Puerto Vallarta

Ah, Mehhiko!

Every place in Mexico has something to offer for anyone. Sip drinks on a beach, adventure out, or spent time at the most luxurious resort… (check it out below, I went there! hehe)

​No matter how you choose to travel here, there is so much to see! Beautiful buildings, the BEST food, cheap drinks, and friendly people.

Language: Spanish is the national language.Spanish Is spoken as a first language by 92.7% of the population. 

Currency: The currency of Mexico is peso. $1 CAD is equivalent to about $14.51MXN.

Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are the most commonly accepted credit cards in Mexico. You shouldn’t have a problem using any of these major cards, especially in larger cities or tourist destinations. Better to still have cash on your just in case.

Plugs: In Mexico, the power plugs and sockets are type A and B and standard voltage is 127 V and the frequency is 60Hz. Those are the same plugs used in the U.S, so if you live in the States, you don’t need to worry about buying a converter.

Time To Visit? The best time to visit Mexico is during the dry season between December and April, when there is virtually no rain. The coolest months are between December and February. It also depends on where you all plan on going, every destination in Mexico can be different when it comes to weather.

“Puerto Vallarta has the boldest and sassiest 5 Diamond hotel resort all inclusive in Mexico!”

Puerto Vallarta is a resort town on Mexico’s Pacific coast, in Jalisco state. It’s known for the beaches, water activities and nightlife.

​Looking for a luxury resort in Puerto Vallarta, that’s quiet, adults only, has good quality food/drinks, and that’s romantic? Hotel Mousai is the perfect splurge kind of vacation, but it’s all so worth it and I will show you why.

​Jamie and I did our research and booked our trip here. We booked the all inclusive package. Our eyes dropped by all the photos, and heck we even noticed some celebrities staying here. We saw some photos online of a couple different people from the tv show Scandal. 

​We booked a week at Hotel Mousai, which cost us $5,000 CAD. Yes, it’s not the typical “cheap” resort you can find, but everything about this place is just ‘MAWH.”  You’re staying at a 5 Diamond hotel (there are only 121 in the world), so the food, customer service, room, and everything in between is spectacular.

​If you have children with you, there is a sister hotel right beside called Garza Blanca. If you have someone watching the kids, you are allowed access to Hotel Mousai. 🙂 

Thing To Remember:

Hotel Mousai is luxurious hotel, which in that case, there are dress codes for the restaurants! So make sure to pack nice dresses, heels, and for the dudes, you will need to wear button ups and dress shoes. NO SANDALS!

Ok, let’s talk about the room!

Our hotel room was HUGE! I’d say bigger than our apartment at the time. The room was absolutely gorgeous and very clean.

Huge bed, nice decor and accent pieces, bathroom was spacious and toilet had a separate door, since the sink area was all open concept with a wall in between the bedroom and bathroom area. Shower was a decent size walk in shower, with seats inside. We had our own private balcony, which had a jacuzzi tub, hammock, couch and table. The jacuzzi had lights and different controls. Two entrances to the balcony once from the bedroom and the other from the bathroom. Big closet space and can’t forget those comfy hotel robes! You were also able to control the entire hotel room (and order room service from an iPad).

What to Do at Hotel Mousai?

This particular hotel, is a hotel where if you don’t leave the grounds that’s totally fine! You probably won’t want to leave anyways, EVER! 

Infinity Pool
This pool is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!  Surrounded by green lush jungle behind you, the ocean in front of you, good upbeat deep house music, on the most chic rooftop patio. The white accent pieces, with the chandeliers, makes it pop!

When the staff see you heading towards the lounge chairs they bring you towels. The staff at this hotel are helpful and so kind. They kept calling us Mrs Amanda, and Sir James. Made us feel like royalty lol!

The drinks were delicious and they had any drink you could imagine. Great Scotch that was included in the all inclusive package. I also drank champagne all day… 🙂

​Soaring high above Banderas Bay on the 18th floor, at 112 meters above sea level. The rooftop’s playfully inspired menu features a fun selection of tasty treats presented with imaginative flair that will keep you ordering everything off the menu. Trust me, you won’t want to leave the rooftop, we basically spent our entire time on the rooftop, or on our balcony.

 By night they put away all the lounge chairs, close the pool at 6pm, and sometimes have a DJ playing. We went to Mexico in Sept, so it wasn’t busy at all, which can be a bad or good thing. I enjoy meeting other people, so the rooftop was too empty at night. They get sold out for New Years though, so if enjoy going somewhere for events, this place would be a party!

Spa Day
This was something I wish we did, however the spa can be pricey, so we just didn’t do it. The spa looks magical! 
They have a hydrotherapy circuit with a whirlpool, pressure massage shower, cold plunge pool and six-cycle vitality pool, or unwind in their relaxation lounge, beauty salon and specialty therapy suites for couples and small groups. They also have a great view on the ocean.
They do it all! Facials, massages, waxing, nails etc. They got you covered, girl!

Gym/ Sport Activities


They have a gorgeous gym, with everything you will need to complete your workout. Lots of different weights, machines, yoga room, cardio machines, overlooking the magical views below you. They supply a water station there with some fruit, towels, and a cold cloth that smells good for your face. The hotel also supplies a tennis and squash court, which is a 3 min drive in a golf cart.

Free Hotel Activities
Take advantage of free activities, if it interests you that is! They supply a couple of different options, we did two excursions that we enjoyed. We did a jungle hike, that lead us to a cute waterfall. You can choose the type of hike you want, the hard or easy one. We did the hard one, which wasn’t that bad. Couple parts were scary, where we had to climb just by holding onto some rope, but there were kids on the same hike!

We also kayaked across the way to a rock formation called, Los Arcos. You can also snorkel, dive and swim at the formation. This is all with a tour guide. 

​They also supply Tequila tasting, wine tasting, and other fun things that you need to pay for. It says it all online,  and lets you know which is free and what ones you need to pay for.


Hotel Mousai offers 5 different restaurants onsite, wheather that’s on their property or the sister hotel, Garza Blanca.

Hiroshi- OUR FAVORITE place to eat! Its minimalist concept is playful yet sensual, colorful yet elegant, and very flavourful! It’s a Japanese restaurant with a little bit of a Mexican twist. So delicious. 

Blanca Blue– This place is a fine dining experience that will thrill any foodie with its innovative perspective on Mexican cuisine. They serve many options, it was delicious, but not our favourite.

Bocados STK– Provides an enigmatic atmosphere with torch-lit horizons and amazing vistas of Banderas Bay. Food was delicious, we both had a steak. Very romantic place. 

The Terrace– This was the place they served breakfast every morning. Buffet style with foods such as, yogurt, fruit,  granola, mimosas, salad, bread etc. You ordered with a server for your breakfast meal. Breakfast was delicious, also with stunning views!

The Rooftop– Great simple munchies to go with your beverage. Tacos, ceviche, nachos, etc.

Aquazul Bar & Lounge– This place is located at the Garza Blanca hotel. They supply snacks & Italian food.

We found this hotel to be beyond magical. Everything was great, no bad reviews whatsoever. 

On our last day, we went to explore Puerto Vallarta town, where we had a great lunch and cheap margaritas. Went back to Hotel Mousai to wait for our flight, we had to check out, but we were able to leave our bags downstairs, while we went back up for one last swim. We were still able drink, just had to pay this time, since we checked out.

​I recommended this place to anyone wanting a getaway, that’s looking for something a little bit more luxurious, quiet, and very romantic, with also the best resort food anyone could ever taste! 

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