The Ultimate Gift Ideas For Fitness Addicts

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Do you find it challenging to buy gifts for people? Let alone fitness addicts?

You’re probably thinking, what can I buy them besides a water bottle? Well you came to the right place! I’ve been obsessed with the gym for over 6 years and I’ve come across many products that work out to be a great gift for a fellow friend, family member, or work colleague thats really into fitness and being healthy! The prices will range, so you have plenty of options no matter what budget you have!

Gym Bag

We always need a bag with us that can fit all of our gym essentials! There are so many shapes and sizes to choose from. I just have my Hershel bag and it works just fine. Jamie recently got a backpack from King Kong and it’s a work bag and gym bag all in one. It is a little bulky, but it can fit your laptop along with your workout gear, including shoes!

Glute Bands

What female doesn’t love incorpring banded workouts? These are amazing to add into your routine, it helps fire up your glutes and makes you feel the burn! You can use them during squats, hip thrusts, lunges etc. They are also great to use before workouts as a warm up! I do have the latex ones, but I would recommend the fabric ones, since they won’t be as slippery!
If you want to check out the latex ones, they are cheaper, but sometimes I find that there isn’t enough tension or they slip down my legs. However it’s great to get different ones for options. Check it out here.

Full Body Bands

MORE BANDS! You’re right, there are so many different ones out there! They all do an excellent job and the best thing with these bands, is it allows you to use your imagination with trying different workouts and positions. You can workout any body part with these; such as doing shoulder press, stiff leg deadlifts, lateral raises, glute pull throughs, arms, etc. There are SO many options! Check out a couple of these full body bands, I promise they won’t disappoint.

Lacrosse Ball

For someone who isn’t all hands on deck with fitness supplies, you’re probably thinking what’s with the lacrosse ball? This ball is firm and amazing for mobility! These babies get rid of knots and tension in your body from all of your hard workouts. This is great in general, but for someone who works out on the daily, they might need this for some extra TLC! Lay or stand with your back against the wall, roll out your back, glutes, hammies, etc. Great for limiting pain in those targeted areas.

Foam Roller

This is similar to the lacrosse ball, but it is more gentle as the pressure is spread out along the entire length of the roller as opposed to the ball. The foam roller is a great first step into post workout rolling and recovery! I’ve had one for years and I use it in tandem with the ball to get maximum relief and recovery.


For those yoga lovers or people who enjoy working out from home and need a little cushion for your back, mats are great to have in the house!

Ankle Strap

These are great for when the gym is very limited with the extra stuff they have. This ankle strap is used to attached to a cable machine to do glute kickbacks!


Everyone needs music for their workouts. The music in the background at the gym simply isn’t enough to get you motivated and hit your PR’S (personal record). There are so many different headphones but I personally love my beats. They are expensive, however I’ve had mine for over 4 years now. The cushion on the headphones were getting old, but the neat thing is you’re able to just order headphone covers on Amazon to change them out, and boom – basically brand new headphones!


Who doesn’t love getting supplements as a gift? I LOVE IT! Supplements can be expensive, so why not ask and get them as gifts if someone wants to spoil you. 😉 Protein powder, BCAA’s, and Pre workout are the major supplements that people enjoy every day before or after their workout.


Yup, you know you’re growing up when you ask for kitchen supplies for a gift! Blenders are great though; not only can you blend up your favourite protein shakes, but you can even blend up onions so you don’t have to do the chopping when you’re prepping your meals. #kitchenhacks

Gym Clothing

Gym clothes are fun and Amazon does have a lot to choose from these days. I do like Lululemon for leggings, but I’m not a huge fan of the prices and how much the Align pants pill. They are great pants though, it’s just unfortunate that the pants pill and rip very easily! I sat on a porch and somehow it got caught and it ripped! For cheaper stores that have fun crop tops, I would suggest checking out Forever 21, they closed in Canada, but you can shop online. Forever 21 and H&M are great for fitness clothing as well, and their stuff won’t break your bank.

Skipping Rope

If you know someone who enjoys skipping as another way to add cardio into their routine, a skipping rope is a perfect gift and it also makes a great stocking stuffer.


I recently purchased some weights here in the city and it’s perfect for at home workouts! Weights are great to have just in case you can’t make it to the gym or your gym is closed. This way you have a backup plan! Getting in a quick workout is better than no workout! Some people also prefer doing workouts at home instead of the gym, so it does make a perfect gift if you have extra cash to spend. They can be expensive.


Everyone loves shoe shopping or getting a new pair of kicks for a gift! Us fitness lovers go through running shoes quickly, especially if we also use them for everyday outings. Nike has a ton of great options and their shoes are very comfy!

Weightlifting Belt

Weightlifting belts help reduce the tension on the lower back when doing heavy compound movements. The belt also teaches you to brace your core (which allows you to protect your spine when lifting), and gives you the confidence to hit larger weights. These are especially useful for your squats and deadlifts, and are an essential tool for anyone who is into the gym.

Goal Planner / Journal

I honestly hate writing stuff down on my phone. We should still keep up with writing things down manually. Writing down goals is very important. You have something to always remind yourself of what goal you want to reach.

Protein Treats

I enjoy getting my favorite snacks in my stocking or just as a random gift. Going to your local supplement store or even Amazon; they have lots of options for munchies that people will appreciate for their post/ pre workout treat! Some good treats that you can find are Lenny & Larry cookies, Daryl’s granola bar, Nuts N More spreads. etc.


I know, I know. When people write down socks for their birthday or Christmas list I roll my eyes, however there are a ton of cute “fitness related” socks! High waisted donut socks? YES, please! Too cute. They also help reduce shin scraps when deadlifting 🙂

Ab Slings

These are great for training your abs and obliques! This product makes it more intense for training your lower abs! Hook them up to the squat rack where people do pull ups, put your arms through and bring your legs to your chest and back down. These slings take the pressure off of your hands when you do this exercise so you can really focus on your abs, and not how your hands hurt. Add more intensity by adding a small weight between your feet!

Recipe Books

There are a ton of healthy fitness recipe books! I haven’t purchased any yet, but I’d love to try a couple. I know the internet has all the recipes, but there’s something nice about having a physical book on hand to look at.

Micro Fibre Towel

Great gift for those people who sweat a lot! Jamie and I had a set of these towels for travelling and they were great! They dry you off, it’s soft, and the towel drys quickly.

Prepped Meals

This may be an odd one, but us fitness addicts would love and appreciate it! Depending where you live there are usually companies that sell pre-made healthy meals. Grab a gift card for a weeks worth of meals and your fellow fitness lover will love you forever!

Grocery Store Gift Card

Yup, another one of those #adulting gifts, but hey everyone enjoys food and saving some money on groceries!

Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps help provide support to the wrist joint during intense heavy lifts! This can be especially helpful during squats as, dependent on your shoulder mobility; it is very difficult to have a close grip on the barbell while maintaining a neutral wrists. The wraps help support you in this regard so you can be safe while lifting and not worry about injuring yourself by placing a ton of pressure on your smaller joints.


For men, good breathable underwear is key! For women we like small breathable thongs. We don’t want our underwear lining showing through our leggings. Any sport related undies for men are great! Lulu, New Balance, Nike, Puma are all great brands. Their products are pretty much all the same, it just depends on your choice of style and budget.

Monthly Subscriptions

This is such a fun and neat idea! Pay for one month of a fitness subscription box. Jamie used to get a crate each month from “Barbell Box” and it came with new supplements and treats each time. It’s great to try new things without spending a ton of money. Perfect way to figure out what you like before you buy certain things.

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