EHHHHH, Welcome to Canada!

The land of maple syrup, snow capped mountains, beautiful blue water, brutally cold winters and an activity that suits every single soul!

The currency in Canada is the Canadian dollar. 1 CAD dollar (Loonie) is around $.70 USD.

In Canada, our power plugs and sockets are type A and B. The voltage is 120V and the frequency is 60 HZ.

Languages: Mostly English and French

​When Should You Visit? There is no such thing as the “best time” to visit Canada. There is always an activity to do in any sort of weather conditions. I suggest coming here in Toronto either in the summer (May-Aug) or the fall. (Sept).

Where To Stay?

Since I live here I know HOW EXPENSIVE the city is. I 100% recommend using Airbnb to save yourself some money. If you’re looking for some fancy luxurious hotels I suggest checking out these places:

Four Seasons
Fairmont Royal
Shangri La
One King West
The Ritz
The Old Mill & Spa ( Where I ‘got married) hehe!

How To Get Around?


Cabs are easy to find, however it’s definitely the most expensive way of getting around. Toronto Pearson Airport is about a 20 min drive from our house and it costs $80 evey time and you’re unable to get an Uber when you’re leaving the airport. Ubers or Lyft are the cheapest cabs around the city.


If you’re visiting the the city our subway system is a good way to get around. We have an underground train, above ground streetcar line and a bus. To ride any of these, it’s $3.35 for one way PP.


Depending where you book your hotel walking in the city is a ton of fun and obviously the cheapest! Exploring by foot is always the best.


You can rent bikes to ride around the city! There is a cost, but it does depend how long you use it for, they also put a hold on your credit card to make sure the bike isn’t stolen. As much as riding bikes can be fun, I suggest if you try this, PLEASE be careful! Riding bikes in the city is very dangerous! Not every road has a bike lane, so it seems very stressful.

Where To Eat?

Yay, food!

Toronto has some AMAZING food places for any type of budget. This list may be long, but everyone loves socializing and eating delicious foods. Here will be a mix of restaurants, pubs, delicious gourmet “fast food”, and places to enjoy some treats!

GUSTO 101:

AHH, This place is Jamie and I’s favourite place to go for a little date night. A delicious Italian restaurant with the best food and drinks! The house wine is a $1 an ounce! The pizza, bread, and pasta is to die for! #CARBHEAVEN. If you enjoy mushrooms, I highly recommend you try the MAFALDE AI FUNGHI. Mushroom pasta is very delicious.

The upstairs is all glass windows even the ceiling, so lots of natural light during the day. At night time the upstairs stays pretty dark with little candles on each table. Very romantic. Let’s just say dinner for 4 people costs around $150 thats with everyone getting booze as well.


Jamie and I have only been here once, but it’s a pretty romantic spot! We went here at night time in the winter, so all the lights were dim and had cute little “patio” lights all around. It is a patio, but gets closed in for the winter. Food and drinks were very delicious!


This is another Italian restaurant with really good pizza and drinks! Very chic and gorgeous restaurant!


This place is located in The Distillery District, very cute place to walk around and see the city views. This Mexican place is absoulty delicious and it’s always filled with people. They have an outdoor patio as well. The patio even stays open in the winter with all these warm lanterns all around.


The Local in Leaside is the place to be on a hot summer’s day! We usually spend a couple hours here just hanging out, having cold drinks, and enjoying a delicious burger and sweet potato fries with a side of chipotle mayo! SO GOOD! Another great place to feel the sun on your face! They open the windows on the ceiling too!


French inspired restaurant that’s also located in the Distillery District. I’ve been there once for planning my husband’s surprise birthday party. Food was delicious and restaurant itself is stunning.


Great spot if you’re craving Thai food! It’s a traditional spot, so you can even get Mango Sticky Rice!


This place is ADORABLE! Very chic and the cocktails are glorious! They also have a small outdoor patio in the back. Book a table because the place is pretty small and it fills up quickly!


Are you looking for the best burger that’s the juiciest and just overall simple, but so delicious? You need to check out Rudy’s Burgers! It’s a gourmet “fast food” burger spot! If you want a good burger, you go here! OK!? 🙂


If you’re feeling extra or just want a night to splurge you should check this place out. Jamie purposed to me here. With 51 floors, it’s the highest rooftop patio in Toronto, overlooking the whole city! It’s expensive, let’s just say you had to pay to go up in the elevator. The views and food is totally worth every penny!


Need a good gourmet donut in your life? This place has what you’re looking for! It’s a family owned business, which means there is only one location! These donut range from simple custard bomb to Mini Egg Cheesecake, lemon cream pie, Creme Brûlée, PB and jelly and more! They have a whole weekly donut schedule on their website! This is literally where a lot of the fitness competitors go to get their treats for show day. This place also sells, cookies, butter tarts, pies, etc. Along with some baking classes!


Are you a huge crème brûlée fan? Are you sick of trying to find restaurants that have it? Ya, I was too, BUT guess what!? This cafe is dedicated to crème brûlée! How amazing is this? They have great coffee, tea and other goodies, but they also do takeout crème brûlée in this cute little mason jars. They have a lot of different flavours to choose from. Here are a couple different flavours, salted caramel, honey lavender, earl grey, mango coconut and many more! They also have boozy and vegan options.


I’ve only been here once a while ago, but the coffee is great and they do these fresh mini sugared donuts that are just delicious. They even make the donuts right in front of you, cooked to order!

Rooftop Patios To Check Out! & Fun Bars!

