A Fit Person’s Grocery Store Haul

You don’t have to eat less, you just have to eat right.

Eating healthy is a big part of my life, it makes me feel good on the inside and outside. I can have a sensitive stomach at times, which is why I love feeding my body clean, healthy delicious foods. Do I eat junk food? uhh, duh! I LOVE my chocolate, ice cream, donuts, and crème brûlée. I’m a huge sucker for sweets, no doubt about that. However, I don’t eat those things every day, moderation is key! What you eat, will affect your body in one way or another.


I’m not on a diet, and don’t believe in those, I believe eating everything in moderation, and treating yourself, so you don’t binge. Many people say eating clean is boring, but that’s far from the truth. I do have a blog on how I like to spice up my foods (Ways To Stop Eating Bland Food). Bland food is not an option for me, because I’m a HUGE foodie. 😉

I LOVE grocery shopping, especially when I happen to be in a different country! So many different things to try! I thought I would put together a list of groceries I buy on a regular basis. My everyday staples, and bulking treats!

​Lets taco-bout food! 😉

Delicious Sources Of Protein

  • Whole Eggs – Great breakfast source. I eat them every single day.
  • Egg Whites – I like mixing one egg, with 1 cup of egg whites. Lots of protein! I also put some egg whites into my shakes for some extra calories and protein or even my oats!
  • Chicken Breast – Very high in protein and low fat. So many ways to make it taste delish.
  • Lean Ground Chicken – Inexpensive, and another great way to switch it up.
  • Lean Ground Turkey – This is a great source of low-cost, low-fat protein, makes a great burger!
  • Steak – I love flank steak! It tastes great and 0 fatty pieces (it’s also $10 a lb in Canada)
  • Cod – Reasonable priced lean fish! Low in calories, it’s too low for me at times, but you can make really good fish tacos!
  • Salmon – Delicious fish with very good fats! Salmon is my favorite fish. Add some lemon juice and zest and bam is tastes amazing. Don’t need a lot of spices to make salmon taste good.
  • Turkey bacon – This is a better option than normal bacon, not something I have all the time, but it taste good once in awhile. Not a huge bacon fan anymore.
  • Lean Ground Beef – It’s always good to get 90% lean ground beef. If you’re bulking, it’s ok to have less than 90% lean. The fat just adds up quickly, that’s why I love getting extra lean. Ground beef is something I eat multiple times a week. So many great recipes to make from ground beef.
  • Cottage Cheese – This is a great option to get some extra protein in. I like mixing this in with my yogurt or freeze a bit of it, for a short period of time and it’s a great “cheesecake” like snack. Top it with some fruit. etc.
  • Pork Tenderloin – Pork tenderloin is a good choice. It’s low in fat, high in protein and a rich source of B vitamins.
  • Plain Greek Yogurt – Plain, 0/low-sugar. This is a great source of quality protein! Makes a great breakfast or snack and you can top it however you like – cinnamon, fruits, oats, almonds, even a scoop of chocolate whey turns this into a delicious dessert.

Good Carbs

  • Oatmeal – I get quick oats, it’s cheap, delicious, versatile, and it’s a slow digesting carb, so it helps you stay full longer. So many ways to flavour it up! Steel cut oats are also great!
  • Fruit – Fruits are great for you, but some can be better for you than others. Blueberries are amazing for you, bananas, oranges. etc.
  • Veggies – Just like your fruits you can never go wrong with eating more veggies! The green veg are low in calories and have a great source of fibre.
  • Sweet Potatoes – Delicious, slow digesting carb. I sometimes add cinnamon to my sweet potatoes, tastes amazing! Homemade sweet potato fries are amazing!
  • White Potatoes – Potatoes are a good source of potassium and carbs. I enjoy making homemade fries. Toss in some Olive oil, bake, and sprinkle some seasoning. = carb heaven.
  • Brown Rice – Another great slow digesting carb.
  • White Rice – Faster digesting carb. Make it unboring by adding some coconut milk, or chicken stock.
  • Whole Wheat Bread – Breads like Ezekiel is not processed “white flour.” This makes it a slow digesting carb. Try to get clean whole wheat breads. Still enjoy yourself with the breads you like.
  • Beans – Chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans, black beans and pinto beans. Great source of carbs, protein, and fat.

Good Fats

  • Olive Oil – Perfect source of fat to add to your dishes! Makes a great salad dressing with some balsamic vinegar.
  • Nuts – Almonds, pecans, walnuts, cashews, and peanuts are all great sources of protein and fats! They can all add up quickly in calories, so eat in moderation.
  • Natural Peanut Butter – NATURAL! Not the processed one. The ingredients should just list out “peanuts” and that’s it! PB is a great source of fat and some protein. I absolutely love the crunchy kind.
  • Avocados – Yum!! Great toppings for salads, taco bowls, and poached eggs on toast etc. I’m obsessed with avocado toast with some lime juice and salt/pepper.
  • Coconut Oil- I use this often! It’s a great way to add some flavour and make your food juicy. I love adding this to my eggs, and spreading it on-top of my breads, instead of using butter.

Other Foods / Bulking Snacks

  • Rye Bread – I eat rye bread pretty much every day. I do enjoy “healthier’ options, but I sometimes find “healthier” option breads to be more dry. I switch it up, but bread is usually a part of my breakfast. It works for me and I do love my PB. 😉
  • Bagels – I love my carbs… hah ! Bagels are a great source of carbs when you’re trying to put on some size. Blueberry is my favorite! I usually eat more bagels when I’m bulking.
  • Protein Snacks – Smart Sweets, Lenny & Larry cookies, Daryl Bars etc. Even though they have protein in them, they still have sugar, fat, etc, but it’s a great treat every once in awhile, or more often when I’m bulking.
  • Pasta – Ground beef, pasta, and a yummy homemade sauce is just amazing. I eat this whenever I’m craving it, but I incorporate more when I’m trying to gain more size.
  • Rice Cakes- Low carb, simple snack. I get the plain ones, and add PB and jam on-top. Great post-workout munchie.
  • Cereal – I enjoy cereal from time-to time. Low sugar ones that I like to eat are Corn Flakes and Rice Crispies, I add in a little chocolate powder for some yummy flavour. When bulking I like to enjoy more varieties, I like LIFE and Harvest Crunch. 
  • Cheese – I love cheese, especially with wine. 😉 Brie, Gouda, Goat cheese, Mozzarella, I love it all. Moderation of course. 

If you’re curious about tracking your macros, or if you’re unsure about what macros are, check out Understanding Macros.

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