Trash Fitness Products

42% of adults polled said they spent more than $500 annually on their weight-loss efforts, spending that included diet supplements, and commercial weight-loss plans

The weight-loss sector has been growing by about 6% a year since the 1980s, according to U.S. market research, at the same time as obesity rates have climbed steadily in North America. It’s worth an estimated $7 billion a year in Canada, based on our smaller population with about $65 billion being spent by Americans each year trying to slim down.

Being on my own fitness journey and being really dedicated for over 5 years, I have learned a lot! The stuff I have learned is really simple though… If you want to make changes to your body you need to 1) BE CONSISTENT and 2) BE DEDICATED! You need to be those 2 things in the gym and with your nutrition.

Nothing bothers me more than someone wanting to change their body, but instead of putting in the hard work, they waste money on products that won’t work! Products these days advertise crazy false claims, which can be very confusing to those people who are just starting out on their own fitness journey.

My goal here is not to bash companies, but to show you how misleading their advertising can be. I have provided some products with the exact descriptions…

Lets dive in!

Fit Teas

The way some companies advertise teas is just horrible. They advertise them as some magic potion to lose weight and get fit.There is NO tea out there, that when you drink it you will lose fat. It really doesn’t work that way! Detox teas will not make you lose weight, it could also cause you to be dehydrated, since detoxing will make you go to the bathroom and flush everything out. The way companies promote their teas is very trash! Be very careful with what teas you buy. Stick to natural teas that have been around for thousands of years. I personally love peppermint and green!

If YOU live a HEALTHY lifestyle, there is NO reason for you to detox your body!

Fat Burning Cream

Below is the word for word description of a back of a product I found that claims to burn fat. I swear guys, you can’t make this stuff up….well I guess you can!

“An advanced heat activated scientific formula designed to give the appearance of a razor sharp, rock hard core. Achieve the appearance of that v-taper, shredded six pack look, with 3-D abs that pop”…

There are NO products out there that will do this! It all comes down to DIET and EXERCISE. This is a horrible and very misleading way to market a product. No cream can do that! I checked the reviews and it’s just people complaining that they had an allergic reaction, which caused their stomach to look like a sunburn and just said that it made their stomach have a heating sensation.

One thing to note about creams is in Canada, the “beauty” industry has had to remove all of their BS claims on their products since they have NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE to prove what they are saying. We used to see creams all the time, that promised they would eliminate wrinkles, make you look younger blah blah blah. If they can make up BS about creams that can make you look younger; it isn’t surprising that there is a “magical cream” that can give you abs….

Sweet Sweat

SWEAT YOUR WAY TO A GREAT BODY There are no shortcuts when it comes to exercise and peak physical fitness.”

Sweet sweat is a “waist trimmer” that comes with some lube that is basically Vaseline. You see a lot “IG Influencers” trying to sell this with their discount codes. If you have purchased this product and liked it, good for you. Personally if the whole goal is to sweat more why don’t you just save your money and wear a sweater during your workout? If you look at old boxing and MMA videos; fighters cutting weight would wear garbage bags under their clothing to make them sweat more ( I wouldn’t do this), but there are other ways to make yourself sweat!

It’s the way the company is advertising the product that makes me think it’s total garbage! The company says that “weight lifting is the best way to lose fat, however, Sweet Sweat workout enhancer is effective in targeting “slow to respond” problem areas.” BUT in reality Spot-training is not real.. You cannot train a body part and expect to lose fat in that spot. If you want to lose fat from a specific spot, you need to lose overall body fat.

ALSO! Sweating is our bodies way of regulating our body temperature. You can’t sweat out fat, that isn’t how it works. When a human being sweats it is the body’s way of saying “I think you are too hot, so I’ll start regulating your internal temperature now.” And Boom. You sweat.
If we start to think about this stuff logically we would realize that IF sweating was the “secret” to fat loss that everyone in a hot country would be ripped!

Waist Trainers

 “Instant hourglass curves are only the beginning of the benefits. You get a flatter stomach, improved posture, decreased appetite, and increased core thermal activity every time you wear it.”

That description just honestly blows my mind. It’s unfortunate that they’re allowed to put that in on there. TRASH! Let’s look at the realistic things waist trainers do:

  1. They can cause serious damage to your bones and internal organs, by squishing your body so tightly, you can actually break rips and twist your insides.
  2. They make working out really difficult, and not in a good way! How can you practice good form when you can’t brace properly, or move the way your body is intended because it is confined so tightly?
  3. They restrict your ability to breathe. So how can you work out if you can’t breathe?
  4. They limit how much food you eat.
  5. Most importantly it’s NOT a realistic way to change your body and it won’t help you achieve you long-term fitness goals!

