My Top 5 Go-To Protein Brands

There are a ton of protein powders to choose from these days! You walk into a store and it’s literally a maze of supplements. It can get overwhelming with what’s the best option for you and your goals, but thankfully everyone at the stores are pretty knowledgeable, so don’t ever feel weird asking a bunch of questions!

Before we go any further, if you’re just starting out your fitness journey or trying to learn more information about overall fitness, I suggest you read “Protein Guide For Beginners”, just so you can learn about all the different types of protein powders out there. This explains what they’re best for, and how much protein your body needs for certain goals like gaining or losing weight.

I’ve come across a lot of different protein powders, so I thought I’d give you a list of 5 of my favorite ones that I really enjoy! I will be explaining some pros and cons with the choices that I picked!

1. Canadian Protein

There’s nothing I love more than supporting local, and this company is 40 minutes away from my hometown. I’ve been supporting this company for over 5 years now and I’ve never had any issues with them. They ship unbelievably fast and have amazing customer service. They ship to the U.S too. Just saying. 😉

Let me tell you, there are SO many things to choose from on their website. You have vegan protein powders, grass fed New Zealand whey, all natural, pea protein, sweetened with stevia, concentrate and more. They have roughly around 31 flavours to choose from. The flavours I’ve had are all great and clean! It’s great to switch up the flavours, so they sure don’t disappoint with that! They also have so many other supplements like BCAA’s, pre workout, vitamins, super-greens and much much more! The neat thing with this company is they also sell little sample pouches of protein powders and other supplements that are great if you want to try something new or even if you’re a person on the go! I brought a lot of stuff with me when Jamie and I were travelling. Perfect to throw into your bag, purse or even pocket!

Now, onto the best part, you can never, ever and I mean NEVER beat the price of this company! For an 11 LB whey concentrate bag, Jamie and I paid around $100 CAD. It looks like they discontinued that size, however they have a size up for 13.2LB for $94.99 CAD. It’s crazy! Let me just tell you that Jamie and I still have our 11LB bag of pound protein and we got it in December 2019, it is now June 2020… I’m just as shocked as you are.

I have never had any issues with Canadian Protein, however the only thing I don’t like is the packaging. The bags are reusable with a ziplock seal, but now it doesn’t work, so we suggest buying containers just to keep supplements more organized and fresh. I wish it had more of a ziploc slider so you could ensure the bag is properly closed.

2. Ghost

This company is from the U.S, but they recently started popping up in our shops here in Canada. I’ve bought stuff only twice and I will continue to support them.

They also have a lot of different supplements to choose from. The main reason it’s number 2 on my list is because they have amazing fun flavours to choose from. Flavours that you probably have never even heard of before for protein powder. Some of the flavours are coconut ice cream, Chips Ahoy, cinnamon cereal milk, blueberry toaster pastry, coffee ice cream and more. For pre workouts, they have peach, Sour Patch Kids red-berry, Warheads sour watermelon and many other neat flavours.

I’ve tried the Chips Ahoy protein powder and warheads sour watermelon pre workout and both are ahhhhmazing! Chips ahoy had little chocolate chips in the powder, which made my overnight oats extra delicious. It’s nice to get flavours that aren’t always the simple vanilla, strawberry etc.

The price isn’t too bad but also not amazing. The 2LB tub is roughly around $50 CAD. 2LB goes very quickly, so the I make sure I different options of protein around the house, so I don’t use it all up after every workout haha! I treat the Ghost stuff more like a treat for snacks for my oatmeal, yogurt. etc.

3. Allmax

Allmax is a brand I used a lot back in the day when I was prepping. You can’t go wrong with this company. The flavour I love is the birthday cake protein powder. It has little sprinkles inside, which also adds a little crunch to your oats! The chocolate casein protein powder is amazing! It gets thicker in oats and tastes like a chocolate mousse dessert!

I’ve never had an issue with this brand. Everything is great and tastes clean! The price is roughly around $40 CAD for a normal size tub.

4. Optimum Nutrition Casein Protein

ON is a great protein brand that never disappoints. Price point and flavours are excellent. I currently have the chocolate casein protein powder, which is unbelievably delicious. Casein is a slower digesting dairy protein powder that some people take as a supplement to help with recovery. It’s great to take before bed to help muscle breakdown while you sleep.

5. Magnum Quattro

Magnam is a great brand for simple clean flavours. I got this all the time when I was prepping because my coach suggested them to me and I continued to support their brand.

The only 2 things I’m not a fan of is how every time I step into a certain supplement store they do push this brand on you hard! Right when you walk in they talk about Magnam this and Magnam that because of the commission they get. Also, the price point sucks for the amount that you get. A 4LB tub is $95 CAD, which is the same price as the 13LB bag at Canadian Protein! Still great to try. Some flavours they have is salted freakin’ caramel and fruity hoops.

It’s usually my night time snack, I’m telling you mix this protein with oats and some nice cold milk and you will be hooked! The protein gets thicker mixed with liquid and it makes the oats like a dessert mouse texture. Crack I tell ya! You want something to eat for your sweet tooth craving, well here you go!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it very helpful. These are my favourite protein brands and will always be. The main thing you don’t want is to get bored of the flavours, and with these companies they sure don’t disappoint! Even with some being more expensive than others they’re still all super clean and they supply lots of other options for supplements as well!