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m genuinely obsessed with rooftop patios! From the stunning views, beautiful luxurious decor, to amazing food and cocktails! Overall it’s just a perfect place to be for some daytime drinks or a night out. If you’re looking for a place to be with some incredible views of the city then you should check out some of these places!


Lavalle is a beautiful spacious place to be! Between the restaurant and the whole outdoor area there are tons of room to walk and enjoy the city views! They have 2 pools, but you have to have a membership… BUT, you can still enjoy your day or night here!


I haven’t been here yet, but it was right across from our friends condo and it looks absoulty stunning! A further out of the downtown core, but still has great views.


This rooftop patio is located in the “Bisha” hotel that I have mentioned where to stay. I had another surprise birthday party for my husband at this place and it was a great time! I also had brunch here and it was very nice! You always feel so relaxed and warm on rooftop patios with the sun just beaming on you. The food and drinks can be a bit overpriced. The food for dinner had small portions, just what Jamie and I experienced, but maybe it was just what we got. Our bill was around $200 I believe, but totally worth it! If you just wanted to go to a nice place for drinks this place is adorable and fun!


Are you looking for a fun hidden gem? Well ok, it’s not really hidden, but it feels like you’re in a movie! This my friend is a Speakeasy! You even have to enter a code to get in! Jamie and I went here for a date night and it was such an amazing time. The munchies and drinks were just “mawh”. The place is pretty small and it kind of reminds me of a movie with a bar being in the back of a barber shop or something! No reservations allowed just FYI!

SUITE 114:

This is another speakeasy and you have to play puzzle to get in! Our friend is a magician so he had a show here one night and it was the best night ever! Good music, amazing, pretty cocktails and scrumptious munchies!


Where the cocktails are flowing, food is sharing and the music is vibing! Perfect date night or girls night out!

What To Do In The City?

As you can see there are a lot of restaurants and bars in the city, this goes is the same with activities, there is so much to do and see! Just FYI, check out Toronto City Pass, it’s where you can find Toronto attraction deals for a better price!


Of course this is the first thing on the list. The CN tower makes up Toronto, so it’s always fun to do when your new to visiting the city. Jamie took me here when we were dating. We went to the highest sky deck and also had a nice lunch before I had to take the train home. (We did a 4 hour long distance relationship for a bit). I actually had my first taste of crème brûlée here! The CN tower is expensive. $125 per adult and $90 per child, this includes the lookout, glass floor and skypod levels. Highly recommended looking into the Toronto City Pass, so you can save some money!


This is great to see at least once! Very family friendly and the kids would absolutely love this. I find this place very fascinating myself. If you pick your time when you want to go it’s $33 adult, youth $22, child $10, or senior $23, OR anytime tickets cost $39 adult, youth $26, child $13, and senior $26.


Highly recommend putting this on your list of things to see in the city. This is a castle and a garden in midtown Toronto. It’s now a historic house museum. It took 3 years to built from 1911 to 1914. You can also get married here! $32 adult, youth $25, senior $27 child $22 to get in, They also have a steak house inside! One tip! It’s free to walk outside 🙂


This place has everything! This is a museum of art, world culture, and natural history. It’s one of the largest museums in North America and the largest in Canada. It attracts more than 1 million visitors a year! You could easily spend hours here! The dinosaur room is epic! Tickets are $23 adult, senior $18, and child $14.


This is a great place to walk around without cars! Set in quaint neighbourhood surrounded by 19th century buildings that were once a large whiskey distillery. Its cobblestone streets, with gorgeous restaurants, bars and boutique shops. This is where the 2 restaurants are that I mentioned, (Cluny and El Catrin). They also do a winter festival here each year, with amazing hot apple ciders, hot chocolates and stunning lights. It’s free to walk around.


Take in the city from a completely different view! This place is a little fun, cheap weekend getaway for the day. Hop on a boat and go to the islands, which is about a 5 min boat ride. You can rent bikes, canoes, kayaks, or just walk around the trails. They have a couple beaches, which are fun for the summers. Some restaurants located on the island. Adults $8.19, $5.37 kids and seniors $3.95 those are not including tax.


If you’re just looking for a place to walk around or have a picnic this is a great spot for that! They have sporting facilities, gardens, and playgrounds.


This is where Jamie and I got married! It’s about 20 mins out of the city but this place is a very peaceful spot to go! They have trails around the buildings called “The Humber River”, a spa, hotel, cute bar, patio, and restaurant. This is actually the perfect girls weekend! They also filmed a scene from Handmaid’s Tale here!

I had to add a little memory!


If you’re into sports this is where to go! Rogers Centre has all of our baseballs game and the ACC centre has our hockey games and basketball games!


Perfect spot for a walk or a jog.


If you’re an adrenaline junkie come here! Canada’s Wonderland is a fun place to spent the entire day! Enjoy some rides, food, drinks, games or the waterpark! Tickets varry.


We have a few malls and lot of little shops along the streets! Malls to check out The Eaton Centre, Vaughan Mills, Or Yorkdale. Yorkdale has everything if you’re into luxurious spending. Prada, Chanel, Gucci etc.


Yorkville is beautiful spot to walk through. Yorkville is a fashionable area with all the high end stores, overpriced cafes, galleries, design studios, fine dining etc. The streets and buildings kind of give you a New York vibe.


This is basically a Canadian Times Square. It’s recommended to see at least once. And it’s obviously free, which is great!


This is a relaxed neighbourhood with small town vibes. Cute little indie shops, houses, delicious bakeries and a peaceful boardwalk along the beach.


Located in Scarborough, which is about a 20 min car ride. There is a beach, park, trails and a place where you can feel on top of the world. You have to get over a fence and it says you will be fined but everyone goes there. Just be careful it can be dangerous!

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