Simple At Home Glute Workout

You don’t find willpower, you create it

These days have been tough, there’s no doubt about that! Having a routine is very important to me; it’s actually the main reason why I wanted to come home from my full-time travels. I wanted to be back in my groove with my everyday workout and nutrition routine.

This virus came out of nowhere and it’s still very frustrating, (just be thankful you’re safe and healthy). Social media has been booming with a ton of at home workouts, since a lot of you are stuck at home.Trying to motivate yourself is SO very important and it’s the only way you will succeed with anything in life. You need to get off your ass and go get what you want. You can’t let this whole situation take control of your life and just be a total bum every day. Take advantage of having the opportunity to take care of your mind, body, and soul. It’s great that a lot of people are posting exercises online, however my goal is to get into more depth and explain the exercise and form! The key to seeing growth and progress with the gym is to know the proper form and understand the motion. Muscle-mind connection is key! Don’t just go through the motions of the exercise, but learn to understand what you’re working and do it slowly to actually feel the muscles working!

Here are some glute workouts that you can easily do with bands, weights, a 16LB rice bag, water jug, or bodyweight, all in the comfort of your home! GET CREATIVE PEOPLE!

For these exercises try adding some of these techniques to get the most out of your workout! (Level Up Your Workouts). Have you tried supersets, dropsets, or negatives? Read “Level Up Your Workouts” to spice up your routine and give your muscles something new to try; I’m sure you’ll feel the burn.

These workouts you can do anywhere. I’m currently living in my in-laws basement, so I apologize for the “simple” pictures that might be a bit dark. I just wanted to show you that you can still have a great workout when you don’t have a lot of space. Stop with the excuses and get started today!

Goblet Squat

A lower- body exercise in which you’re able to hold a dumbbell with both hands in front of your chest. This is great for your hip mobility!

  • Start with your elbows pointing down. Lower your body into a squat position. Push your knees out. Don’t let them cave in.
  • Squat ass to grass, then come back up, pushing through your heels. Keep your abs tight throughout the entire exercise.
Split Squat

These are tough! You will get used to it the more you do them. This exercise is great for trying to improve your balance and the single- leg strength of each leg. They target the quads, glutes and hammies! Your quads will be on fire!

  • Standing position, take one step forwards as if you were doing a lunge. Keep one leg on the bench, chair, or bed.
  • Keeping your torso straight, slowly lower yourself, but make sure your knee doesn’t touch the floor. Push yourself right back up. Keep your knees in line with you toes. Make sure your knee doesn’t past your foot as you lower.
  • For extra glute burn, don’t stand up all the way. It keeps the tension on the glutes! Keep the motion nice and slow, so you can really feel it! (Muscle-mind connection).

These take time so don’t get frustrated. You really need to focus on your balance with this one. Figuring out your leg stance and holding a weight in your hand can all be a bit much. But you can do it! You can also use your bodyweight as well.

Sumo Squat

This type of squat is a great lower-body strength exercise that works the inner thigh muscles, glutes, quads, hammies, and hip flexors.

  • Starting in a standing position. Have your legs wider than shoulder-width apart.
  • Drop yourself into a squat. Bending at your hips and knees and sitting back, as if you were going to sit in a chair. Always keep your chest up!

For this type of squat add one bigger weight and hold it with both hands in between your legs!

Hip Thrusts

My favorite! The glute builder!!

These work the quads and hammies as well, but not as much as they work the glutes. This is good for women who don’t want to focus much on their quads, however I do find muscular quads sexy too!

This can be “awkward” for some of you. There’s not reason to feel embarrassed. You see girls doing this one all the time. If you need a little gym boost, here ya go! 😉 (11 Ways To Boost Your Confidence In The Gym).

You can do these on the floor, bench, chair, bed, coffee table etc. You can also use your body weight, weights, rice bags, bands, etc.

This is the same movement as the glue bridge on the floor, except you’re back is elevated, which is great because it increases your range of motion.

  • Rest your upper back on a bench or the floor. Whatever makes you feel more comfortable. Have a loaded barbell over our hips and press through your feet to lift yourself up.
  • Make sure to position the weight on you lap so it’s laying across your lower abs, above your pubic bone. Find the position where you most feel comfortable. Wrap a mat around the weight or use a squat sponge if you need to!
  • Put your feet a little wider than hip width apart. Keep your neck and spine in a neutral posture, with your top half of your back pressed onto the bench. This motion happens at the hip joint. Contract your glutes to help lift your hips off the ground, make sure to hold it at the top of the movement for a couple seconds. Slow and controlled!

Try adding a band for some extra tension or do some pulsing at the top. 😉

Curtsy Lunges

These are fun to do and it’s a great way to change up your leg day routine. These target your glutes and inner thighs. It can help improve your posture by stabilizing your hips.

