Mui Ne

Mui Ne is a coastal city in the central region of Vietnam. There is lots to do and see here. Big beaches, water activities, stunning mini desert of red and white sand dunes.

​Mui Ne is a 5 hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City. We took a bus and by surprise, the best bus I have ever taken in my life! We went with the company Kumho Samco and booked it on a website called 12Go.Asia. It was a sleeper bus, but it was the perfect ride for 5 hours. You had your own compartment, more leg room then I could have imagined, wifi, tv, a privacy curtain, and the best part, you had reclining chairs! It’s what airplanes should be like. The only thing I didn’t like was that there were no bathrooms on board, so they stopped for bathroom and snack breaks. Also, paid $12CAD/pp Great way to relax and be comfortable while on a journey. I got to spend a couple hours working and watching some tv shows. 🙂

Where to Stay?

We booked at a place called Mui Ne Hills Budget Hotel. They were in the middle of a renovation, and changed our hotel to the one across the way, called Mui Ne Hills Bliss. It was a good spot. Cheap drinks! The food was ok, but we mostly just ate there anyway. Clean room, big bathroom, 2 pools, and since it was attached to a hostel, they had weekly activities going on. If you want to meet people, this place would be great! 
We paid $15CAD/night.

What to Do?

We only had the sand dunes on our list for Mui Ne. We knew we wanted to wake up really early and go for sunrise, so we booked a tour with Mui Ne Go. It was a private tour, which was great, because who wants to chat with other people at 4:30 am… They pick you up in really old jeeps! Tour cost us $10CAD/PP

Our driver took us to the white sand dunes and “OH EM GEE” I swear the pictures look like I was in Egypt. Watching the sunrise with the beautiful white sand dunes was so magical. You can pay people to drive you to the top of the sand with a 4 wheeler, or you can just not be lazy and walk. 🙂 That’s the only thing I didn’t like about the place, was I wanted it to be peaceful, but 4 wheelers everywhere just zooming by, and I was hoping they wouldn’t run over our stuff. BUT, I still recommend going!

Next, the driver took us to the Red Sand Dunes, honestly it was a beautiful colour, but the sand looked more like a beach with lots of sticks on it. Can’t beat the White Sand Dunes, that’s for sure!

The tour also involved checking out the fishing village and the fairy streams, the fishing village was neat, but we passed on the fairy streams, we did research and you literally just walk in a small stream..

Fishing Village.

Other stuff you can do in Mui Ne:

– Learn kitesurfing. The windy beaches of Mui Ne are perfect for kitesurfing.There are many kitesurfing schools in the area that offer courses for amateurs at really attractive prices.
– Indulge in the local cuisine.
– Rent a motorbike and explore around you.
– Relax.
– Watch the sunset at the beach

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