8 Ways To Succeed With Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year! We gather our goals, write them down, and “hope” to stick to them for our New Year’s resolution. A lot of people want to lose weight, start eating healthier, gain muscle, start working out, etc, etc..

Crazy fact, researchers say about 60% of us make New Year’s resolutions, but only about 8% are successful in achieving them… 

Are these specific goals going to keep us motivated and are we going to stick to them? The biggest problem is people make all these resolutions without going into detail of their goal. How many days a week are you planning on working out? What kinds of meals will you add into your weekly menu? What exactly are you trying to accomplish? These are all the questions you need to ask yourself when making any type of goal. It won’t last if you don’t have a full plan ahead.

​ This leads us to the next question, “WHY?”

Why exactly are you doing this? Are you wanting to get into shape? Better yourself? Or because it’s what people do every year… If you don’t have the full potential in wanting to get fit then you should probably not make a new year’s goal.

​Alright, let’s get into it. Here are some things I want to share with you.


If you have too many things you want to set for yourself, you won’t know where to start and it will eventually bring you down and stress you out. Which will lead you to not accomplishing any of them. 


​Pick one thing you would like to focus on and focus on that! It will make things more clear for you, which will help you stay grounded. Accomplishing one goal at a time is the way to go, the last thing you want to be is stressed out. Going after a goal of yours should be a fun, but challenging experience.


You’d like to lose weight but you don’t set a specific goal, which makes it hard to plan or succeed. Many people set vague intentions, such as “eating clean”, “exercise more.” This won’t work, we need a full plan!


​It’s easy writing goals down, but you need to dig deeper and work harder towards what you want. Start writing out a game plan! You need to know all of the steps. Example. I want to cut out booze for a month. Ok, now figure out a plan to cut your wine cravings. Find yummy drinks to make instead, do your research! If you don’t have a plan, it will be harder to accomplish your resolution or goal.


Some goals are easier to achieve in smaller chunks. If someone wants to lose 40 pounds or gain muscle in one month, it’s likely you won’t accomplish it. You need to be real with yourself, or else it will fail.


Start with a small goal, of losing 5-10 pounds. Once you hit that goal, you will feel more motivated and it will continue to help you make the next one. As for gaining muscle, do your research and understand that it takes time, consistency, and lots of effort to accomplish that. Maybe get a nutrition plan or a trainer to get you in the groove of things, so you understand how it works.

To help you with your goals, check out “Understanding Macros.” Learn how you track your food and see how many calories you should eat whether you want to gain muscle or lose weight with using my macro calculator!


Life gets quite busy. Maybe you plan on waking up early going to the gym, and having a delicious healthy breakfast before work. If you sleep in by mistake, and don’t have time for the gym, do you have a quick healthy breakfast ready in the fridge? 


You should try to always have a backup plan, because. you. never. know! Understand that things will not always go your way, and try to have a positive outlook. If I set a goal of getting up in the morning to workout, I know that if I miss the alarm, or can’t get out of bed, I can always go after work.


When people want to lose weight or tone up, they tend to cut food groups out of their life that they enjoy. This isn’t a smart way of setting your goals, because it can lead to binge eating.


​Instead of having foods off limits, why don’t you try paying attention to portion sizes. A well balanced diet is having lots of colourful veggies, proteins, and carbs, but sometimes desert too! I will continue to say this, moderation is key!


Achieving a goal is a whole journey. You learn, try new things, meet new people, see results, get emotional, etc. The journey is a fulfilling path! If  you only focus on the  endgame, you will find it much harder to get there and achieve that goal.


​Getting into shape, no matter what goal you have, should be a fun journey! Yes, not always an easy one, but you will feel amazing, if you enjoy all the steps.

Try switching things up, whether that’s making your meals more flavourful, so you enjoy it. If you haven’t read my blog about “Spicing up your meals“, go read it now! You will want to cook the most delicious meals afterwards, I promise. You can also switch up your workouts so it’s not always the same routine every day/week. Read that blog too, “Level Up Your Workouts”

When you enjoy the journey, you will be in a better mood, and focus on more than just the endgame results. 

​Since you set a goal of “losing weight” , or what have you, set a goal in the gym, it could be with a certain workout, maybe squatting a certain number, or running for a period of time. Challenge yourself, because I promise you, it will change your overall perspective.


Lots of people start their fitness journey and only rely on the scale. The body weight will always, ALWAYS change! Did you go to the bathroom? Are you holding onto water? Did you have a cheat meal the day before? Maybe you’re gaining muscle. The number on the scale can be deceiving, but the camera seldom lies, so take progress pictures! Or measure yourself. Measure everything before you start! Chest, arms, waist, hips and your legs! And measure yourself or take pictures each month and I know you will be in shock with the progress.

Don’t forget to add in performance goals! Keep track of your lifts and make a set plan to improve your numbers each week or what have you. Increase your weights and reps. Keep pushing yourself!


After you worked so hard accomplishing your goal, what’s next? How are you going to maintain all the hard work and effort you put into this? 

​MAKE IT A LIFESTYLE! Your body is an amazing thing, and you only have one, so I suggest you live a healthy balanced life. Feed it delicious whole foods, drink lots of water, eat your veggies, and give your body some treats! 

​Continue a healthy life, but maybe work on a new goal! Try working towards having better willpower!

I used to hate saying no to someone offering me something yummy, but after awhile, I noticed I was just saying yes, because it’s free and it’s being handed to me. Most of the time it wasn’t a dessert that I loved.

Now, I can say “no”, no problem. I think to myself, is this snack going to be the best ever? If it’s a simple cookie or muffin, not really. I love my unhealthy treats, but I make sure I go out my way to get something that’s going to taste like heaven in my mouth. 

​Challenges can be fun. 

​Keep grinding!! You got this. 🙂 <3

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