How We Started

This brand was created after I returned to Canada after 4 months abroad. That trip made me come out of my shell, wanting to do more, so I steered my focus to my passion; fitness.

I realized that Canada doesn’t have a lot of options when it comes to gym wear. We’re covered for yoga lovers, but what about those gym rats and bodybuilders?
I also wanted to create something that empowered women to become their best selves. 


I wanted to have high quality fabrics, playful designs, with the main focus being functionality. No matter what fitness goal you may have; whether you’re bulking or cutting, I wanted to ensure that you’re able to love and enjoy every piece we create. I also wanted to combine fitness, fashion and travel into all of my pieces. Having experienced full-time travel, I realized how important having the right gear is.

 I wanted to make pieces that were versatile, so you can wear them out and about, to the gym, on a plane, or when you are climbing a mountain.

 This whole journey started out of my house, where we will be organizing products and shipping them out to you!  Everything we create is designed from the ground up. From the sketches, to the 3D renders to the production samples, we personally ensure that every piece is absolutely perfect. Once we're ready, our designer sends the designs to their manufacturer and we begin making our clothing! 

We hope you enjoy your clothing just as much as I did designing it. 

Empower yourself.

- Amanda