Travelling With Your Partner Survival Guide

My husband and I always did a big vacation a year, and small getaways in between, we both loved spending time away from the busy city and having that one-on-one time.

When we made the decision of quitting our jobs to travel for a couple of months, I was the happiest girl alive! One of the reasons why I wanted to travel was to actually spend time together. Living in Toronto, your life gets crazy hectic, we were at the point where we were pretty much spending only 3 hours together a night. I worked 10 hours a day, and was done at 6pm, we would go to the gym after and end up having dinner around 8-9pm. It was a busy life, so me being able to quit my job and travel with my husband was the best plan!

​Now, you see all these cute “IG” couples always laughing, smiling, posing together, you might sometimes wonder if it’s all what it seems. What exactly is the truth behind travelling as a couple? Everyone of course is different, but here are my tips to continue having a great relationship with your partner while travelling for some time.

Being Independent Is Ok

Just because you’re travelling together, doesn’t mean you need to do everything together. It’s ok to want space, or do certain activities/errands on your own.

​Jamie and I love our TV shows, but we loved just being in bed together watching our own things. Or, me doing a workout and he did his own thing. 

​You shouldn’t have to miss an activity just because you’re partner doesn’t want to do it. Unless it’s a money issue, then maybe talk about it together.


Communication with your partner is already an important thing in a relationship. However, when you travel together for a long period of time, you are with each other 24/7, so it’s important to always have great communication skills.
If you don’t want to do something, go somewhere, eat at a local place, etc, TALK about it!  The last thing you want to do is argue because someone didn’t speak up and be honest. Whether it’s the beginning of the day or the end of the day, Jamie and I always sat down, researched, and discussed what our plans were, what we both wanted to do, and things we wanted skip.

Be Prepared For Less Romantic Moments 

 Travelling full-time with your partner is not always romantic and you need to understand that not everyday you will be intimate. Travelling is exhausting, we have had travel days that were 30 hours long! Or let’s talk about those days where you get food poisoning, ya not very romantic. It happens and it’s a part of life, but don’t worry, there are still plenty of romantic moments while travelling, just keep in mind that bad things can happen unexpectedly.

Be Patient And Understanding

Travelling with your partner, things will go wrong, period! Which means, you and your partner will have to deal with it together and it’s up to both of you on how you deal with it. Jamie was the person who had the job of booking all of our travel, and one day he made a mistake by booking the bus on the wrong day, I didn’t get upset with him, I shrugged it off, made fun of him, and dealt with it, by just booking a hotel across from the bus station. Be patient and understand that you and your partner will make mistakes, but try to deal with it as best as you can!

Set A Routine

If you’re full-time travelling you will need to get into a routine. This is very important. Having the opportunity to travel for 4 months straight was amazing, but we couldn’t be out and about all the time exploring.
Exploring is always fun, but the last thing you want is to be burnt out from a destination, so take your time, pretend you’re at home and have a routine. Go to the gym, cook a delicious breakfast and read, whatever it is, just get into a habit of doing something together or alone. Don’t forget to still “date” your partner. Go out to the movies, coffee shop, dinner.

Always Eat Before Adventuring 

Jamie and I will be out somewhere and one of us or both of us will be grumpy and very iterable with one another. We identified this issue with time and now we know to go out and grab food or cook. This is definitely a reality that can impact any one long-term travelling.
So next time you start arguing with your partner or feel angry at him/her for no reason, it’s probably time to find a cafe!

Divide Up Travel Responsibilities

Travelling together comes with new responsibilities, not the simple house chores, that you’re used to. You don’t want one person doing all the work, so divide up all the chores, from booking flights, to money handling, to social media, if you’re doing the blogging/vlogging thing. Both of you should be busy with things to do and organize.

Know Your Weaknesses And Strengths 

Figure out what each person is good and bad at.. That way you can use each others strengths and not expect each other to do things that they aren’t good at.
Example, I’m really good at navigating, so when we’re driving I usually tell Jamie directions. Or Jamie, he’s really good at figuring out the different money conversions, so I leave that for him. You are each others main support, since it’s just the two of you, so learn and support each other.

Always Have Headphone On You

This may sound weird, but if you guys are cramped into a small room, which we were.. Jamie and I had the smallest room in Sapa, Vietnam, we both enjoy our own tv shows, so having headphones is a lifesaver so you’re not bothering each other with the sound.

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