These things are honestly really harmful for your body, and they should be avoided at all costs. Sure you may look “thinner” when you wear it. Just like you are taller in heels, but you are ultimately doing more harm to your body then good. Please avoid these at all costs and focus on hitting the gym hard and eating the right foods.

Diet Pills

They have been around for a long time, and I don’t see the going anywhere anytime soon. Diet pills are 100% BS. You will see some supplements marketed as a Fat Burner, which is simply advertising talk for a thermogenic, or something that increases your heart rate and thus your body temperature; which increases your metabolism and allows you to burn more calories. BUT, please understand that no pill can spot reduce fat, or help you lose inches in a specific place; that is simply not possible. Any type of pill that markets itself that way is snake oil, and should be avoided. I myself have taken Ephedra as part of my “cutting phase” for my show, but I understood what it was supposed to do, and what it wasn’t supposed to do.

This isn’t to say that all fat burners are trash, but you see a lot of products out there that have what my husband calls Marketing Buzz Words; such as “melt fat away,” “wake up slimmer,” “target fat areas” etc. etc. I hope you get my point. Supplements can be useful on your fitness journey (don’t worry I’ll get to that later), but please be mindful of fat burners, and avoid anything marketed as a magical weight loss pill; because they simply don’t work.


People will do anything to avoid the hard work it takes to make a lifestyle change. They are obsessed with the “quick fix.” Instead of focusing on proper nutrition, and working their asses off at the gym, they spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on supplements when they could have spent that money on healthy foods to help them achieve their goals.

I’ll be honest, you don’t really NEED supplements. For the longest time, we didn’t really have them in the house; because they can be expensive! While they can be good for that extra umpph, they just aren’t a necessary tool to achieve your goals. They are amazing if you can afford it, but don’t think if you have protein powder, BCAA’s or the newest pre workout that you will magically get the look you want. Everything comes down to living a balanced lifestyle. Eat healthy nutritious meals, workout hard, and treat yo’self once in awhile!

Learning about macros helped me a lot! For my goals, like “bulking” I need to make sure I’m eating in a surplus, which means eating more food than I’m burning. Check out my article “Understanding Macros”. There’s even a handy dandy macro calculator which you can use to estimate how much protein, carbs, and fats you should be eating to hit your goal.

“IG Influencer” Workout / Nutrition Plan

This isn’t “trash”, but just be mindful of this one.

There are so many Fitness Influencers on Instagram these days that are selling their own fitness and nutrition plans. I’m sure it can be fun being in a group online and posting your progress pictures etc, while interacting with like-minded, uplifting females. However here are some things to keep in mind so you stay safe, both physically and mentally.

  1. Take their advice with a grain of salt
    Not all Instagram influencers are qualified to give out fitness and nutrition advice.
  2. Seek out a professional
    If you want to try these Instagram workout or eating plan, I suggest you talk to a local registered dietitian. Run it by them and make sure its the right thing to do. OR find a local trainer or nutritionist and get a plan from them. It’s better to have a person close by that way, it’s easier contacting them if you have any questions and they can also show you some workouts with proper form!
  3. Listen to your body
    Having a workout plan from some stranger can increase your risk of injury. You might not know how to perform certain workouts, or you might not know the proper form. Form is a major key when performing any exercise, and it’s hard to check if you are doing things correctly when your only check in is IG. If you end up having a program, make sure to stop what you’re doing if something doesn’t feel right.
  4. Pick something sustainable
    To maintain a balanced happy lifestyle you need to make sure the plan is worth it. If you ask yourself, how pleasant or unpleasant does this plan seem? If it’s not pleasant at all, most likely it’s going to completely crush your ability to enjoy life. You want to make sure it’s a sustainable plan for the long-run. Of course “dieting” and making certain changes in your life isn’t always easy, I’m not saying pick something easy, I’m saying if you pick a crazy restrictive plan you might see results, but in the end it might cause you to binge. Pick something that’s realistic for you and make sure its a life long goal!
  5. Don’t follow any accounts that make you feel bad or a certain way about your body!

    YOU are YOU! That’s what makes you special. There’s no need to be jealous of someone else’s hard work. That’s why I love fitness so much. YOU literally have the ability to change your body. Your body is really an amazing thing! If you have goals that you want to accomplish, go kick ass, work hard, take those rest days, eat clean, treat yo’self, and enjoy every moment of your life!

I’m not a nutritionist or a trainer. I’m here just showing you my own journey and sharing what I’ve learned every step of the way. Maybe some stuff will help you, maybe not, but this journey is all about learning and tweaking things! This journey is yours, SO OWN IT, GIRL! <3

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