Kickstart Your Weight Loss Journey With These 12 Tips

If you want something bad in life you should chase those dreams and make it reality. No matter what you want in life, you will always have to work hard for it, but that’s honestly the best part! After you achieve something all on your own, that feeling is remarkable. Weight loss and muscle gaining journeys are never easy. It’s something we need to hold ourselves accountable and keep on pushing, every single day. Trust me the hard work does pay off!

I’ve been the complete opposite and have struggled to gain weight, so you’re probably thinking why am I talking about losing weight? Well, they are both very similar and everything comes down to your daily routine and how you can make changes in your life to make those goals happen. I always want women to feel powerful and unstoppable! Here is a guide with tips and tricks to lose weight for newbies.

1. Know Your Macro And Calorie Intake

Everyone has their own macros, which they need to consume everyday in order to reach their goal. Macros are your protein, carbs, and fats. You need to eat a certain amount of each in order to see results. If you’re goal is to lose weight and you don’t know how much you’re eating that’s a major problem. Maybe your body only needs 150 grams of carbs per day to lose weight but you’re eating 220 grams, that’s where you would be stuck and not being able to see the results you put into the gym! Losing weight means you need to eat in a calorie deficit, which means eating less calories than your body expends. We don’t want this journey to be too intense, we want it to be a fun, but a healthy journey! Not by cutting crazy carbs or not eating carbs at all! Your body needs carbs too!

First, figure out roughly what your macro goal should be, which means checking out “Understanding Macros” and plug some information on the calculator provided. It will give you a rough estimate of macros depending on your goals inputted. Second, buy yourself a food scale and download MyFitnessPal app! These are tools that will help you reach your goals quicker. If you need a step by step guide for MyFitness Pal you can check it out here. The Ultimate Guide On How To Use MyFitnessPal.

2. Track, Measure, Repeat

Sorry to break it to you, but start getting familiar with tracking your food with a scale and plugging your meals into an app called MyFitnessPal. Be honest with yourself and track everything! It’s hard to reach any goal without eating the right amount of foods your body needs.

Measuring cups, spoons, and your scale is all important! If you’re having cereal you better be measuring out your milk too! Everything adds up, so by tracking stuff you will soon get more familiar with what each serving sizes look like!

The Ultimate Guide On How To Use MyFitnessPal

3. What You Eat Is Important

While everyone says calories in calories out, if you workout hard enough you can still eat whatever you want? AH, that’s a big fat NO! What’s the point of working out and eating like crap everyday? You won’t get the results you want and you’ll be packing on a ton of fat. So what you eat is important! Plants need water and sunlight to grow, well your body needs nutritious foods as well in order to reach any goal. Clean foods are not boring, so check out some dinner ideas in my blog post here. You’ll be surprised on what you can do to your foods to make simple healthy food taste amazing. You honestly just need to learn how to cook with more spices that can change up the flavour like crazy!

Losing weight doesn’t mean eating less than 1200 calories. You’d be surprised on how much some people still eat to lose weight. Everyone’s macros are different, but yet still at a decent number, which is great because food is life! Instead of living your day-to day with just breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner, get used to just eating like meal 1, meal 2 and so forth. Sometimes our bodies need more food during breakfast and lunch, so waiting until “lunch time” and being hungry might cause you to just munch on crap, when you could be having a delicious protein packed yogurt. Don’t ever skip meals because being hungry is the worst feeling ever and it’s a greater chance you’ll end up munching on whatever you see in sight. Also don’t skip “meals” thinking your saving calories because your body depends on those calories!

Also, don’t fear carbs! If you enjoy to have one slice of toast each morning for breakfast, you do it. It all comes down to moderation. If you’re eating bread 4 times a day…. well then you must change your habits. You can also to switch to a healthier bread source.

4. Tricks That Can Rock Your Socks Off

Losing weight sometimes means you need to cut back on foods or everyday staples you really enjoy. However, knowing a few tricks that can help you not “miss”certain things will save you A TON of calories, fat, carbs, and a bigger thing SUGAR! You just need to mess around and figure out what works for you and how to cut back on sugar or extra calories when you’re trying to lose a bit of weight. Example, maybe you LOVE your daily coffee, which you maybe drink 2-3 times a day and you add sugar in it each time. Your daily sugar intake will also slow down your progress, so you need to figure out ways to still enjoy your coffee. So maybe swap out sugar for some natural honey! Sugary sodas for flavoured sparkling water. There are always little tricks you can do! Find out more by reading 21 Smart Food Swaps.

5. Prep & Pack

PREP your damn meals already! I know so many people that buy their breakfast and lunches at work every day! Think about how much money you’re spending and all the “junk” you’re consuming. Eating out should be a treat that you look forward to, not a daily routine. Even if it’s a “healthier” place, you still don’t know all the ingredients they’ve added.

If you want to see some serious changes in your body, prepping your meals ahead of time and packing them into containers and bringing them to work is the key for success! You know what’s in your food, it’s consistent and healthy! Have a meal prepping day and prep stuff for the week, or if you’re in early bird have stuff ready in the fridge the day of so you can just put your meals together. It will save you money, time, and from being hangry. We don’t want to be hangry… now do we?

