew I didn’t want that anymore and I just needed to get out of my comfort zone and do this!

Unfortunately, there is a huge lack of gym wear in Canada. The mall only has stores dedicated to yoga, and when you look online for gym clothes, we tend to get hit with crazy duty and shipping fees when shopping overseas. I want to change that! My gym wear will be in Canadian dollars, which will benefit those of you in the states. (woohoo!) As much as I’ve been wearing the clothes from the stores we have here, unfortunately they don’t focus on women who lift weights. For me as a bodybuilder, it can be challenging to find the right top due to my wide back and smaller waist. I know for a fitness person we all go through different shapes and sizes when we bulk, cut and maintain, and I want to be that business where you can fit and feel great in my clothes with whatever goal you may have.

Starting this journey is scary, yet exciting! It’s the same reason why I wanted to travel for a couple of months, because it’s true when Drake says “YOLO.” For some people saying “You Only Live Once” means go get drunk, but for me I use it as a way to focus my mind on the goals that I have. We often fear the things we want in life, but at the end of the day, the worst thing that can happen is we lose some money and time, but to me, it will always be worth it because I am chasing my own goals.

What were the biggest struggles and challenges?

I give props to all clothing line businesses starting from the ground up. I truly understand their hustle. People may think starting a clothing line is simple, but it’s not at all. People still don’t understand that I’m getting clothes made instead of just stamping my logo on some shirts. Since I’m doing it the harder way, I have to deal with lots of back and forth from my manufacturer, repeat myself plenty of times to make sure they understand what I want, the waiting game when it comes to shipping…let me tell you it costs a fortune! Let’s just say that the first launch is going to end with us spending more money than what we put down on our house… and that was just for making only 4 pieces of clothing right now, with extra costs like shipping etc.

Another struggle is trying to get my name out there. I’m not a IG influencer and I don’t have millions of followers. I don’t have a popular Youtube channel, I’m not sponsored by a company etc. No one knows me! I’m starting fresh and as much as I’m ok with that, I have to understand that this will take off slowly. We all start somewhere! So when I say I’m building this from the ground up, I really am. I have to get my name out there all on my own and that itself is hard work that I’m willing to put in.

I’m just full time blogging right now and Jamie and I are yet again living on a stricter budget because we do everything on our own! 🙂 We don’t have family money to lean on, we aren’t in peoples wills etc. We both work very hard and work towards our goals. We saved like crazy when we travelled, so we can do this again. I guess with Covid, it allows us to save more and not go out! So this whole pandemic does have a positive side.

Another struggle is talking to a business that’s in a different country; especially one that is half way across the world. We spend a lot of time emailing back and forth, usually with a 12-24 hour delay, which makes it feel like it’s taking forever for any changes or updates.

With starting an online store, we will have to change everything with this website! I’m excited to get a new and improved look, but that means that my amazing smart husband is learning all this new stuff, which involves coding and other things he never went to school for. #proudwifey No, but really, he’s killing the game. (I love you babe.)

How Do I deal with the non supporters?

No one will support you 100%. It’s the same with travelling full-time, no one understood why we wanted to do that instead of having kids or buying a house. But guess what? We bought a house afterwards.

People will always judge you and what you do with your life. Maybe you want to get settled with your career first before you pop out babies, maybe you want to get married and have kids right after, maybe you want to travel for a year. Everyone’s life is different and interesting! Never change your goals based on what others may think.

You do you for you, because you want to! I don’t deal with the non supporters because they aren’t even on my mind! 🙂 I have too many things on my mind to think about negative people.

How Is my brand going to stand out from other business?

I’m in this because I love what I do and I noticed there’s a huge lack of Canadian gym wear. I care about the fabrics, quality and I want every women out there to feel like Wonder Women, powerful, sexy, beautiful and a bad ass!

I live, breathe and preach about living a balanced lifestyle in a non- annoying way lol! Dieting isn’t a forever thing, but balance is.You can have your champagne and drink it too, while making significant progress in the gym. My brand is really important to me because when see my logo it reminds me about balance and to live my life to the fullest.

This whole journey I had to make sacrifices in order to make this dream happen. This whole startup is just my husband and I accomplishing my goals! We do everything on our own. Take our own photography, building this site, setting up the store front, Jamie made my logo, saving up to make this come alive etc, etc, etc! While still paying for a mortgage and living life. We work very hard and there’s something very special and motivating for any company that has started from 0 and now is a successful business! While being famous and having a lot of social media following can help with so much, I don’t have that. It’s just myself and my husband with our never-ending hustle machine.

With having travelled full-time for 4 months I really cared and loved comfy clothes, especially on those 30 hour travel days… I have so many clothing ideas that are also dedicated to comfy travel wear. I want Bubbles & Barbells to be a place you can order those comfies for the plane ride, but also switch gears and use it for a hike! Comfort, cute, sexy and versatile is what it’s going to be about!

How do I pick designs?

I have SO many designs in my head! I already have a second launch figured out. Picking designs is the fun part. I want every women out there to feel their most comfortable. That means having a variety of different clothing that will suit everyones personality. Examples: Tight fitted clothing that fits you in all the right places, an outfit that will show off your muscles, because who doesn’t love seeing their hard work?! T-shirts and loose fitted tops because sometimes it’s nice not being too squished when doing cardio or having a leg day. My goal is to have a mixed variety of different goods so that everyone can have options and feel 100% comfortable.

I hope you enjoyed this read and found it very motivating! Sometimes you just need to get off your butt and really chase your goals and make your dreams come true. I hear people saying often ” I wish” or “I’m jealous” but those words won’t get you anywhere, so find a way to make things happen for yourself! There is always a way! You just need to plan, make sacrifices and work harder than ever! Trust me, it will be the best feeling in the entire word when you accomplish something all on your own!

If you have friends or family who are into fitness and love gym wear please spread the word! Share this blog post, or re-share my IG posts etc. I’m launching in May and would love it if you could help me spread the word! If you want to keep yourself in the loop and when I’m exactly launching, I suggest you subscribe to my blog on my homepage. Enter your email and never miss anything from me or follow me on IG @amandakerr92. 🙂

Here’s a little sneak peak of my crop top samples! I will be making some small changes, but this crop crop has a built in bra, the pads are sewed in, the straps are adjustable and it’s very comfortable to wear, and not to mention adorable! 🙂

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