9 Fitness Tips For The Holiday Season

Ok, Listen, I just wanted to say, I’m sick of seeing articles about how you should swap out certain foods for a healthier option when it comes to how to eat for the holidays. I feel like that’s teaching society that you can’t enjoy the festivities that’s going on around this time of year. I’m not saying that you should munch on all the chips from dusk until dawn, but enjoy the food that you don’t normally eat on a regular basis. Obviously it’s good to make healthier choices, but we shouldn’t have to worry as much as some people do when it comes to food. Food shouldn’t be the “culprit”, it’s all based on your decisions, and how you choose to use food in moderation. Here is my food swap post if you’re interested on making healthier choices in your daily life. “21 Smart Food Swaps

​I wanted to write this and show you, that you don’t need to make the holidays seem stressful. Obviously don’t over-eat to the point your body hurts, but enjoy the time you have with your loved ones without feeling guilty with what you’re eating.

You just need to plan a little! There is no reason to crash and burn your progress, while enjoying the holidays. Here are some tips that can help you be mindful of the holiday season, but yet remember to ENJOY YOURSELF without feeling guilty.


You should already be drinking lots of water throughout your day, everyday.. 

Drinking water is very important. No to sports drinks, or any other sugary liquid. Just water! If you need flavour, add some BCAA supplement or lemon, lime or cucumbers, strawberries. Etc. It makes the water taste delicious and refreshing. When our bodies are dehydrated we feel hungry and our bodies feel completely off.

If you really want to know how much sugar is in sports drinks I experimented myself and weighted out the amount of sugar in some of these foods and drinks that are considered to be “healthy”. How Much Sugar Are You Actually Consuming?


A simple margarita will be roughly around 200 calories or more! People usually have more than one drink. Why spike your sugar intake and drink empty calories. Also sweet drinks cause hangovers! BLAH!

​If you choose to have wine or sugary drinks, just be mindful of how many glasses you have. Also, make sure you have a big water bottle handy, so you don’t get dehydrated. There are times I enjoy a Mojito, but I can only handle one glass, so then I switch my drink to something like a vodka soda.

Replace the sugary drinks with something like..

​- Soda water with fresh squeezed lime or lemon juice, you can find 0 calorie 0 sugar soda water, I was never a fan of soda water, but now omg, It’s sooo good. They also have flavoured ones, which is delicious for mixing it with vodka etc.

​- BCAA drink. BCAA’ s are a supplement us gym folks use to sip on during our workout, but it also makes water taste absolutely delicious with all the flavours they sell. I like to mix flat water, with blue raspberry flavoured BCAA, ice, with vodka or Gin and BAM! You have yourself a low calorie drink.

​- I also got hooked on Rose Gin, which tastes amazing! You can mix that with low sugar pink lemonade.


They always say to never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry because you will want all the unhealthy snacks. This is similar to any holiday party! If you know you will be in land of all kinds of unhealthy food, just eat a big meal or snack before hand.

Usually before we have people over for Christmas or any holiday for that matter, I like to make myself a big bowl of oats, that way I’m full for the first half of the party. Just try not to go to an event hungry!


Scan the buffet or dinner table and choose a couple holiday favourites to splurge on instead of foods that you can have any other day of the year. Be smart with your options. I’m sure people make certain foods for the holidays that they don’t tend to make every get together, choose the stuff you don’t get to have all the time.


For my dad’s side of the family, everyone brings something to help out, whether it’s deserts, ham, stuffing, potatoes, fruit, etc. They still bring stuff and cook it at whoever’s house we’re at. Jamie and I always tend to always bring the veggie plate.

​There are so many fun healthy dishes/snacks you can bring, so many options out there.

Some options that I just thought about in my head.

​-Nuts, veggies and dip, ether make your own dip, or get one from the store, check the nutritional facts.

​-Eggplant ricotta bites

​-Tortilla chips (low sodium) with homemade guac or Pico De Gallo

​-Meatballs or Turkey Balls

-Chicken wings, that are grilled or baked! Great source of protein and fats.


No one likes the stuffed, bloated, I can’t breath feeling. Eat slowly, don’t over stuff your plate, start off small and check your fullness levels, before grabbing seconds. Make sure you also eat your vegetables. Remember, there are always leftovers!!


Lots of people can push food on you, try this, try that, but if you were satisfied before they asked you, just say “no thanks”. Also, don’t be afraid to tell people your goals. 🙂


If you do overindulge this season, its ok! Letting loose with food every once in awhile is totally fine. It’s part of life! Obsessing over it won’t change, so just accept it and move on. We need to understand how to have a balanced lifestyle. Enjoy all the food, just always be mindful.

But I don’t know about you, I can’t handle feeling like sh*t, so I usually am a bit careful, and for the most part my body and mind have changed drastically to the point that I’m ok with saying no to certain foods. It takes practice, but having strong will-power is SO amazing.


You’ve worked hard to get where you are and to look as good as you do. Don’t ruin all that by stuffing your face until you want to throw up. Treat your body well, feed it properly, drink lots of water, get some sleep, and get back to your routine.

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