Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is a relatively undeveloped island South-East of mainland Bali. I’m sure it will get busier as time goes on with more development.

Before I get into what we did, I just wanted to state this. We were really in shock coming to Nusa Penida. We did read that the roads were bad, but roads can be bad in Toronto for driving, so we shrugged it off. When we explored the day we arrived, we were in total shock with how BAD THE ROADS REALLY WERE. Think worst road you have ever driven on, and then multiply it by a million! Potholes everywhere and I mean huge potholes to the point I had to get off the bike and let Jamie finish that part in the road.. Also stones everywhere, which is so dangerous going downhill because it gets slippery. We did fall, but luckily caught ourselves with our feet, so although we were a bit shaken up, we weren’t hurt at all.

​After that day, we did our research and I talked to people on a travel group on FB, and people were mentioning how they had accidents as well and also have seen other people fall. We realized the best way to get around was by hiring a driver. You really only need one day to see the island. We found a company called Nusa Penida Holiday. It was $80CAD that we paid for the two of us. Our driver picked us up at 6am, and took us back at 4:30pm. We could have stayed out longer, but we were tired and done with being in photos.  They are flexible with the times you prefer, which was very helpful, since we wanted to get to a place early morning before the crowds. The driver also provided water. It was nice being in a/c and not having to worry about driving. In the car it is still very bumpy, but better to be safe than sorry. Hi Mul!

​Here is the small itinerary that packs the best stuff that we did all in one day. 

First you will need to book the ferry ride. We used $72CAD Roundtrip all together for the both of us. You or people at your hotel can arrange a cab to go down to Sanur Beach to catch a ferry ride to Nusa Penida. 


Wear flip flops during your transfer because you will oftentimes have to step in water in order to get on the ferry boats.

What To See?

Broken Beach
Broken Beach is one of many awesome locations on the island and it is not to be missed! The natural bridge stretches over stunning turquoise waters that flow in and out of the natural archway. You can take a panoramic walk all the way around Broken Beach to several different viewpoints. Great views all around!

There’s enough room to fly your drone under the bridge, if you have the skills!

Angel’s Billabong
The Billabong is a neat formation. In some areas, the water is deep enough for a little dip! 
Just be careful, there have been some deaths here.

Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach is located on the West Coast of Nusa Penida. This was the main reason we wanted to come to Nusa Penida. People say this looks like a T-Rex, but I think it looks more like a whale. 

To be on such a beautiful beach comes with a hefty price….The hike down to Kelingking Beach isn’t an easy walk, so you will want to bring a pair of good sneakers, or really good hiking sandals with a strap. The trek down is anything but laid back. You climb down hundreds of metres of stairs, and rocks with only but a bunch of ropes and bamboo sticks…The climb down takes about an hour. Since we did this hike early around 6:30 am, we didn’t have to squeeze by other people. Just remember it’s not a marathon, so take your time going down and back up. Take those views in!

The hike down is worth the hour and scratch! You reach this gorgeous blue crystal-clear water, with untouched white sanded cove. We’re both so happy we did it. There were only two other couples there! So peaceful here in the morning. I would recommend going here early morning before it gets busy or super hot.

Rumah Pohon Treehouse
This is a huge tourist spot for photos, but you can actually STAY HERE! It’s on Airbnb. It’s a pretty magical spot. Checkout the Airbnb here.

Once you pay entrance to the Ruman Pohon Molentang grounds, it gives access to the Thousand Island viewpoint. The stairway down is about a 10 minute walk and can be a little tough on a hot day. Although the views at the bottom are well worth it! 

The Nusa Penida treehouse itself is one of many famous spots on Penida thats become somewhat touristy thanks to Instagram.

​Originally set up as an Airbnb, the wooden treehouse sits on the edge of a cliff with stunning views and fresh ocean air flowing through. When you see it in person it’s not hard to understand why it’s become an extremely popular spot to capture a magical photo.

It’s been so successful that the owners built two other treehouse accommodations.There is a small shared toilet and only a few wooden walls to sleep in. Not sure how I would feel with people constantly taking photos there though.

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