8 Travel Mistakes You Need To Avoid

People are constantly writing about what you should see and do on trips. Well, things are going to be a bit different. I thought I would share what not to do while you’re travelling.

I want to share the common mistakes that people usually make, but may need a little reminder! Here are things NOT to do while travelling.

  Eating close to a touristy spot

The food and snacks near any attraction is going to be triple the price than eating at a local spot. Keep in mind that the food won’t be as good if you get it across from the attraction. Local food always tastes better if you were in cute family owned business. ​

When restaurants know people will be lining up, because it’s right in front of the Brooklyn Bridge, they don’t have to worry about consistent quality. We always want something quick, but instead take a little walk a couple blocks down. The places that are further away will be more local, but also cheaper! Don’t go for the restaurants that have a 6 page menu! It will be expensive, but won’t taste 100%.

​You can also use apps to help you find a good local restaurant! Yelp is great! Spend some time online to help you figure out where to go.

Skip travel insurance

It may seem like you’re just throwing money out the window. For Jamie and I, it was around $1500CAD to purchase, however, it was worth it.
Travel is all about the unknown. You could break your leg, lose a camera, lose your luggage, or have to leave the country because of a disaster.
Travel insurance is great! It covers a ton of stuff! I had to go to the hospital multiple times in Bali, and it covered me for everything. I got all of my money back, which was $330CAD. If something does happen to you and you don’t have insurance, it can cost thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses

Use bank cards with fees

Get a bank and credit card that has no foreign transaction fees so you can avoid ATM fees and other surcharges. They sure do add up quickly.

Only use one search engine 

There are so many options out there when it comes to booking things. Have an open mind, open multiple tabs, and search away. This is how you will find deals and get to compare prices. 

​I love Momondo, Sky Scanner and Hotwire!

If you’re looking to travel cheaper (Or FREE) check out my article here.
I have a lot of helpful tips regarding booking flights, credit cards, and more!

Learning the local language

Of course it’s pretty common to meet people all over the world who do speak English. I think it’s a great idea to do some research and learn some new words wherever you may be. It will help you out but also the locals will love you. It’s a great way to respect their culture. Google translate is amazing! Jamie and I had a whole conversation with our cab driver in Vietnam!

Pack way too much

Being able to pack light is very challenging at times and it requires a skill! Not only will you save money from baggage fees, but you won’t have to lug around heavy a** bags. Our bags were intense, very heavy and it killed my shoulders. Packing light going to your destination will also save you some room for shopping. Asia has some great cheap markets. Where you can buy gym clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc.

I also learned that I didn’t use 3/4 of the stuff I packed with me… Re-think about all the dresses, shorts, and tops you want to bring, because most of the time, you don’t always go out for a fancy dinner every night and depending where you go, you mostly just chill, lounge by the beach, etc.

Support animal tourism..

We seen pictures all the time online of travelling sitting on elephants smiling like they’re nothing doing anything wrong or those people petting tigers as if it was a normal thing… There is a huge dark side of animal tourism. If you want to support this I suggest you look into nature preserves and good sanctuaries.

I learned a lot when I went to Thailand. We were in Chiang Mai going to an elephant sanctuary and they made us watch a movie on what some places and people do to animals. They torture them as part as their “training.” Elephants shouldn’t be doing tricks or drawing on paper…

Please, please, DON’T support any of those things. Always check TripAdvisor, not just the reviews, but the photos. If you see any chains, or bull-hooks in a trainer’s hand, write a review stating that it’s not right, click out, and don’t visit that place. Always do research before going to any of those places.

Going for cheapest rather than best value

Big mistake us budget travellers do often. You want your money to stretch as far as it can, so you choose the cheapest accommodation, transport and food. However, you should always try to be comfortable with where you’re staying.Obviously always make sure the place is clean, but a lot of times you can find something perfect for a few dollars more. You always want a good experience, and especially if you’re staying at a place for a week or longer, you want it to feel like home. If you don’t like the place when you’re booking it, you’ll end up hating your stay and will be grumpy. 

​ You’ll want to consider value when choosing transportation as well. When the cheap bus will take 12 hours and the slightly more expensive mini bus will get you there in 8 hours, you have to consider what those 4 hours (and your comfort) are worth. It depends on your budget and what is important to you, but do consider that the best value isn’t always the cheapest option!

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