Ubud is one of the most popular destinations to visit in Bali, Indonesia. From magical waterfalls and rice terraces, to volcano hikes, yoga classes and massages. Ubud is known as the centre of arts and crafts of Bali.

Where To Stay?

We stayed about 20 minutes from the heart of Ubud, in a region called Payangan. It was SO quiet being out of the main area. Definitely worth the 20 minute drive. 

​We stayed at a resort called Song Broek Jungle Resort. We paid about $48CAD a night and we stayed here for two weeks. We splurged a bit here with the price, but it’s still so reasonable and it includes free breakfast. They didn’t have a ton of options, just the normal omelettes, scrambled eggs, french toast, and pancakes. No meat. So we switched it up by going out for breakfast here and there.


​The resort is beautiful and quiet, the infinity pool is a bonus. Just be mindful that you’re in the jungle and there are lizards and the normal bugs. Sometimes the lizards get in your room. ( We called them Larry’s,lol) The beds are set up with bug nets that go around the whole bed. Also, we had a problem with rats…We had to switch villa’s 3 times. They ate through my protein powder and Lulu leggings, which the owners did fix! They look brand new! BUT, it was still frustrating. Just don’t leave your stuff that you love on the floor or out in the open. The resort made it up to us and provided us with a free flower bath. The people that work here are very kind and so helpful with everything. Ama, the owner was the best and we had some great conversations with him. 🙂

Where to Eat?

Atman Cafe
​This place has really good iced lattes. Good breakfast, lunch, or dinner spot. Lots of options for your dietary needs. Vegan, gluten-free and meat options. Good healthy place with a good vibe. Nice place to do some work, if you need to.

Bali Bintang Warung
​This place is amazing! We went here quite often. Great views of nature, food is delicious, and it’s very cheap! They are known for their ribs. They also have good chicken rice bowls, which were perfect for a health nut like me. hehe. 🙂

Warung Makan Bu Rus
​This is a super cute place, they have a courtyard in the back of the main restaurant, which makes it super quiet. We just had our normal Nasi Gorang. So delicious. Very cheap.

Warung Dewata
We found this spot randomly, but wow we found the perfect spot for being on a budget. They do amazing chicken skewers with rice. You can see them bbqing the meat and the smell is just amazing! They have a soup called Cap Cay, which we thought was just veggies, but it was this delicious soup that either had chunks of chicken in it, or salmon. Didn’t taste fishy at all. We took the veggies and added them on our rice and it was the perfect plate. The broth was very good! This is how cheap it is, 2 dishes of skewers with rice and two water bottles came up to 62,000IDR= for 2 people the total was $5.77CAD! How insane is that?! And the food is amazing!

Gulali Donuts
If you like donuts like we do, we highly recommend going here. The way they make them is very neat. They have plain donuts and a whole shelf just filled with sauces and toppings, (It’s like a Menchies Yogurt place). So you get to make your own donut flavours! You pick your sauce, and then your topping. They were pretty delicious! We got 4 donuts for 40 cents each.

Where to Workout?

Since we stayed a little bit out of Ubud central, (Payangan region), we found a local gym called D’Spartan, which was cheap and we were literally the ONLY tourists! Gym was about the same in Canggu, for around $2CAD drop-in (PP) Music was pretty bad there, but great equipment. Make sure you bring your own headphones. 😉

​Ubud ended up being really chill. I have a really sensitive stomach, and unfortunately got a little stomach bug. So I was off for a couple of days.

Here are some things you should see..

​If you’ve seen any photos of Bali online you will most likely recognize the shot of lush green terraced rice fields. This is the iconic Tegalalang rice terrace, one of the most visited tourist attractions in Ubud.

We went early and got there for 7am. If you read online, you will see they open at “8am”, but really just go earlier. There are doors everywhere to just walk right in. You will see some people that early, but not as busy as if you would go in the mid afternoon. Supposedly there is an entrance fee as well, but we didn’t deal with that. If you go during the day, they will ask for donations for every level you go up in the field, so just go in the morning. 🙂 Not hot, just the perfect weather and pretty peaceful! 

Have a relaxing day at a spa! Spas can be much cheaper here than back home, so take advantage of it. We booked at a place called Beji Ayu Spa, I personally wouldn’t recommend going there. We had a couples massage, and Jamie’s masseuse was about 15 minutes late and they both kept leaving the room to answer the phone. But there are a TON of spa’s around. 

​Either hike up Mt Batur for sunrise (you need to book a tour), or just do a day trip and enjoy the views from a restaurant or coffee shop. Pretty amazing views. Expect the prices to be a little bit higher at restaurants with a gorgeous view, but it’s worth it! Interesting fact, the volcano is still active!  The last time it erupted was in 2000.

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