Here are my tips and tricks when it comes to meal prepping. 🙂 10 Tips On How To Successfully Meal Prep

6. Get Moving

I’m not talking about cardio at the gym yet. I’m talking about your daily routine! Walk more. Park further away from a store so you can just walk. Ride a bike, swim, maybe do some fun cardio classes with a friend. If you’re someone who loves their TV shows, get in a habit of taking some of that time to do an evening walk before you plop your body down for the rest of the day. Being active is not only good for weight loss, but it’s great for your mental health too! Take in the nature, have long walks and talks with your friend or partner. Think alone about life and how you’re going to crush your goals.

7. Weight Training Is Revolutionary

Now, some people have a fear of going to the gym and being in the weight section… Listen, if you want your body to change overall you need to incorporate some weight training! YAS! Honestly it’s the best and makes you feel so powerful and sexy! Lifting weights will also help tone your body in those stubborn areas. Start with a weight you’re comfortable with; the goal is to have a challenging weight without causing you to lose your form on any exercises. If you need help, ask someone at your gym to point you in the right direction. Gym rats are honestly the friendliest people around! They get it, they know how hard working out can be and they will give you all the props for being there and trying to make a change.

8. Cardio Is Not King

Is cardio important? Yes, everyone should be adding some sort of cardio in their day to day life! BUT, some people overdo it and it gets to be a bit much. The whole goal is to lose “fat” which will help you to lose some pounds, but what some people don’t understand if you’re doing intense cardio every day for a full hour you’re going to eventually break down some muscle tissues, which will cause you to lose some of those muscle gains. Try to have a balanced routine with adding cardio into your workout regime instead of adding workouts to your cardio. I suggest if you do want to lose some pounds stick with 30 mins and see how you feel. You can try HIIT cardio on the treadmill or stairmaster to help you lose fat a bit quicker. HIIT is great for that and you don’t need to spend hours doing cardio! You don’t need to do cardio every day, try every other day and see how you feel. You don’t want to burn yourself out to the point you get a cold, or you have 0 motivation because you’re always killing it every single day. Sometimes I would get sick like a small cold when I didn’t let myself chill more often.

9. Consider Fasted Cardio

Fasted cardio is great to do around 2-3 times a week. It’s when you don’t eat before you go out running. This burns your stored fat instead of going to the food you just ate. Again, don’t overdo it because it can end up burning your muscle tissues too. This is not always perfect and accurate for every person out there. There had been studies where it’s very beneficial and studies where it’s just normal cardio, however I did do fasted cardio when I was prepping for my bikini competition and you do see a lot of bodybuilders doing it. I personally enjoy it and feel much better when I run fasted. You don’t have all that food bouncing around. I think if you stick with a healthy diet it can work, but if you do fasted cardio and eat like crap it won’t work out. So just keep that in mind.

10. Set Small Achievable Goals & Celebrate Them

Setting goals is the way of life. It doesn’t have to be incredibly big; small goals are just as important and worthy of celebrating! If it means that I can have a cold glass of Moët, then trust me I’m celebrating my victories! Setting goals with fitness has to start off small because progress take time! Do celebrate your weight loss and you fitting back in your cute jeans you love!

11. Hide The Scale

A scale can come in handy at times, but when going through a weight loss journey it can be difficult not to stress about the number you see. Please understand that there are so many factors as to why you may be seeing those numbers fluctuate. Maybe you need to go #2, water retention, cheat meal the day before, muscles are growing etc. Your body holding onto water means you’re not drinking enough, hence why your body is holding on to it for dear life. So get your water intake in! Hide the scale until you start to have a better relationship with it. I highly recommend taking progress pictures because they don’t lie and the stuff you see between two or 3 pictures is actually pretty insane! 🙂 Seeing your hard work in pictures is way better than seeing numbers on a scale that’s not 100% accurate.

12. Realize A Few Things…

Realize that any fitness journey is hard, tiring, and exhausting, BUT how you take it all is how you’re going to come out of top. So that means, never give up, push through, rest your body, and keep on GOING! You got this girl!

Also, understand that no supplements, diet pills, teas, waist trainers etc are going to make things easier and have that goal body from taking these things, because you know what? THEY WON’T. Even a strict diet won’t help you out in the long run because you restrict yourself from all the foods you love and when you’re “diet” is over, most likely you will be back to where you were. Really focus on having a healthy balanced lifestyle which will help you with your willpower and ultimately allow you to have a better relationship with food. It always takes time, consistency, patience and dedication! Please remember that!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Remember that you CAN do anything you put your mind too, just understand that anything you want to do in this world takes time. Learn to love the process along with the progress. Take it one step at a time, don’t obsess with little mistakes, not everything will be perfect, you will have ups and downs, but YOU CAN come out of this journey with the results you want. Now, go kick some a$$!

I’m always rooting for you! <3

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