Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Everyone loves a good bowl! Whether that’s a poke bowl, ice cream bowl, oatmeal bowl or smoothie bowls! There’s something about what’s in these bowls that we keep coming back to. They’re all just so freakin’ delicious!

Knowing how to flavour and make things interesting in the kitchen is always key to a happy and healthy lifestyle. I made a Bali Inspired Oatmeal Bowl Recipe that you should also check out and make for yourself.

The main reason why I love having oatmeal or smoothie bowls for snacks and once in awhile breakfast is because there are SO many ways to make them different. It’s literally the saying ” same, same, but different.” What you add to them will change the flavour and not to mention texture, which will keep you and your taste buds satisfied.

  • Frozen mango chunks – 200g
  • Frozen blueberries – 25g
  • Banana – 30g
  • Granola – 15g
  • Sweetened shredded coconut – 3g
  • Water – Until it makes the consistency smoothie like. I believe I used half a cup.
  1. Blend mango with some water. Keeping adding enough water until it’s like a smoothie base. I had to blend, add water, blend again with more water for a couple of times to get perfect. It also depends on how good your blender is, so start with a little amount of water and work your way towards that texture.
  2. Place smoothie into a bowl and top it with whatever you want! I added fresh banana, frozen blueberries, granola and sprinkled some coconut. Always be aware of your toppings, calories and sugar can add up quickly. Keep in mind this is all real fruit so don’t let the sugar intake scare you. I never recommended adding juice, the real thing is so much better!
  3. Bon appetite! 🙂

One bowl of this recipe. (Roughly estimated on MyFitnessPal).

Calories: 241
Fat: 3g
Carbs: 52g
Protein: 4g
Sugar: 33g

As you can see there isn’t a ton of protein in this since it’s mainly fruit. This makes great for a mid-day snack especially in the summer. I love sticking to a big healthy breakfast that is protein packed, but sometimes it’s nice switching up how you eat fruit. Homemade smoothie based things are so delicious and you know exactly what you’re eating because you’re the chef.

Beware of store and restaurant smoothies options. Examples:

Bottled smoothies like the brand “Naked” can have 40 grams of carbs and 34 grams of sugar AND literally 0 FIBRE! Which is crazy.

I always thought Booster Juice was healthy…but boy was I wrong. They have a smoothie there called “Bananas-A-Whey”. It’s made with bananas, pineapple, skim milk, vanilla frozen yogurt and whey protein. Your calories are 350. Protein 28 grams. Carbs 55 grams. Fat 1 gram, and 45 grams of sugar! We know that it’s not all coming from natural fruit. Chapmans Vanilla frozen yogurt has 14 grams of sugar for only half a cup! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! I’d love to hear some of your favourite toppings you like to add on your oatmeal and smoothie bowls. 🙂

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