  • Start with your feet hip-distance apart and have your arms at the side. Hold weights by your side if you want, or have a dumbell across your shoulders.
  • Think of drawing a semicircle with your right food, moving it clockwise util crosses behind your other foot.
  • Lunge down as deeply as you can, just make sure your knee doesn’t touch the floor.
  • Slow and controlled return back to the starting position.

Try and challenge yourself by switching things up, you can alternate legs, or do one leg at a time, maybe add in some pulsing too!

Donkey Kicks

There are so many variations of these, which will keep your workout routine fun and your muscles guessing! Switching up workouts is a great way to shock your muscles. They can only grow a certain amount with the same exercise and weight every time.

  • Begin in a tabletop position on your hands and knees. Keeping your core nice and tight.
  • Lift one leg behind your while keeping one knee bend. Raise your working leg until it’s in line with your body and your flexed foot is aligned to the sky.

You can add bands, a weight behind the knee, or just your bodyweight. I personally love the extra tension!

Stiff Legs Deadlifts

There are so many different ways of doing deadlifts. You have sumo, which is your legs wide apart, you have conventional, which is legs shoulder width apart, single legs, and these babies!
Sumo, and conventionals are mostly working hamstrings and quads, while stiff legs is working the glutes more! The stiff-leg deadlift, as you might expect, it involves less bending of the knee, which increases you to work the glutes a bit more! Of course your hammies too!

  • Position your feet shoulder width apart. Hold your weight with an overhand grip. Palms should be facing you. Have your knees slightly bent and make sure you keep it that way throughout the entire exercise.
  • Bend at the hips and lower your weights. Keep your back straight the whole time. Keep lowering until you feel that uncomfortable stretch in your hammies and glutes. (I have tight hammies, so at times, it’s uncomfortable, but a good burning feeling).
  • Slowly straighten yourself back up, keep the weights or bar close to your body.
Single Leg DeadLifts

This is where one foot stays firmly on the ground while the other one raises into the air at the end of the movement. It helps train your balance, grip and the ab muscles. Training one leg at a time helps build and strengthens your back and glute size individually.

  • Stand with your feet under hips. Move your weight to the right leg, which should be straight with a gentle bend in the knee.
  • Start to drive your left foot back, keeping your leg straight. Slowly start hinging at the waist, tipping your torso onwards until it’s close to being parallel to the ground. Keeping your arms straight the whole time.
  • When at the bottom position, your body should be in a level line from the top of your head of the bottom of your left foot. Begin to pull your left leg forward while keeping it straight. Lift your torso back up until you’re standing upright. Keep the tempo slow and controlled, while you keep the tension on your glutes. Squeeze them at the top.
Step Ups

Step ups are an amazing exercise for building your lower body strength and balance! This exercise targets the quads like crazy. You can either hold 2 weights, one weight on the working leg, or just your bodyweight. Doing one leg at a time helps you strengthen your legs individually. Everyone usually has some sort of imbalances, since we usually have one arm or leg that is stronger than the other. Working on things one at a time can help with improving the weaker muscle.

  • Stand and face the front of a box or chair. Hold your weights in your hands or a barbell across your shoulders.
  • Step up on the chair with the right food, pressing through your heel to straighten your right leg.
  • Carry your left food to meet the other foot on top of the platform. Bend you right knee and step back down with the left food.
  • Bring your right foot down to meet the other foot on the floor. You can either do one leg at a time or alternating legs.

Lunges help strengthen your legs and grow your glutes. These can be challenging. I prefer having. weight across my shoulders. Having them in my hands can get tough. I usually go pretty heavy with these, so at times I just feel the pain burning my hands and arms. You can either stand in one position or you can try walking lunges. (if you have the space). You can step forwards or backwards if you wanted to change things up. Use bands for extra tension! Modify your exercises to keep it fun! Usually there are multiple ways to do one exercise.

  • Keep the top of your body straight. Make sure to keep your shoulders back and engage your core!
  • Take a small step forward with one of your legs, lower your hips until your knees are bent with a 90 degree angle. You always want to make sure your front knee is above your ankle, while the other leg doesn’t touch the floor. Always keep the weight in your heels as you shoot back into the starting point.
Banded Workouts

After your full leg workout, try doing what I call a “burnout”. Take your glute bands if you have, and do a little burnout with a couple of these exercises, fire hydrants, donkey kick backs, glute bridges, one legged hip thrust, etc. So many on the floor burnouts you can do. Do 4 sets with a rep range of something like 15-20 or even higher if you’re feeling extra. NO REST! It’s such a great finisher!

Don’t forget to also add some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Jump squats, burpees, jump lunges. etc. Using a band for those are killer!

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