Koh Lanta & Koh Lipe

If you’re looking for an island with a laid back vibe and plenty of things to do, Koh Lanta may be the perfect addition to your Thailand trip. It’s not too developed or crowded but has enough facilities to live comfortably.

We love the laid back atmosphere, long empty beaches, jungle-covered mountains, and spectacular sunsets. There are plenty of places to eat and things to do in Koh Lanta and there’s accommodation for all budgets.

​Koh Lanta is an island in the Andaman Sea off the west coast of Thailand, between the Phi Phi Islands and the mainland.

Best Time to visit Koh Lanta?

The peak travel season on Koh Lanta begins in November and ends in April/May. The rainy season lasts from June to September.

How to Get There?

We flew from Chaing Mai to Krabi and took a speed boat, which was around 3 hours. 

Where to Stay?

We stayed in the Old Town, which was so peaceful and relaxing. We stayed at a place called The Fresh House.  This was in 2018, when we were on vaca, so we splurged a bit. Around $80CAD/night. Our host was very friendly!

What to Do?

Stroll Around Koh Lanta Old Town
Old Town has a very different vibe than the rest of the island and it’s worth a quick stop if you’re exploring the east side of Koh Lanta. It reminds me of an old western movie set! There are only a few shops and restaurants so it won’t take long to explore, but it makes a good break from the beaches.

Island Hop
We spent the day hoping around some small islands to snorkel with a company called The Four Island Tour.  The views are just stunning! The tour company was great and very accommodating. They provided lunch and some snacks like fresh cut up fruit!

Watch The Sunset
Watching the sunset is a must do on Koh Lanta. We’ve seen some truly spectacular sunsets on the island! Check out Majestic Bar, a perfect restaurant located on the beach and the sunset here was just “wow.”Also they have high reviews on Trip Advisor and have THE BEST Mojitos.

Get A Massage
Well you’re already on the most perfect island that is so very peaceful, so get a massage! Take advantage of how relaxing it is here and treat yo self! 🙂

Beach Days
The beaches were quiet and empty when we went in 2018. Nothing wrong with absolutely nothing for a couple of days. You have to go back home with the best tan.

Scooter Around
Nothing we love more than scooting around. Sometimes we don’t have any plans, we just drive and see where we end up. Sometimes we find the hidden places that way.

Koh Lipe

Remember that Koh Lipe is not a party island. It is a laid back tropical island in the Andaman Sea where you will find vibrant coral reefs and white sandy beaches.

We read everywhere that Koh Lipe was supposed to be the “Maldives” of Thailand. Yes, the water there was absolutely beautiful and clear, but we aren’t a fan of resorts anymore. We tend to go crazy with being at resorts for periods of time. So we weren’t a huge fan of the island. This place is perfect if you literally don’t want to do anything.

There are only resorts and hostels on the island. They might have added some Airbnb’s now. We stayed at a place called Idyllic Concept Resort. It was nice! We had a gorgeous room, and it came with breakfast. However, we did find ourselves bored since there are only restaurants and some bars on the island. We did leave the resort and went across the way to a different island called Ko Adang, we paid a guy and he took us on his long-tail boat. 

Ko Adang is the second biggest island within Tarutao National Marine Park! Koh Adang is unspoiled nature at its best. The tall pine forests, the empty beaches, no roads, and no hotels. That was a year ago, not sure how busy it is now. There is a 200 THB( $8.81CAD) National Park fee to pay for foreigners.

We did a hike that took us to the best view-point. The hike has three viewpoints; the first is ok, the second is nice, but the third lookout point is the main attraction. Lookout three provides an epic view of Koh Lipe across the water. The trail took us about 45 min each way. Make sure to bring water, wear proper hiking shoes, and bring sunscreen! We also laid on the beach, it was so empty! It was just us and one other couple. It was a perfect way to get some adventure with our resort being so chill.

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